Lifeline Fiji receives calls from Year 12 and 13 students

Lifeline Fiji has received calls from Year 12 and 13 students who returned to school this month, with many finding it difficult to cope and seeking mental health assistance.

Team leader Jeremaia Merekula said the counselling service was doing its best to assist the students with positive reinforcement.

“We do receive calls from students who are back at school,” he said.

Mr Merekula said one of the things they were trying to work on was stabilising the students by finding ways to support them.

“We are also trying to do this by helping them find their support networks within their friends, peers and also family.

“Everyone has positive coping mechanisms and also negative coping mechanisms, so one of the things that we advise the students is to be aware of their positive coping mechanisms and work towards that.

“We have noted a lot of smoking and drinking amongst young people — these are negative coping mechanisms.

“We are trying to work with students to have positive coping mechanisms instead — like looking for someone to talk to, or just seeing what their coping strategies are in coping with stress.”

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