LMS on a ‘crusade’

LMS under 19 with Bua Secondary School. Picture: PAULINI CURUQARA

The Lelean Memorial School under-19 team is aware of the threat Naitasiri Secondary School will bring when they meet tomorrow in the Vodafone Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby quarter-finals at Buckhurst Ground at Laucala Bay, Suva.

LMS coach Viliame Kotoilakeba said they had worked on the small things for the big game as the battle for national crown intensified.

The boys from Davuilevu hills overlooking the Rewa River beat Bua Secondary School last week in the qualifying round at Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori.

Kotoilakeba said they would have to work extra hard if they wanted to reach the semi-final.

“Bua took an advantage in the second half because the players had lost focus. We will need to strengthen our defence right until the end of the match,” he said.

“Discipline is another area; we can’t afford to be losing players and giving away penalties.

“This is another level of competition and all schools will want to win.”

He said LMS was looking to revive its lost glory in secondary schools rugby, and was on a mission.

“The name of our team is Lelean Under-19 Christian Crusade and the story behind the name is because we come from the holy land where priests and preachers are groomed and ordained,” Kotoilakeba said.

“We come under the Methodist Church so we will have to present ourselves in a holistic way.”

Fixtures for tomorrow: HFC Bank Stadium 8.40am: U17: MBHS v Lelean, 10am: U18: Ba Pro v Nasinu, 11.20am: U18: Natabua v QVS, 12.50pm: U18: SGS v Lelean, 3.30pm: RKS v MBHS. Bidesi Ground 8.40am: U15: Natabua v Nasinu, 9.30am: U16: RKS v Rt Navula, 10.40am: U19: Rt Navula v QVS, 12.05pm: Ra High v Nasinu, 1.30pm: U19: RKS v St Bedes. Buckhurst Ground 8.30am: U15: RKS v Suva Grammar, 9.30am: U16: SGS v Lelean, 10.40am: U16: Cuvu College v MBHS, 12.05pm: U17: SGS v Sigatoka, 1.3opm: U19: Naitasiri v LMS. SGS Ground 8.30am: U15: QVS v Ra High, 9.30am: U15: Lelean v MBHS, 10.40am: U16: QVS v Nasinu, 12.05pm: U17: Nasinu v QVS, 1.30pm: U17: Rks v Natabua. Admission Grandstand $20, embankments – concrete $10, Grass $5. students in uniform – $3.

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