Life of sacrifice

They grew up as neighbours while their parents were both teaching at the Natovi Junior Secondary School in Tailevu North.

Back then Asenaca Naisara and Renato Daveta were just friends enjoying their young days, however when their parents got transferred to other posts the two parted ways as well for 19 years.

For Asenaca or Naca as she is commonly known, she wondered for all those years whether she would be able to see Renato again.

Little did she know that it was the same teacher training centre, her late father and former teacher Nikolau Tuiqamea Naisara was groomed at, would be the same place where she would meet Renato again.

They were in their early twenties and both were attending Corpus Christi Teachers College, a Catholic training college at Suva Point.

She was a first-year trainee while Renato was in his third.

However, disliked each other for reasons known only to them.

“I did not like Renato back in college as he was so up himself and was known to be a player back then, so there was no interest at all.

“I did not like Asenaca back in college as she was always stubborn and did not smile back then. She did not have a friendly personality that was approachable or interesting enough for me to have any interest in her.

“We did not really noticed nor paid special attention to each other until Asenaca reached her 3rd year in teachers’ college and I was already in the civil service. That’s when we sparked.”

The two shared good memories from reminiscing those days in Natovi, to school life, swimming in deep green pools, to enjoying the city lights, or a ride on the famous Rewa Water Taxi, however, nothing would be as good as their first date.

While some may say awkward, to them it was worth cherishing.

“His pick up line was being a typical Fijian who loved drinking grog. He asked me “Naca, please join me for a basin of grog at the grog market.

“Yes I did fall for it, I love my grog … lol… I fell for the grog first and then I fell for him later,” said Mrs Daveta.

In 2013 with nothing to lose, the two lovebirds decided to take it to the next level when “just like in the movies” as Naca puts it, Renato proposed.

“He proposed to me at the sea wall near Tiko’s Restaurant, I thought that we only saw those things in movies, however, Renato really made it romantic. I was just blown away by the scenery that I said yes and I have never regretted it ever since.

“And when they came to propose traditionally, I knew it was the best decision I have ever made.”

For both who are school teachers and staunch Catholics, family is — first and foremost a top priority above everything else.

And just like the positive terminal attracting the negative terminal it is this unique ability that magnetised the two.

“I found that Nato was the man that I had been searching for all my life. He is a good listener. He always sacrificed his leisure time for me. He gave up a lot just to make our relationship work. I found that he puts me first before anyone else. He is very good with children and he loves babysitting. That’s how I knew that he is the one for me,” said Mrs Daveta showing off her wedding ring.

“What I love about Naca is that she always puts her family first before every thing else. Her God is always first, her family first, then everything else later. that’s why I love her,” said Mr Daveta.

The saying “absence and distance makes the heart grow fonder,” is true for Mr and Mrs Daveta

Before tying the knot their professional career meant posting in different areas, something they can confidently say strengthened their love.

“We can’t live without our phones … it is the only connection we have to each other when we are away from each other. We always remind each other to carry our phones at all times and to charge it before we leave each other.

“To put it simply, we can’t live without each other.”

For the two marriage is just not a simple eight letter word, it is more than that. Neither is marriage for decoration, but it is deep and of great significance.

“Marriage means giving up your life for the love of your life.. “Your life” meaning the life you had before the marriage. Marriage means doing what’s best for your family and always putting your family first before every thing else,” said Asenaca.

“Marriage is spending the rest of my life with my other half, the life that I had should put behind me because now it is me, my wife our children,” said Renato.

“We believe that marriage is a life of sacrifice, we always have to think of our other half every time we make decisions. In whatever we do, we must always do what is best for the family.”

While teaching is their profession, having a big family is a desire.

“Both coming from a big family, we both want a big family. We feel that big families have so much fun and adventures. We might have only little food and little things to share, but we learnt to share and we learnt to be thankful for whatever was put in front of us. We both plan to have at least 4-6 children, if seven then we would be really thankful.”

“Fingers crossed for a big family,” they joyfully said.

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