Letters to the Editor: Sunday, July 12, 2020

Unity Fiji party leader and former Reserve Bank Governor Savenaca Narube. Picture: File/ JOVESA NAISUA

Alternatives budgets

Unity Fiji party leader, Savenaca Narube, announced an “Alternative Budget” where he outlined cost-cutting-measures that could save the country about $1.5 billion and allow Government to plough back $1 billion to priority areas (FT:11/07).

While Unity Fiji’s proposal is commendable, can we also get alternative budgets from SODELPA, NFP, and FLP, to compare and see how each political party can point out to cabinet alternative ways in which to best spend the budgetary means.

Together, the alternative budgets would be a great means for cabinet to likely adopt parts of them to use as a means to best steer the country clear of the critical situation it is in as a result of COVID-19.

I’m no economist and neither am I a financial guru but one thing I know for sure and that is that the introduction of alternative budgets from all parties will certainly shed light on our situation and provide Parliament with an additional tool to help with the allocation of the country’s budgetary means for the better!

SIMON HAZELMAN Rava Estate, Savusavu


That couple

I believe that couple who pleaded with the authorities for compassion and then got their wish granted by some good-hearted officials, stabbed the authorities in the back.

The story of a disabled son waiting at home will certainly melt many hearts.

Their story sold, they were excused from quarantine, then remained isolated at home, so we read. They tested negative. The least they could have done out of gratefulness was to shut their mouth and thank the Almighty for good tidings.

But no, I believe they had every intention to sling mud on some good people.

Authorities, from now on, please don’t let anyone sell you any story, and I can’t specify the possible storylines.

It’s probably good they spoke, now you will throw compassion out of the window.

There’s a beast called COVID-19 to tame. As long as people with rotten minds exist, ungratefulness will not be eradicated.

These people are bigger beasts than COVID-19 itself! You are doing fine, Ministry of Health.

I feel safe, and can even afford a little carelessness occasionally. But I remain grateful.



Swimming pool

Kaila! Vinaka Moses (Manasa) Mani, all you mention could be true. (FT 11/7) But you forgot swimming in that pool will clean the kani and hair will grow back for the bald people.

And for many like me who have lost a few teeth, they will grow back, and it will be gold plated.

Potbellies will disappear. Oh, and I was told I will be able to get into my Speedos again. Shhh… don’t tell anyone, a reliable source says it’s a magic pool. Just thinking about it is already making me feel younger.

ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka


Pothole issue

While travelling, when we come across a gathering of potholes, vehicles slow down.

We start shaking with the vehicle. In case the music is loud enough, some may desperately fight off the urge to do the macarena moves.

Though, this experience is not recommended for those who have it filled up right to the throat.

Because of the uncontrollable movements, instead of any sounds or words of complaint, fresh brown gravel will flush out. Hours of swiping gone to waste in an instant.

In cases where a fast-moving (within the national speed limit) vehicle suddenly drops into one of those road basins, we hear ?$#@!&%. Followed by laughter.

During this time, the vehicle cries. I was just thinking, “How do the drivers and passengers of government vehicles react when they go through similar experiences on Fiji roads”.

Surely, it’s not Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in harmony with the ukulele chords.



New secretary

I believe Vili Ralulu’s letter “The new secretary” (FT 11/7) is a poignant reminder that some post holders are more style than substance. I believe discerning minds know the difference.

RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, Australia


Chicken issue

I just wish to ask one question to Michael Scott of Morris St, Lautoka.

Do you only see Meena Gounden of Labasa caging the birds and no one else?

DHARMENDRA KUMAR Amputch St, Tamavua, Suva

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