Lions bank on stars

LABASA will try and win its opening Courts Inter-District Championship match against Suva to please the home crowd who will come to support the Babasiga Lions at Subrail Park tomorrow.

Coach Bal Sanju Reddy said the boys were committed to improving their performance after a poor show at the Inkk Mobile Battle of the Giants.

“Preparations for the game on Saturday are going on well and the team is ready to face the boys from Suva,” he said.

“We will just be winding down on training from today (yesterday) and tomorrow (today) giving the boys ample time to psyche themselves up for the match.

“We are betting on our soccer stars who have turned out in full force for the upcoming match.”

Reddy said the side would be banking on the experience of former football stars such as Maciu Dunadamu, Pita Bolaitoga, Pene Erenio, Ilisoni Kerevanua and the rest.

“However, our concern at the moment is Joseph Mishra who is currently nursing an injury,” he said.

“Everybody is expecting a win and we are out for a win too.” Reddy applauded the Fiji Football Association’s decision in moving the IDC game for the first time to Labasa.

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