Letters to the Editor: Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

Giuseppe Paterno, 96, Italy's oldest sudent, celebrates with his family after graduating from his undergraduate degree in history and philosophy at the University of Palermo, in Parlemo, Italy. Picture: REUTERS.

Graduating with top honours

I read with great admiration and astonishment that a 96-year-old graduated not with mediocrity but with top honours finishing first in his class.

There couldn’t be a greater motivation than that. He felt that it was a little too late to try and get a degree but he took it as a challenge and see if he could do the impossible!

He was determined.

Said to himself that it was now or never.

I remembered that here at home and mostly elsewhere in the world; old age would’ve been considered “counting down his days” literally referred to awaiting his death.

But the Italian war veteran proved that wrong and defied all odds!

Wow, I’m just blown away!




Agriculture issue

Every man and his dog seem to be on the bandwagon criticising the FijiFirst Government for not concentrating on the agriculture industry.

But the tourism industry was doing so well. Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic is a blessing in disguise because now agriculture is being given all the prominence. And rightly so. Maize (corn) is one product they should look at also.



Download app

The Economy Minister has mentioned in his speech at Kalokolevu for people to please download the careFIJI mobile app.

That’s nice, now can he also buy me a phone that can do that, because I just have a $45 phone that has been serving its purpose of making and receiving calls.

So, Mr A-G kerekere one smartphone please.

ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka


Human handshakes

What is wrong if two humans shake hands? We have seen sports teams, boxers and MMA fighters shake hands and hug each other after their gruesome fights or match?

Some citizens don’t want our Opposition to shake the hands of those on the other side of the house i.e. Government after the 2020-2021 budget was passed.

It just shows that we are still human after all. We have that compassion of love within us no matter how cruel and arrogant we can be. We can always find time to love our enemies. And by the way a handshake is free.

Jioji Masivesi Cakacaka Tadra- Votualevu, Nadi


Opposition role

I wonder what is the role of the Opposition if the Government just does not want to hear anything from them?

And why the need for Opposition when you have the clear majority?

I believe there is no use for the debates. Just a waste of time and money.



Difficult times

The second semester has started. With the effects of the pandemic which is still around, it won’t be a smooth flow for all. To the universities which are thinking of reviewing fees, thank you for the wonderful thought. Time is hard and this kind gesture will be much appreciated in these difficult times.

To the students, take it slow but do not lose enthusiasm and dedication towards your studies. The mindset towards study should be strong and steady, the rest will fall into place in due time.

We wish all the students the very best. May God bless all.



Double celebrations

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi of India will participate in the foundation laying ceremony of Ram temple in Ayodhya, India.

This is a historic moment for all Hindus the world over. The struggle for this temple went on for 500 years and finally it will culminate in its construction over two to three years. .

This is an auspicious moment for all Hindus as this is also the time for celebrating Astmi (also referred as Krishna Janmastmi), the birth of Lord Krishna.

May I wish all Hindu brothers and sisters the joy and happiness of double celebrations.

DEWAN CHAND Donu Place, Namadi Heights, Suva


An opportunity

Why isn’t the Opposition, the SODELPA in particular, seizing opportunities to appease electorates now?

Two bridges have been in the limelight in our preferred daily The Fiji Times.

One in Naitasiri and one in Namosi.

I believe both have been ignored by Government. Oh come on Opposition!

You need to capitalise on these opportunities. Remember action speaks louder than words! Put your mouths where your monies are!

People are watching! Get your acts together! It’s now or never! Otherwise just like my neighbour normally says: Khali baat!




Death trap

I am surprised The Fiji Times has not clarified that the photo of the death trap bridge it published on Monday’s front page was not an old photo.

BHARAT MORRIS Gold Coast, Australia


Batiri Fresh!

Well done and congratulations to members of mataqali Koroulutu (FT 03/08), Batiri Village, Macuata for opening up your own restaurant, Batiri Fresh!

And I agree with the liuliu ni mataqali, Viliame Bulilevu, that resource owners should not be poor.

If they can do it, others can to! Va’anuinui vina’a na sasaga!




Congrats to Conway Begg on his new appointment as FRU chairman. I am sure he will steer the union in the new direction with so many years of experience as a rugby coach.

PRANIL RAM Votualevu, Nadi


Times’ critics

I BELIEVE the PM and A-G criticise The Fiji Times under cover of parliamentary privilege but fail to reply to questions raised against the budget by Mr Narube (FT 04/08).

DAN URAI Lautoka


Our poets

It seems that poetry is gaining momentum in Fiji. There are a couple of poets evolving and they are doing well.

The motivating factor I believe is Bhagwanji Bhindi, the learned scholar and educator.

My salutations to you sir.



Super Rugby

Watching “Super Rugby Aotearoa”, surely is exciting and to see the grandstands jampacked is indeed testament in itself.

NIGEL FIU Owls Perch, Lautoka



Can someone tell us all how the contribution by SODELPA members of Parliament in the budget debate helped Fijians.

I did not see any alternatives presented. Do they have the capacity to offer any alternatives? In my view, they should stick to doing what they do best, that is pray and fast and backstab each other from time to time.

JAN NISSAR Carlton, NSW, Australia



I believe a student not so hardworking gets a scholarship when he gets 200 marks.

A student who sacrifices all and works hard to achieve 280 marks gets the scholarship too. No difference.

So why work extra hard? It’s good that the ministry has put the mark to 250 to qualify for a scholarship. Level playing field.




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