Letters to the Editor: Sunday October 20, 2019

David and Michelle Paul died of a mysterious illness while vacationing in Fiji. Picture: SUPPLIED/ABC News

Unexplained deaths

Some months ago two American tourists died as a result of ingesting presumably a poisonous substance.

I have not seen any reports as to what this substance may have been, can any organisation enlighten us?

Any evidence to suggest murder or suicide or an accident?

Very strange.



Why return the file

In the all too famous alleged August 9 incident, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) returned the file to police for further investigation on September 24.

On October 17, DPP closed the case because the matter was heard by the Parliamentary Privileges Committee and dealt with by the Parliament.

The matter ended in Parliament with an apology, a refusal and a suspension on September 7.

When the decision made on October 17 concurred with that of September 7, what was the purpose for returning the file on September 24?



Wrong paper

I wonder how can a newspaper which has just celebrated 150 years be the “Wrong Paper”.

Or is it the other way?



Grounded plane

Given these Fiji Airways aircraft have been grounded since March with no resolution in sight, what happens to them if a cyclone bowls up?

Will they be allowed to fly to a safe place or can both fit in the hangar.

There appears to be no resolution to the airworthiness of these planes in the near future and even if there was, worldwide surveys suggest 86 per cent of passengers would not fly on them.

As far as I know, no Australian or New Zealand airlines use them, so Fiji Airways will face stiff resistance from their major source markets.



Want to be a millionaire

I went shopping yesterday morning and had a conversation at the Lautoka grog market.

Me: Bula kainoqu, long time and I see you in the market again (my kai is a market vendor).

Him: Oh, I’ve been away in Kadavu planting yaqona, my wife and children are here in Lautoka.

Me: So why not go back to the village?

Him: You know, I worked here and bought a place and now relaxing selling vegetables. And my children school here.

Me: So why did you go back to the village? He smiled and said, “Kainoqu.

5000 to 6000 plus yaqona plants I just planted and my aim is to make something near $1 million in three to four years’ time.

Meanwhile, we are surviving on what we sell in the market. I mumbled, want to go back to Kadavu. Better still, I want to be a millionaire.

And he winked at me as I drank a bowl of yaqona from Kadavu.

ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka


Climate Change Act 2019

Page 6 of yesterday’s (19/10/19) The Fiji Times gives a brief account of the proposed Climate Change Act 2019.

Paragraph 2 of the article states that “Part 17 of the draft Act is similar to the Environment Management Act 2005 in relation to enforcement”.

We have come a long way in controlling and managing wisely the physical developments of our precious Fiji Islands.

This control and management were initially enforced by law under the Subdivision of Land Ordinance No. 35 of 1937 and the Town Planning Ordinance No. 12 of 1946.

There have been a series of amendments to the two ordinances since, and they are now named The Subdivision of Land Act Cap. 140 and Town Planning Act Cap. Cap. 139.

I strongly encourage the honourable members of Parliament, the relevant officials of government who deal with physical development and the citizens of our beloved Fiji as a whole, to take some time and go through these Acts, and take note of the following:

1. The definition of “development” in the Town Planning Act.

2. Section 7 of the Town Planning Act.

3. Section 17 (4) of the Town Planning Act.

4. Matters 1-27 in the Schedule to the Town Planning Act. So far we have The Preservation of Objects of Archaeological and Paleontological Interest Act Cap. 264, the National Trust for Fiji Act Cap. 265, the Local Government Act, the Environment Management Act 2005, the now proposed Climate Change Act 2019, and so forth.

PITA K NACUVA Namadi Heights, Suva

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