Life rewards

Apisake Tupou (right) with FNU Professor in Education Professor Unaisi Nabobo - Baba at the FNU Natabua campus in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

APISAKE Tupou has stumbled upon major life challenges, however, she has never given up.

She believes behind every struggle is a life of reward.

The Rokovuaka, Ra lass is a final year student at the Fiji National University Natabua campus in Lautoka. Just as she heads into her last trimester, she was given a lifetime opportunity to travel overseas, a dream that had never crossed her mind.

Her dream is to complete her Bachelor in Secondary Studies and look for a teaching career so she can provide for her three-year-old daughter and family.

A fortnight ago, she was given a lifetime opportunity to travel with eight other FNU female colleagues to attend the Model United Nations Conference in Washington DC. “I feel so blessed and I am grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity,” Ms Tupou said.

“I never dreamt that I would be given an opportunity as such in this big institution and I thank the Lord for it. ”

And to represent Fiji in an international conference is just massive and this is going to be an eye-opener for me as a student and a mother.”

Ms Tupou was 21 when she got pregnant so she had to take some time out from studies and concentrate on her baby.

It was what she considered one of the worst moments of her life as she had to go through a lot of difficult situations especially from people downgrading her.

These negative comments enabled her to stand up again on her two feet and promised her daughter that she would finish her studies and look for a career that would support her and her family.

Upon returning from the US next week, she promises to work hard, graduate and find a career to support her child.

Now into her final year of studies, Ms Tupou could only look back and thank the Lord for allowing her to face challenges and overcome obstacles that come her way.

She says she is ready to take Fiji on to the world stage and advocate on issues that matter including climate change, rural to urban migration and many other issues.

The team of nine departed the country for the US a fortnight ago and will spend two weeks in Washington DC, the venue of the conference.

She also acknowledged the FNU Professor in Education, Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba for always moulding young women to work hard and achieve their goals so they would make their family and their nation proud.

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