Litterbug issues

Many commentator have recently written about one of my pet peeves – the litter problem in Fiji.

Last Saturday, a writer commented on his disgust at the amount of littering he witnessed at a tertiary institution in Suva.

To our readers, this is not an isolated incident. Even some supposed enlightened students in tertiary institutions still can’t dispose their rubbish properly.

It’s a daily occurrence.

As a society, I submit that we have a battle on our hands. It’s the battle against littering.

I further submit that this battle is more important than winning the 7s world cup, hosting a $12 million golf tournament or bidding to host a leg of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. If we lose the 7s world cup, we can try again some other time.

If we lose our country to litter, we lose it forever.

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