Life is stress free

Taraivosa Tokaimalo. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

FOR schoolteacher Taraivosa Tokaimalo, life is sweet up in the highlands of Namosi.

The Nayarabale, Vaturova, Vanua Levu native has been teaching at Wainimakutu Secondary School in Namosi for a year now and so far she enjoys it.

“Over here, we get to enjoy the scenic mountains, fresh air, and the mountain rivers are beautiful,” she smiled.

The winding road up to Wainimakutu Village, considered the second last village of Namosi before it crosses over to the borders of Navosa, Nadroga is quite long.

It took almost two hours driving up the winding mountains and tropical forest.

One thing we didn’t expect was the breathtaking view of the mountains and the largely untouched forest.

It was just too beautiful. It’s no wonder visitors such as Taraivosa fell in love with the place. “It’s an interesting place to stay in,” describes Taraivosa.

“But one thing for sure is we save a lot of money staying up here. It’s far from the nearest town and we only go down once or twice a month.”

Bus fares to Suva cost about $8 one way and Taraivosa says the bus comes right to the village in Wainimakutu.

Life is also stress free, she says.

“There’s less number of students to teach,” she laughs.

“Life has been good.”

This is her fifth year in the teaching field. Taraivosa had taught at St John’s College on Ovalau and Vanuabalavu, in the Lau Group. So life in the rural is not a new thing.

“I would like to stay here for a while. One thing I’ve noticed about this school is the community support from the villages.

“The families in Namosi work hard, most them are farmers and they come all out to support their children — whether it’s sports or academics. They even go as far as looking after the teachers by providing us with food crops,” she said with a smile.

“It’s a community initiative and a partnership between us is important for the well-being of our students.”