Living happy

Rajendra Singh with his book ‘Living a Blissful Life” outside The Fiji Times office in Lautoka. Picture: NAVNESH REDDY

Being happy is more than just feeling good. It is equally about finding the true meaning and purpose of life and living it throughout one’s journey on earth.

This is the gist of Fijian educationist and writer Rajendra Singh’s (MF) latest book ‘Living a Blissful Life’.

Guided by Sanatana principles, the book sheds light on the Hindu philosophy of living in harmony with nature. According to the author, the book has all the ingredients that could help one live a healthy, happy, rewarding and long life.

“The book explains how vedic social life comprising of four phases finally culminates into a self-content, fulfilled and enlightened individual who can live gracefully and face death positively,” Mr Singh said.

In his distinguished academic career spanning over five decades, Mr Singh served as a teacher, head teacher, education administrator, university academic, industry trainer and community service.

In 2014, he was also accorded Fiji’s highest honour, Member of the Order of Fiji, in recognition for his service and contribution towards Fiji’s education system. That service to education and country, continues with the book’s focus and content of his latest publication.

“The book allows one to get back to their roots and provides a clear direction on ‘How to live the Hindu way’.

“There are guideposts for a healthy life and teachings where parents could be fully ready even before the conception of a child.”

He said there were certain preconditions which would enable a child to be born healthy. “God expects everyone not only to be born healthy but to also lead a healthy and productive life and finally departing this world after fulfilling all their obligations in life.

“The book also provides a clear pathway towards ensuring that we live a blissful life by keeping away from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through active participation in physical activities, eating healthy and undergoing spiritual development as well.”

Mr Singh said the book would be a perfect guiding tool for youths as excerpts from it would help create a strong mind and enabling oung people to think critically.

“My extensive experience in the civil service has enabled me to meet a vast array of people, thus I have managed to identify ‘gaps’ in life and in the book, I have prescribed solutions where the ‘gaps’ could be closed, ensuring a blissful life.”

The celebrated author said the book should be embraced by community leaders and grassroots people.

“It has taken me between two to three years to compile this book. I hope this book would also be considered as a school resource.” Mr Singh said locals could purchase the book for only $20 at various major educational centres around the country.

“I am also making arrangements for the book to available through Amazon for world-wide audience as the book is aimed at the Fijian-Indian Diaspora.”

He had earlier authored and published the book ‘Primary Education in Fiji: A Guide for Effective Leadership’ which was based on research in 128 schools in the Western Division.

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