Letters to the Editor – Thursday, August 11, 2022

Team Fiji during the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. Picture: FASANOC

Curtain falls in Birmingham

THE 2022 Commonwealth Games has concluded in Birmingham, England.

Hats off to the entire sports team of The Fiji Times for the extensive coverage on this year’s games.

Editor-in-chief Fred Wesley penned a superb editorial, summing up the events perfectly. (FT 10/08)

Special thanks to your sports reporter –”man on the ground” – Rohit Deo, for the exclusive reports in the daily editions and his live videos on your social media pages.

Even before the curtains fell, everyone’s focus already shifted to the 2026 games; which would be hosted in Victoria, Australia.

That’s the spirit that we should have.

Being foresighted in our daily lives.

Hopefully, the athletes start doing their SWOT analysis and target setting soon after they return.

Congratulations to all our athletes who took part in this year’s games.

Team Fiji achieved two silver and two bronze medals.

2026 should see few golds to Fiji’s medal tally.

Vinaka Team Fiji!


That note

IT’S a relief to absorb the fact that the 88 cents note comprising the Chinese god of wealth will not enter into circulation in Fiji, as confirmed by the RBF (10/08).

A practical decision indeed.

In actual fact, I’d rather prefer to see our very own pot-bellied Raj and Tukana featuring on a new crisp Fijian note than some Chinese deity with no relevance to Fiji.

It would make more “cents”.


Weather and war

THERE were two issues that dominated the world news in The Fiji Times 10/08/2022 and they were weather and war.

In the weather highlights: – Seven dead; at least seven people died in and around the South Korean capital of Seoul after torrential rain knocked down power, caused slips and left roads and subways submerged; – Flood damage; President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden witness the damage from deadly and devastating storms that have resulted in the worst flooding in Kentucky’s history; and – Europe faces a week of extreme heat; France’s worst drought on record has left parched villages relying on water deliveries by truck.

In the war highlights: – China extends threatening military exercise; – US pledges $1b worth of weapons to Ukraine; and – Misfired rockets in Gaza battle.

I hope these developed countries will come to their senses and realise that climate change is real and instead of concentrating on wars, they should put their energy and effort together to address the issues of climate change.

For wars cannot save our common home, mother Earth, but effort put together to address climate change will.


Fijian grog dopeys

A REGULAR letter writer from Down Under continuously refers to Fijians as grog dopeys.

I regard such reference of the proud Fijians as degrading and very insulting and urge the editor for a second time of an equally proud and robust newspaper to refrain from printing any letters from him in which Fijians are referred to as grog dopeys.

I think the Ostrich phenomena has got the better of him as he forgets that a lot of grog is being exported for Australian consumption.


Opposition supporters

WITH the many Opposition supporters who contribute to this column, when will your party leaders roll out their manifestos and plans to fix Fiji’s problems?

Just like the leaders of these political parties, are you all going to just pretend to have the answers or are you just going to pray and fast and hope that there will be a solution.

With the unrelenting front page headlines in this newspaper espousing the rubbish from Opposition party leaders on a daily basis, these supporters also pretend that this paper is transparent, unbiased, balanced and fair.

But then everyone has every right to be an idiot if they so choose.

JAN NISSAR, NSW, Australia

* The beauty about being transparent, unbiased, balanced and fair is that everyone can voice their opinion if they so choose, within the confines of the law. – Editor

Becoming better

LAST time, we were told something about becoming better than Australia and New Zealand.

I wonder if anyone out there has interpreted that it is China’s turn now.


Trump home raid

TRUMP always made out he was above the Constitution and the law of the land but the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida is a reminder that he isn’t.

The rule of law applies to him just as it applies to other American citizens.

I think Trump’s dodgy days are drawing to an end.

RAJEND NAIDU, Sydney, Australia

God of wealth

I DO not understand the logic of honouring the Chinese god of wealth in the newly-released Fijian 88 cents numismatic note especially when we declined to accept their wealth to construct the new naval base in Suva and completion of the army camp at Blackrock Votualevu, Nadi in favour of the Australians.

It would have been befitting to honour our own local gods of wealth a few of which are around.


Greener pastures

IN this globally warmed world full of crises with manmade and natural disasters, we still aim to see greener pastures.

Wherever we are, we should promote afforestation by planting trees to be kind to our mother nature.

You may think the grass is greener on the other side but if you take time to water your own grass, it will be just as green.

Keep Fiji green!

TAHIR ALI, Hamilton, New Zealand

7s gold

I BELIEVE the 7s Commonwealth gold medal will elude Fiji until there is a change in Government.

DAN URAI, Lautoka

Expected role

PARTY in hot soup again: Saneem refers NFP to FICAC (FT 9/8).

I believe the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem is clearly fulfilling his role.

I don’t think anyone following post-coup politics in Fiji is surprised by Saneem’s latest move, least of all NFP.

In fact, NFP is lucky.

In Putin’s Russia Opposition parties get banned and their leaders get thrown in jail all too regularly.

RAJEND NAIDU, Sydney, Australia

New vice president

JAGDEEP Dhankhar, the former Governor of West Bengal, has just been elected the 14th Vice-President of India (the largest democracy) in a landslide victory.

He defeated Margaret Alva, the Opposition candidate.

Jagdeep Dhankhar was nominated by NDA (National Democratic Alliance).

He is a lawyer by profession and has successfully served in various capacities, including the Supreme Court.

Mr Dhankhar was born in a farming family in Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan and attended the Sainik School.

Thereafter qualified as a lawyer and became the youngest President of Rajasthan Bar Association.

Current Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu’s, term finished yesterday and Mr Dhankhar will be sworn in today.

We wish Jagdeep Dhankhar every success.

DEWAN CHAND, Namadi Heights, Suva

Smart retirement plan

THIS initiative which targets the working population (FT 9/8) is encouraging young farmers to invest in sugarcane farming.

This was launched by Assistant Sugar Minister George Vegnathan at the Sugar Cane Growers Fund (SCGF) head office in Lautoka.

The retirement plan through FNPF housing eligibility scheme will ensure further security with confidence.

The welfare of farmers with sufficient funds towards happy and healthier lifestyle will be an asset.

Farmers, the backbone of the country, also need to retire with dignity and respect in comfort and care of their loved ones.

The smart retirement plan is the way.

TAHIR ALI, Hamilton, New Zealand

The meaning of things

WE take most things for granted, coz that’s human nature, but the meaning of things, can be deeply embedded.

So, what we think is reality, may not be what it is really.

There could be other reasons and meaning, to what we plainly see.

It just may be prudent and also wise, to always open, your eyes and carefully examine and always discern, what’s now happening in this world.


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