Litterbug issue

Adding to my “Wake up, litterbugs” letter (Tuesday, February 27) my concern is that it seems to be going nowhere, with our unconcerned, irreverent attitude to our environment on the one hand, and the work done so far by caring and sensitive-to-the environment clean-up groups and individuals on the other.

It begs the question: Why would/should people clean up and pick up rubbish left by others?

Everybody goes through life learning how to be tidy-to clean up our own selves, our homes and yards.

The big issue here is our attitude (or lack thereof) towards the greater environment, beyond our homes and out in the streets and parks and beaches.

The problem being that most people are disconnected and so distracted and just not conscious enough.

So I feel it is time to wake up these unconscious “slobberoos” — a term I coined for these sleepwalkers-through-life lot.

By slapping them with hefty fines and by reprimanding them on the spot.

I saw the advert on TV on littering and the health/city council officer courteously telling them about the fine.

I believe a stiffer “Oi, you there…..!” would do the job much more effectively, as I found to my experience.

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