Letters to the Editor – September 29, 2018

Nasinu Football Association reps training at the Fiji FA grounds. Picture: JONA KONATACI

IDC thrills!

AS the transfer window nears closure, districts are busy shopping for players to strengthen their squad for the Courts IDC.

Alongside the two cities, Nasinu is on a shopping spree while Tavua is in a financial crisis and I hope that some business houses will join hands to pump in a few dollars to help the western giants who have produced some notable young stars such as Husseini, Ratu Dau, Kautoga, Vilive, Borisi and Moshim.

The Blues have recruited former Lion Anand Sami as part of their technical team to assist Kamal Swamy in a bid to defend their IDC title.

The Men in Black had just found their rhythm after winning the BOG but have lost five of their star players.

On the other hand, the Nadi side has weapons in their armoury to wrest the IDC crown from their neighbours while Rewa and Suva will be banking on their imports to take them through.

Now that Dreketi has been demoted, the Lions will carry the hopes of the Northern Division and while they are preparing quietly, I hope that they will roar the loudest in the Capital City.

As we count days to the IDC and the close of the transfer window, I hope that districts will work hand in hand for the betterment of Fiji soccer.

It seems that district pride supersedes the pride for our national team.

By the way, having big names does not necessarily guarantee a win. I hope that teams have learnt from Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona’s losses to some under-rated teams.

Such upsets add excitement to the game!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Playing politics

FROM the many letters I read in The Fiji Times on the FBC 4 the Record interview with NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad, it is apparent that clear-thinking Fijians are not fooled when the media makes out to be independent, impartial and fair when it’s not.

I saw the interview myself while on holiday in Fiji and I concur with the criticism of your letter writers.

I also saw on television what Nemani Delaibatiki had to say and wondered whether that was the commentary of a veteran journalist or a partisan political commentator?

Again I am sure thinking Fijians can figure that out.

Rajend Naidu, Sydney

Rape of children

WE have seen or heard through the media the recent rape case allegedly committed by two Year 8 students on a Year 1 student at a primary school.

Rape should not be blamed on the survivor.

Since both the offenders are considered as minors, someone should cop the blame because this rape should have never happened in the first place.

An urgent talanoa session should be instigated by relevant government ministries against all stakeholders on the continuous rape of our young people in our community.

What is wrong with our society?

Jioji M Cakacaka, Nasinu

Act of kindness

WE are in the rainy season where we tend to move around in jackets and other warm clothing.

Would you lend your warm clothing this rainy season?

Last night while driving around Suva, I had to stop near Village 6 Cinemas because it was raining heavily and it was hard to drive.

I got out of the car and stood outside the cinemas because I felt stuffy.

I then saw an elderly woman lending her jacket to a little boy who also had been around the area for quite some time.

I saw her wrinkled face with so much gratitude and concern for the little boy.

She asked several questions and even hugged the little boy as if he was her own.

I was deeply moved by this act of kindness and it taught me a personal lesson to care about others despite not knowing one personally.

Loata Baleiono, Veisaru, Ba

Government grants

MORE than 7300 people in the North received assistance of $1000 as part of government’s micro and small enterprise scheme this week.

While the 2018 Fijian election is sometime soon and the Trade Minister says the grants given are not a “handout or freebie” but a “leg-up” for all Fijians, and this program will continue on a yearly basis.


Would be good for the Trade Ministry to reveal how many micro and small enterprises exists in the country?

I believe it’s all public funds that’s being given to people so the Trade Minister would welcome the opportunity to be transparent and accountable — values the government promotes.

Meanwhile, the minister also told the recipients that “your Government is realising your dreams, ambitions and fulfilment of becoming an entrepreneur”.

I’ve been waiting for my dream to realise since May after submitting my registration with MIDA to operate as a freelance journalist for an overseas media.

I’m still waiting. I’m at a point now where I’ve started to think that my Fijian dream doesn’t count because there’s no return on investment for the Government.

Kelvin Anthony, Namadi Heights, Suva

True leadership

EVEN in the face of hostile media wallahs who according to some critics conducted the interview with NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad with a “hidden agenda”, he remained cool, calm and dignified.

He exhibited the qualities of true leadership.

Rajend Naidu, Sydney

Transfer window

I THINK that it is about time that we should build a door at least so that our players don’t have to jump out of windows to join other teams.

Maybe players get hurt while jumping that is why the level of football is not upgrading.

Ashis Kumar, Ba,

Bus brothers

DEAR Sirs, Allen and Edward (FT 28/09), as long as it is not a “putput bus” I am happy.

Pat Vuli, Suva

Protest march

WITH election just around the corner, no march should be allowed for obvious reasons!

Just march yourself to your polling station where you can mark your protest!

Cut all the rigmarole and just tick where it counts for you!

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Flying car

THE new invention from the Philippines … will it still be called a car when it is flying?

Or should it be called aerocar when airborne?

And aero plane to auto plane when taxied the runway.

Oh, and how about waka when in powder?

Any idea?

Pita Soroaqali, Nadarivatu

Sour grapes

IT appears that some people in Fiji cannot stomach the high accolades bestowed upon the editor of The Fiji Times newspaper recently by the international media community.

Trust such people to come up with some obscure explanations that the citation does not reflect the fact that there is unobstructed freedom of speech in Fiji.

We the grassroots people know better.

William Rosa, Tavua

No cure

SOMEONE told me that the homeless people thing is like the flu, society can’t find a cure.

Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Rugby legend

MUST salute the Petero Civoniceva Foundation for moving around the country and providing life-changing opportunities to thousands of children.

Their professional approach towards the sport is very much appreciated.

You are indeed a rugby legend.

Arvind Kumar, Raviravi, Ba

Go Drua, go

WE all agree and are behind the Fiji Airways Drua coach Senirusi Seruvakula who said that playing catch-up rugby was risky (FT 26/9).

He said the side could not afford to play catch-up rugby in future games as the side sets its aim of securing a home semi-final.

The Drua trailed the Sydney Rays 19-0 at one stage in their recent game before coming back strongly to win 34-31.

Today the Drua meets NSW Country Eagles in Suva and I believe the Drua should win this home game if they play according to their game plan.

The NSW Country have played four games and won only one, making them sit at second last on the 2018 National Rugby Championship ladder with five points.

Right now the Fiji Airways Drua tops the ladder with 14 points, Queensland Country is second with 14 points, while third is Canberra Vikings and fourth is Western Force, both on 13 points.

These four top teams have all played four games and won three each.

A good win this week will set the atmosphere and confidence for next week’s home game when the Drua faces the might of the Canberra Vikings.

We all want a home semi-final this year, so we wish the Fiji Airways Drua all the best when they meet NSW Country Eagles, as a win will be a big plus in maintaining the home semi-final dream.

Go Drua, go!

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Bula fight

THE Fijian word “bula” I believe should be allowed to be trademarked by any person anywhere in the world, other than in Fiji itself.

And we should acknowledge that whoever had initiated this, has experienced the true “bula” spirit of Fiji to warrant its use as a trademark! I am happy that a word in my vernacular tongue is being used as a marketing tool to share Fiji’s bula spirit with the rest of the United States and the world.

A word of caution to the current Government to save its money and use it for Fiji’s increasing needy people, as it will be a costly affair to contest the use of the word in an American court.

And I will never believe that the Government of Fiji is going to contest the use of the word “bula” because it is of national interest.

What national interest was Fiji’s Government thinking of when they gave permission for the digging up and flattening of a hill in Bua for commercial gain and the destruction of an iTaukei’s bula way of existence in that area for life?

Before we fight for something of national interest in other parts of the world, we in Fiji should be protecting ourselves against dubious foreign interests in our own country first!

Epeli Rabua, Tamavua, Suva

Pressed for time

I WAS extremely perplexed to witness the two anchors of the “4 The Record” TV program continuously barging in to muffle the voice of Professor Biman Prasad.

However, Prof Prasad was unperturbed and remained cool, calm and collected.

A sure sign of maturity.

Arun Prasad, Dilkusha, Nausori

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