Litterbug issue

If Neighbourhood Watch Zones on crime works, why can’t we have one for litterbugs? The Department of Environment should run anti-litter campaigns in villages and residents that are located along our highways as they are the most travelled.

These are also the most illegal dumping areas targeted by inconsiderate people. Neighbourhood watch is only effective when owned and driven by local residents living in such areas. I know you’ve heard all this before but here comes the main part.

I’m suggesting a Bill that could cut down on littering. This will allow judges to sentence people who are cited for littering up to 60 hours of community service. This I hope would deter the offender not to reoffend if they perform community service rather than just paying a simple fine.

The people who are cited for littering or illegal dumping would have to pick up trash in areas they have committed the offence or where they reside.

I believe no one seems to be accountable for all the mess they’re creating, therefore I hope the relevant authorities will take up my proposal and will make people take littering seriously.

People need to be accountable and fines aren’t doing it. It seems like a losing game but things need to change.

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