Links swept away

RESIDENTS of Buabua, Lautoka, are once again facing difficulties with transportation after bridges in the area were washed away by heavy rain last week.

According to Kamal Deo, the issue was a longstanding one.

“Buses are unable to go and all the people have to travel on foot, this is the reality here,” he said.

“Whenever there is heavy downpour, this happens and the road condition is really bad. It becomes a hassle for the people living in this side of the area.”

He said workers from Higgins had widened a portion of the road that had narrowed because of a landslide.

The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) said Buabua Crossing number one and two were fully accessible to traffic.

“However, we will be carrying out further structural repair works to crossing number two,” FRA said.

“Buabua Crossing number one will require a full replacement in the future to raise it above normal water levels.

“It prehistorically had a concrete block deck built over an existing Irish crossing,” said FRA.

“This top portion was washed out by the recent Tropical Cyclone Josie.”

“As part of TC Keni recovery, we have inspected up to 90 per cent of the FRA network with some assessments still being undertaken in the interiors of Viti Levu currently cut off.”

FRA said it was also undertaking emergency reinstatement works on non-FRA maintained crossings and accesses to assist the emergency relief works currently undertaken by the Government.

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