Levuka lifters suspended

National rep and top Levuka weightlifter Apolonia Vaivai during a training session in Levuka. Picture: FT FILE

THE Levuka Weightlifting Club has called for the Weightlifting Fiji executives to step down after they’ve accepted the board’s suspension letter to all athletes who are part of the Levuka Weightlifting Club.

Levuka club president Peni Tawai said they asked questions on the suspension letter given by the board.

“How many of you weight-lifting executives met to give this suspension letter and that against the majority of the weight-lifting family,” Tawai said.

Tawai said the club members had agreed to make a comeback to the national squad only if their terms are met.

“The elite athletes of Levuka will soon make Fiji proud in the 2019 and 2020 Olympic Games but without the services of Weightlifting Fiji president Atma Maharaj, secretary Ritesh Ratiram, vice-president Della Shaw and executive member Henry Elder.”

Meanwhile the Weightlifting Fiji secretary said they had also suspended weight-lifting sensation Eileen Cikamatana from all Weightlifting Fiji activities.

“Weightlifting Fiji is suspending you from all Weightlifting Fiji’s activities effective 10 June 2018 without consultation with Weightlifting Fiji, you voluntarily withdrew yourself from competing at upcoming major international competitions – the Oceania Championship, the Junior World Championship and the World Championship.

We take this to mean that you do not wish to represent Fiji any further,” Ratiram said. Ratiram added despite FASANOC and Weightlifting Fiji trying to resolve the impasse, Cikamatana continued with the boycott.

“Weightlifting Fiji executive board is appointing an independent tribunal to review the facts of the situation and recommend any action that may be taken against you and you will be advised of such action once their report is received,” Ratiram said.

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