Lilidamu leads by example

Fiji 7s team physio Christine Lilidamu, left, in Suva during the team celebration last week. Picture: PAULINI CURUQARA

Fiji 7s team physio Christine Lilidamu said it was an honour and privilege to be part of the winning team.

“We’ve come a long way. It has been an emotional ride for the boys as we faced alot of challenges together,” she said.

“From our first tour when the boys left for Dubai, we missed Spain and then we picked up from there.

“My role as the physio is to try and make sure that everyone is healthy and fit.

“It’s very challenging because even facing injuries or situation where our players are sick and restricted from training, they want to get on the field.

“A lot of the challenges that we faced had to do with COVID-19 restrictions and not being able to facilitate rehab to its max.”

She said being a female physio in a male-dominanted sport came with responsibility.

“It’s hard be a female anywhere, whatever job you’re in. Especially with an elite team. It’s so much pressure to perform, I had to prove myself all the time.

“It’s really exhausting, but my biggest motivation is my mum who single handle brought us up during my adolescent years.

“She has driven me to be a powerful female but role model, to be elegant, to be graceful in the things we do.”

She thanked her husband and her children for supporting her especially to her husband who always looks after their children when she goes on a tour.

She was part of the victory march in Suva last week after the RWC Sevens win in South Africa.

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