Letters to the Editor – Thursday, January 26, 2023

Allen Lockington gives hand sanitisers to Tavakubu satellite market vendor Bale Matalita in Lautoka, in August 2021. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Voice of the voiceless

Power of an ordinary man!

I commend the editor-in-chief for the inspiring and intriguing editorial titled “Power of an ordinary man” (FT: 25/01) as a tribute to the legend and powerful Allen Lockington from the Sugar City. Allen was famous for his writing and service to the people. He did what many in power could not do. He reached those who many in power could not reach. Such was his loving, caring, kind and compassionate nature. He had a heart that touched thousands of lives. His opinions, which made a difference, were read and appreciated by thousands. He was the voice of the voiceless and assisted families when they needed assistance the most. He sacrificed his spare time towards humanity and charity work. He was fearless and spoke his mind out via his letters and face book posts. He has left valuable lessons for readers. His family should be proud of his achievements. The pouring messages of sympathy and condolences show Allen’s greatness. He will be dearly missed and his charity work will be cherished. Rest high brave man! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

A part of the Times

ONCE I read a Hindi novel written by a famous author Kushwaha Kant. Here I quote one particular sentence that touched my heart, when he wrote “a human being’s real qualities and values are best known after his death”. How true. Just look at the pages of this popular newspaper The Fiji Times yesterday (25/01), where so many writers have shown their respect to this outstanding hero Allen Lockington. Social media is full of such tributes to Allen. If you put all these together it could become a book itself. More to come on Saturday when a huge crowd is expected to farewell Allen. Few well-wishers and sympathisers would surely deliver their eulogies during this final touching moments before Allen is laid down for his final rest. I wish to thank all those who have shown their respect to this great gentleman Allen Lockington by penning beautiful letters in yesterday’s (25/01) Fiji Times. I humbly request the Health Ministry to kindly consider honouring Allen’s last wish by installing a hot water system at Lautoka Hospital’s shower section for the sake of patients. I also believe we have kind hearted donors around who may wish to contribute towards this worthy project. Finally a big thanks to our hardworking editor Fred Wesley for his excellent editorial and touching tribute to our friend Allen Lockington in yesterday’s edition of The Fiji Times. Allen, no doubt was a part of The Fiji Times. VIJAY MAHARAJ Sydney, Australia

How to be remembered

On how I want to be remembered if I had a choice between Allen Lockington and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum I would choose Allen without second thoughts. For an explanation for my outright choice see The Fiji Times editorial “Power of an ordinary man”on Allen and his good deeds. Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Had enough

REALISTICALLY and in plain truth I believe that majority of the masses have had enough of the plaster saint attitude of the former minister of everything and their 16 years of iron-fisted leadership. He seems like a disfigured lost fighter tripping for a rematch. What else is he trying to prove to the people since he is no longer a member of Parliament? I wonder if he is feeling perplexed in the hubris shell that he is finding it impossible to exit from. When we show respect we will get respect, it is that simple sir. The dirty plague of politics and coups has done far worse for this island nation as it has only caused upsets and uncertainty among citizens from the works of arrogance and egotistical politicians and its usurpers. I hope FijiFirst party members will have some sense and deep thinking on how to courteously traverse and respect the wishes of the people and the collective decisions of the people’s Government. I wish them the best of luck, next time! AREKI DAWAI Suva

Price rise crisis

As the price rise is beyond our control, the new challenges to make a living may be possible with our needs and wants now. The medical authorities advice for healthy living is less sugar, less oil, and less salt (SOS) may cost you less but is more beneficial and economical. This may be a better way for a healthy, wealthy and stress-free living. To minimise expenses, let’s do away with junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Go for your needs and wants, be happy, healthy, wise, and live long. Life is what you make it. Tahir Ali Hamilton, New Zealand

Readable newspaper

I always had a mind-set that newspapers were understood by a reader with reading skills equivalent to the high school level. My views changed when my Year 4 student (2022) narrated a story that he read from a newspaper back in his village. I could tell he had read the story and understood it well because of his explanation. On that day, I nodded. During the holidays I conducted a little bit of research. I was curious about newspaper readers. According to my research, farmers, senior citizens, market vendors, and temporary workers also buy newspapers, in addition to persons in white-collar jobs. I ultimately came to the conclusion that the news is written in simple English that can be read by everybody. Thanks to all journalists for taking into consideration the readers. RODNEY CLARENCE RAJ Naleba, Labasa

Mightier than the sword

I am extremely sad and heartbroken to know of the demise of Allen Lockington. He was someone I always looked upon to from my high school days. Rest in peace my friend. Always in our memories — and thank you for proving the pen will always be mightier than the sword. Ashneel Jaynesh Prasad Abu Dhabi, UAE

A great Samaritan

His abrupt passing is lamented by Fijians who knew him both at home and abroad. The late Allen Lockington, who was referred to as a man with a “golden heart” (FT 25/01), will be missed. He impacted the lives of many Fijians regardless of race, religion, colour and socioeconomic status. Unkol Allen, as his taxi driver and partner in charitable contributions Navnit Ram preferred to call him was a true Samaritan. I first got to know him through his letters in The Fiji Times, and then I began to keep up with his righteous actions on social media. His letters were brief, but very important. His altruistic efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic truly stood out. My deepest condolences to his grieving family and friends. Rest high in love, uncle Allen. You will not be forgotten! DINESH KUMAR Ba

RIP Allen

I haven’t met the man physically for a chit chat, but always converse via messenger as we were virtual friends via social media. We were planning to meet up when he came over to Nadi this year. Somehow, I saw that he was admitted lately at the Lautoka Hospital and got discharged a few days ago. Our plan for a meet up in 2023 never eventuated. Few months ago it was the late Simon Hazelman of Savusavu and now Allen Lockington of Lautoka. That gives me the idea if all fellow writers can have our annual or bi-annual get together just to meet each other for the first time and renew old friendship, because our days are numbered. You will never know your time to go from this life? Just something to think about fellow writers and I’m sure that The Fiji Times can come on board to support this meet because it can turn up to produce many positive outcomes in how we write our letters and a win-win situation for both parties? Farewell to you Allen Lockington! Jioji M Cakacaka Tadra-Votualevu, Nadi

A legend

Our legendary friend from the Sugar City, Allen Lockington (RIP), who needs no introduction, is sadly no longer with us. I suggest, a memorial statue of the legend be erected later within the vicinity of the Sugar City, to remind us of his immense, humane contribution to society. I can just imagine what he’d be saying up in the heavens…Isa o Allen. Many-many vinaka for the memories monsiuer. Till we meet again. Anthony Sahai Levuka

Prolific writer

Saddened to hear about the sudden demise of the most prolific letter writer of The Fiji Times, Allen Lockington. He is a complete package in his writing expertise, a true inspiration to all of us writers and probably the best in the business. We will surely miss his letters even from the shortest script. Vinaka vakalevu sir for your contribution. Your legacy will continue to live on. Condolences to the family. Waisale Moce Nadarivatu

Still vacant

The Nadi Town Council had issued an advertisement about a year ago, regarding vacancy of the chief executive officer. However, till date, no appointment has been made. As such, the office was still being managed by the acting CEO. The council cannot leave the matter pending unless it had a reason to do so. Please know that ratepayers are watching. Thank you. Suresh Chand Nadi

Game plan

What a game plan. The outsider is irrelevant, just gossiping, while the insider sits quietly. Behind them the confused bunch. Dan Urai Lautoka

Move on

I wonder if that general secretary will put some sense in the head of his party leader to accept defeat, move on and man-up to congratulate the Prime Minister in public. Karma is impartial kemuni! AREKI DAWAI Suva


Regarding separation of powers, I am as confused as the “expert”. Delightfully, the topic popped up yesterday and one made a grand colourful attempt to put everything into perspective. According to him, it is like the three coloured wires in the light system. They serve different purposes to produce a desired result but if they come into contact with each other without the coating, a blackout. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

A champion

I never met the man but felt close to him through his honest opinions on this platform. Like many, I too was saddened by his unfortunate passing. Thank you Mr Lockington, for all the positive and memorable contributions you’ve made to the country. A champion in my book! Koroi Seduadua Nasese, Suva

A loss

The passing of Allen Lockington is a loss, not just to his dear family and friends, but a huge loss to Fiji. He gave his all, a man with a heart big enough for all. He leaves a place in our lives which can never be filled. Terry Hulme NSW, Australia

Goodbye Allen

Isa Allen, you used to thank me for my letters every time we met. You would insist that I continue to write if I wasn’t contributing at all. So long and goodbye sir. Joeli Naleca Natabua, Lautoka

Swimming pool

It is no secret that dear Allen was eagerly looking forward to a dip or two. He is gone. The Lautoka swimming pool remains incomplete. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Tribute to Allen

In my tribute to our fellow writer Allen Lockington, I wish to quote some prophetic words of Swami Vivekanand who said: “Him I call a mahatma (great soul) whose heart bleeds for the poor.” BHARAT MORRIS Vatuwaqa, Suva

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