Licence warning

THE Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji has issued a warning to boat operators to work within the special conditions endorsed in their licences.

Speaking during a recent interview, MSAF chief executive Neale Slack said the special conditions in those licences included the area of operation, the distance and the sizes of vessels that operators should work within.

Mr Slack said those operating without proper licences would be taken to task.

“Those that continue to operate without proper licences should stop,” he said.

“Operating a boat without a proper licence or certification is no different from driving a vehicle on a road under the same conditions.

“Therefore, those operating without proper certificates and licences will be taken to task if they are caught by our mobile and remote teams.”

He said they were working on a software system that would allow remote workers to do paper work on the field and communicating them to headquarters for processing.

“The software system will collapse the time frame taken to carry out paperworks and both our mobile and remote teams do not need to go back to the main office to get paperwork processed,” Mr Slack said.