Living the simple life

Litia Waqawai on her way to cast her vote in Yadua, Nadroga. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

LITIA Waqawai lives a very simple life and is content with everything around her.

The 54-year-old is from Waivou, Rewa but has spent the past 30 years in Yadua, Nadroga where her husband is from.

Her life revolves around her family, vanua and the church.

We caught up with her on election day as she was making her way to a nearby school to cast her vote.

Dressed in a purple sulu jaba and with a handbag on her right hand, she waved to every passer-by and greeted them with a Bula smile.

“I always prefer to stay happy and not let negative things get in my way,” Ms Waqawai said.

“This is life for me daily‚ĶI wake up, do the daily house chores before attending to other village and church gatherings.

“And every single day, I make sure we eat healthy food because it makes us happy and at the end of the day, we are content with life because we have completed what we have done and we eat our dinner with relief knowing we have achieved much in a day.”

The surge in technology on many Fijian people’s lives has not even affected her as she always prefers listening to the radio and reading the newspapers in whichever way she can.

Last week, she joined fellow Fijians in casting her vote because she believed it was her right to do so.

She has never missed out on any election as it was a way of appreciating every small thing government has done for her and her family.

Despite the unfavourable weather on November 14, Ms Waqawai made an effort to walk to a school which is about 30 minutes’ walk from Yadua village to cast her vote.

She was glad she was able to do so because she said she would feel indebted if she did not cast her vote.

The Rewa lady added that as an ordinary Fijian, it was not her duty to listen to every political debate prior to the election but to exercise her right to vote and do so with pride of being a Fijian.

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