Limited Edition signs up as Rugby Academy’s official uniform provider

THE renowned Limited Edition Sportswear brand signed on as Rugby Academy’s official uniform provider on Wednesday night at the Holiday Inn in Suva.

Director of LE Sportswear and former Fiji citizen Kris Pillay who flew in from Australia with his family for the occasion said it was important for former citizens to give back to Fiji.

“It’s a very special occasion for us as it’s always good to give back to grassroots and the company’s always passionate about giving back,” Pillay said.

“And being a former Fijian citizen, it’s even more exciting.

“It’s great to give back to the wealth of talent that Fiji has and if we can be some sort of assistance in that pathway, that’s great for everyone.”

A formidable brand LE provides a range of sportswear from uniforms to training and sports equipment.

LE is also the official brand wear for Canterbury Rugby League, Samoa 7s, the Fiji Bati and now the Rugby Academy of Fiji.

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