Letters to the Editor: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Vilisoni Pita Muavani after he won $152 twice during The Fiji Times 152nd anniversary December draw last week. Picture: RAMA

A winner with the Times

Two-time anniversary draw winner, Vilisoni Pita Muavani, was elated.

He said he would use the money on his family and cultivate his farmland in Naitasiri.

Vilisoni, who counts himself lucky after winning the promotion twice, is on the verge of building his farmhouse so that he could plant and stay there and the money from The Fiji Times’ anniversary promotion has come at a time when his family was financially affected by COVID-19.

He also lost a loved one at the hands of the pandemic.

Vilisoni had a timely message for Fijians – develop idle land and invest their time in farming.

The Fiji Times continues to empower, inspire, motivate and reward Fijians and for this I’m grateful to the people’s newspaper!



Let’s not forget to read

THANK you, Fred Wesley, for your timely editorial “Let’s not forget to read” (FT 13/1) and thank you also Sue Cauty, Colin Deoki and Arvind Mani for your interesting letters in response. Apart from these regular contributors, I know there are many readers of The Fiji Times, myself included, who are deeply concerned about the falling standard of literacy among our secondary school students. In my opinion if only parents (and teachers) would take heed of Sue Cauty’s advice to read to their children every day (FT 15/1) the problem would be solved. JANE RICKETTS Suva


Subject of English

I APPRECIATE Arvind Mani’s letter (FT 18/1). I do indeed recall that Mr Mani has written on the subject of English before. I keep a file of cuttings from The Fiji Times – particularly those from Prof Paul Geraghty, Prof Wadan Narsey, Colin Deoki, Op Eds by Fred Wesley and, of course, Arvind Mani.

For example, Mr Mani, your opinion titled ‘Great minds think differently’ — about “sheeples” — I really enjoyed that! Unfortunately, I do not have the kudos to beard education ministers in their dens but it is good to know that those who can, do so. I like to think that I am a member of a very small club and I know that we can, and will, keep up the pressure and, eventually, make a difference, as Mr Mani has in one school district. We must do this throughout Fiji. You are a member of this club, Mr Mani, please don’t allow your enthusiasm to wane, we simply need to keep yelling so loudly that those deaf ears will no longer be able to ignore us! SUE CAUTY Pacific Harbour


$500m assistance

ACCORDING to the learned A-G, his Government has provided $500m in assistance to Fijians during the COVID-19 plague, (fbcnews.com.fj).

Thank you for the timely support. Can the Minister for Economy also clarify whether the funds disseminated were sourced from our government caucuses or was it from the millions of dollars donated by foreign donors, namely Australia and NZ?

As far as I am aware, we are dead broke and we aptly borrow funds on a consistent basis from other developed countries in order to sustain our flimsy economy, hence the soaring national debt levels. And Mr A-G, the Government did not do the nation a favour by rolling out the FNPF assistance ($220 a fortnight), the members had no alternative and were compelled to withdraw and utilise their own hard-earned savings as, I believe, the Government was not in a financial capacity to assist. Someone had mentioned it correctly via this column, the FNPF should be rebranded to “Fiji National Disaster Fund”. Moving forward, has anyone audited the amount of international aid money (amounting to six figures) that we received over the course of the pandemic? NISHANT SINGH Lautoka


Rich get richer

“RICH get richer: Wealth of world’s 10 richest men doubled in pandemic – Oxfam” (FT 18/1 pg 17).

Oxfam should be applauded for doing the research to let us know about the stark wealth inequality between the rich and poor. But there is no surprise in the revelations.

The rich have always been getting richer and the richest richer still of course. That’s why the overwhelming proportion of humanity is in such poor state.

I am reminded here of the Biblical truism: “Those who have much shall receive more, and they will have more than they need. As for those who don’t have much, even the little bit they have will be taken away from them” (Matthew 25:29).

It is as if Jesus was telling us about how capitalism works over 2000 years ago! RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, Australia

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