Letters to the Editor – Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Selestino Ravutaumada on attack for Fijian Drua against Crusaders during their Super Rugby clash at Churchill Park in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

That was no fluke

The Fijian Drua’s historical performance against the Crusaders is no fluke as it reflected a committed and dedicated effort when it mattered the most. What a better way than to defeat the Crusaders at home. The champion Crusaders team is one founded on a very strong technical foundation with an excellent development program including training and selection of players. As a rugby fan, I was just so glad that the Crusaders experienced the heat but in professional rugby, this is no excuse. All in all, a new beginning for the Drua. Let’s ensure consistency in our performances, fully aware, that along the way we will experience defeats as part of the development process. FLOYD ROBINSON, Federated States of Micronesia

Glory homes

The slow and steady deterioration, from poor maintenance, of many FSC (formerly CSR and SPSM) homes in Lautoka are a real sorry sight. Once very pleasant spacious homes to admire during the 1960s and 1970s, these proud homes of the good old yesteryears, are now almost dilapidated. Not to escape the wrath of the passage of time, many former CAAF homes, in Old Town, New Town and Delana, at Nadi airport, are denied their former glory when expatriates managed our international airport. It is hard to understand how these valuable assets are allowed to “slowly fall apart”. This is really sad. It is almost criminal witnessing such deterioration of decent real estate. Can I please beg some generous asset management teams undertake to restore these once beautiful homes to their former glory? There is good income to be made, in my layman’s view. Can I invite the media teams to do their own site inspections and come up with their findings, for public consumption, please? A stitch in time; saves nine, we are taught. Ronnie Chang Martintar, Nadi

War of words

The Fiji Times front page headline “War of words” with pictures of Professor Biman Prasad and Mahendra Chaudhry (FT 13/3) speak volumes as the investigations continue to address many issues for the Government. The world is too small for anything and there is no time for a war of words or weapons. Let yesterday be the history and tomorrow be the mystery. In this trying time we need to work hand in hand to move the country forward in the name of democracy. The media has a major role to play with professional journalism as The Fiji Times is always there with balanced reporting. Tahir Ali Hamilton, New Zealand

Road fatalities

With the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, accidents are commonplace nowadays. There have been 18 deaths already on our roads and we haven’t yet gone past three months since the year began. For the same period last year the number was below five if I am correct. Unfortunately, too many accidents are happening due the fault of the drivers. This brings to the fore the point that human errors are primarily responsible for most of the road accidents and fatalities. This also implies that the onus lies with the motorists in preventing the vast majority of these accidents. The problem is prevented from happening in the first place if motorists will always observe road rules strictly. Drunk driving and speeding have often been blamed for most road accidents but the attitude of the people has not changed. At this juncture I convey my sincerest condolences to those families who have lost a loved one. Authorities are doing what they can to prevent road fatalities but I think it is falling on deaf ears. It would perhaps bring about the change that we all want to see if there is more police visibility on our roads. Suresh Chand Nadi

Grey area

LAST week the National Disaster Management Office informed the Government that heavy rain and flooding could pose a risk to lives. The Ministry of Education subsequently gave a directive for all schools to close. Yet there were schools, including tertiary institutions, which defied this directive and remained open. Concerned for the welfare of students and staff, who attended the institutions, which remained open, including the question whether students and staff were legally covered by insurance in the case of the former and workers’ compensation for the latter in the event of an accident, the Ministry of Education was contacted and asked about this. The response came that this was a good question; almost as unhelpful as answering a question with a question. One school which remained open was not registered with the Ministry of Education so are they under any obligation to close? This, it seems, is a grey area yet we are all encouraged to heed the advice and warnings of the National Disaster Management Office. That’s very black and white. JULIE SUTHERLAND TAMAVUA

House promise

WHAT great news and relief to Jerry Tuwai and his family! Thank you Coalition Government, the promise which was not fulfilled by the previous government to the double gold medalist, Jerry Tuwai. The current Government’s commitments towards fulfilling the house promise is welcomed by all and the Peoples’ Coalition Government must be congratulated for what was promised and not fulfilled. This will be slap in the face of the previous government. Tuwai, don’t worry be happy under the under leadership of our honourable Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka. INDAR DEO BISUN SAKOCA HEIGHTS, TAMAVUA

LED lights

I BELIEVE LED lights on vehicles are not permitted by LTA. Every now and then most oncoming vehicles with LED lights distract us. Also bright, colourful lights adorning all sides of many vehicles are a distraction to drivers. These illegal excessive, bright and LED lights are used on private vehicles, public transport and trucks. I request the LTA and the Fiji Police Force to seriously consider regulations on the above issue for the safety of all drivers. DAVID SUSHIL LAL MALOLO ST, LAUTOKA

Top story

I read all the stories covered by our industrious sports team, and the story of Aporosa Natau (ST 12/03), who works as a watchman at the home of an England national, stood out. The gesture by his employer touched my heart. Rugby is in our blood, and the success of the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua brightened this week. The 56-year-old Natau shared that he did not spend a single dollar to watch history take place at Churchill Park as his employer offered him free tickets and transport. Travelling from Natunuku in Ba, an extra ticket was offered to his eldest son. Being his first time to a Super Rugby match, Natau would cherish the experience, and he would start saving whatever money he could to attend the Fijian Drua’s home games. I thank Natau’s employer for having a gold heart, and for this wonderful gesture. I remember buying tickets for two of my iTaukei friends last year, when the Drua battled the Highlanders at the HFC Bank Stadium, and they were emotional as I handed them their tickets. The beautiful thing about rugby is it unites races, and this was evident on Saturday when every Fijian joined hands to cheer for the Fijian Drua! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Power of one

Our Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, congratulated the winning Fijian Drua team on Saturday and mentioned the “power of one vote” in reference to the Fijian Drua’s thrilling 25-24 victory over the defending champion Crusaders at Lautoka’s Churchill Park. Indeed, for Mr Rabuka’s Coalition Government and our Fijian Drua team, winning by just a single vote — or point, for that matter — over their rivals has been crucial. In front of the home crowd, the victory was much sweeter. This is an incredible achievement for the Fijian Drua given the track record that the Crusaders are one of the most successful rugby teams in New Zealand and have won the Super Rugby championship eleven times. The Fijian Drua team will undoubtedly gain a lot from this victory in terms of morale since they are a relatively new team and are competing in Super Rugby for the second season. It’s also critical to remember that Fijian rugby has become well-known throughout the world for its exhilarating, quick-paced style of play. In light of this, the Fijian Drua team’s victory over the Crusaders is not only an impressive feat but also a testament to the quality of Fijian rugby as a whole. I would like congratulate the entire Drua team. You have not just won this game; you have won thousands of hearts of fans at home and aboard. Toso Drua! DINESH KUMAR, Ba

Drua win – time freeze

I was a very little boy, as a Class 3 student at a local primary school in Nasinu known now as Kalabu Primary School, when our national Fiji rugby team defeated the British Lions on August 15, 1977. I can vividly remember that our class went to watch that game at Buckhurst Park. The late Master Tomasi Matanatabu Musunamasi (senior), RIP, was our teacher and father of former Fiji rugby team fullback Kemueli Musunamasi who played in that match. Master Tomasi threw his leather brief case teaching bag in the air after the final whistle with all its contents flying in disarray. Time just froze or stood still! That same feeling was again felt by the Fijian Drua team supporters after the final whistle last Saturday afternoon at Churchill Park after beating one of the top best rugby team in universe! Best wishes to the team, staff and management of our Fijian Drua team in the remaining games in this year’s competition. #Toso Fijian Drua! Jioji M Cakacaka Tadra, Votualevu, Nadi

New friends

THIS column has recently introduced me to many new friends. With social media, these writers have become good friends. We check on each other and exchange our thoughts on the pieces we write. I enjoy reading their articles every time. Who thinks this newspaper is only for news? It also serves as a platform for connecting with others. Vinaka Times. RODNEY CLARENCE RAJ Naleba, Labasa

Cat and mouse

Today’s political climate between the Coalition Government’ and the Opposition can literally be compared to a game of cat and mouse. Dou bau oca mada. Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka Power issue It’s happening again! Those sporadic power outages. It’s about time I seriously consider purchasing my own diesel-powered generator, as that bright spark from EFL had cheekily suggested sometime ago. TD is also getting fed up. Nishant Singh Lautoka

On religion

My reply to Emosi Balei’s letter FT 11/23 on world without religion. What else can we expect from an unbeliever? Steven Chandra Suva

At functions

ARE the government ministers and officials required by law to attend installations of vacant chiefly seats or indigenous special events around the nation at the expense of the taxpayers? I believe taxpayers are paying government ministers and officials to work and bring out the best for all citizens, not attending installations, functions or church services. Please do so in your own private time and at your own expense! AREKI DAWAI Suva

Meaning please

With reference to a recent editorial (6/3/23) I am wondering what exactly is meant by ‘imaginary demarcation lines’ of ‘ethnicity, religion and gender’. For example, if I say that I am ethnically Irish, Catholic and male, and that a colleague is ethnically Rotuman, Methodist and female, am I making a statement of fact or just imagining it? Paul Geraghty USP, Suva

Moana Pasifika

Just hoping, Moana Pasifika should be playing a few games in Tonga and Samoa in the near future. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka


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