Letters to the Editor: Sunday February 9, 2020

Sylvia Nandani, one of two Fijians evacuated from Wuhan, China, is being quarantined in New Zealand. The campervan behind her will be her home for the next 11 days. Picture: SUPPLIED

A father’s love

MY heart went out to Sylvia Nandani and family when I read the report (FT 8/1).

The report says the first thing Ms Nandani will do when she sees her dad is to give him a big hug.

The 25-year-old had been in Wuhan, China, at the epicentre of the novel coronavirus since January 14.

The frantic efforts of her father, Rakesh Reddy, secured her a seat on an Air New Zealand evacuation flight that ferried 193 people out of Wuhan.

Only a father can feel what Mr Reddy did for his daughter. It’s about love and I have three daughters and I guard their life and dignity with my life.

I will do anything to protect them.

God bless you Mr Reddy and Ms Nandani, I hope you will be with your family and give him a big hug.



Valentine’s week

PARENTS are advised to keep control and take good care of their children during this Valentine’s week.

Keep a check on them (concern for health). Coronavirus is on the rise and interactions are going to be the leading cause for the spread of the virus.



Extra classes

EDUCATION Minister Rosy Akbar is absolutely correct in stating that school heads should plan their time well and know the needs of students instead of requesting for Saturday classes (FT 07/02).

Extra classes demand extra resources, something Government needs to try to avoid. A noticeable habit with many schools nowadays is the period after exams.

Normally it’s two to three weeks before the holidays.

Once students sit their exams, most never go back to school citing nothing doing in school.

So each year there are four to six weeks of wasted time. Why is this so may I ask?

Shouldn’t this time be spent reviewing exam papers with students? I believe this is more than enough extra time that is currently being wasted.

Teachers don’t need more class time. What they need is to make good use of the time they have and plan it well.

I believe requesting extra time shows the weakness of mismanagement of time and poor lesson planning.

There’s no one stopping teachers from planning well but themselves!



State of buses

WHILE bus commuters have no say on the impending bus fare increase, would the bus operators have the decency to hear our pleas about the state of some buses.

Can the bus operators fix the curtains so that when it rains, passengers are not drenched from ratty and torn bus curtains, that they clean the buses at the end of the day so that it’s at least tidy for the next day’s public service.

Can the drivers be advised that when it’s not peak hours it does not give them the right to cruise through the journey or park at some street corner just because they have a handful of passengers on the bus, that they have a set timetable to follow.

That bus drivers wait until passengers, especially the elderly, pregnant women, mothers with babies or hands full with grocery bags and those with mobility hindrances are seated before they proceed with the journey.

Concerns raised with the bus companies are either ignored or not taken seriously even though we provide our personal details as proof of how serious our concerns are.

The pet peeve of most mature, sane bus commuters, that drivers play music so loudly, it just about drives commuters insane to endure the bus journey.



Those pipes

SUKHA, let me remind you those pipes are like promises.

Some are short, some are long, some are big, some are small and some can be broken.


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