Likuvalu says sports has a strong family value

Wallis & Futuna athletes and officials with Liufau Mikaele and silver medallist Motuku Fololiaono after their win in the U4 boys shot-put. Picture: MAIKELI SERU

SPORTS has a strong family value in Wallis and Futuna, says its primary schools athletics team coach to the 2018 FMF Chow Games, Yann Likuvalu.

The islanders broke the games 21-year-old under-14 boys shotput record and hauled in few medals including gold at the two-day event at the ANZ Stadium, in Suva.

It was their first time to the games.

“This is one of the best investments in sports that we had done,” Likuvalu said.

“We came to Fiji to learn and we were surprised that Fijian athletes are fast, but are small in physique. They will make great athletes if they are groomed well. In our country, as we are linked to France, sports has a great value on people, family and the country because of what it can do.

“Sports has many benefits and that’s why we treasure it in our country and Fijians should also do that because it will bring a lot of good things.”

He said the trip cost about $F40,000.

“That includes accommodation in Suva, travelling to the games, airplane tickets and uniforms.

“We have three coaches and 17 parents accompanying 27 athletes and we will be back for sure next year.”

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