Life is precious

Have we really advanced?

With so much technological advancement and globalisation, the question that remains unanswered is whether we have really advanced?

Every day, I hear on the radio superstitions after superstitions that are absolutely incorrect.

How sad it is to believe such foolish tales. Can’t we engage ourselves into some logical thinking?

Considering the fact that traditionally, families were not that educated because of the social and economic circumstances that existed, but there was strong resemblance of unity and strength that it fostered in the extended families.

On the contrary, the modern generation is quite educated yet shattered or isolated as today we are witnessing a crisis in many families leading to growing hatred, jealousy, divisions and acrimony.

A complete gathering is only possible during a wedding or funeral.

I wonder what has really happened to us. The transport and road conditions have improved tremendously. The communication system has enhanced too and majority of the people can call their loved ones with a click of the button.

However, I feel that this is not sufficient to foster unity and strengthen kinship ties. Being present physically is more encouraging than calling to say hello.

I hope people will change soon, after all life is precious but short.

Naveen Dutt


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