Live version

THE MoE has a live information system. The acronym FEMIS stands for Fiji Education Management Information System. All student and teacher information is entered in this system. It is amazingly informative. It contains all data, statistics and figures of all schools throughout Fiji.

I believe FEMIS is an invention of Fiji’s Ministry of Education. FEMIS uses an abridged architecture to enhance steadfastness, reliability and consistency.

FEMIS also encompasses an on-line library consisting after exam activities, primary assessment guide, primary curriculum, secondary assessment guide and secondary curriculum.

Interestingly, FEMIS also comprises an educators forum where educators confer, converse, deliberate and discuss issues that affect education in Fiji.

Captivatingly, FEMIS also contains an on-line leave application. Before there was massive paperwork and teachers were to apply on hard copy and it had to pass so many tables before it got approved by PS. In this long process, the papers gets lost or misplaced.

Enchantingly, FEMIS also contains an on-line pay slips section. Last year, teachers had to queue up at MoE to collect their pay slips. Now they can download from the FEMIS sitting at home. They don’t have to go to the salary section in Suva or to the district office.

In salutation I am unveiling an aura of appreciation to the Minister for Education Dr Mahendra Reddy and his MoE team for this great initiative of FEMIS and being able to sustain, update and revolutionise the online portal. I hold gratitude towards the IT Unit of MoE which has played a vital role in the development of FEMIS.

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