Letters to the Editor – September 21

Women empowerment
I LOVED reading the article in yesterday’s The Fiji Times titled “Women empowerment” by Ana Madigibuli. The article focused on the importance of women empowerment and different approaches that could be taken to empower women staying in a rural setting. Ana challenged her readers (through her well-coined article) to visit a village whereby they would be amazed at the level of creativity that women were exposed to in terms of weaving, sewing and screen painting. She highlighted the success of women from Lutu Village in Wainibuka, who not only worked in harmony to support their household but also shared their knowledge and skills of artisanal work during their women’s club meetings. In Ana’s article, the president of the Soqosoqo ni Marama (women’s club) for Lutu Village, Ekila Taumoli, shared the fact that when women work together and share their ideas, the community in which they live in grows and when knowledge is shared, relationships are built upon trusting each other. Indeed some wonderful lessons and food for thought as we contemplate the importance of empowering women in our rural communities. RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Galoa Island water update

THE Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) would like to clarify the article “Water woes” (FT 19/9) that it had consulted members of Galoa Village (village headman Mr Simione Makosoi Veta and the school headteacher Mr Rishi Ram, as well as the school manager) regarding the proposed upgrading water project as well as the repairs to the existing water system to the island. Under the 2018 and 2019 approved budget, WAF will be outsourcing the upgrading of the water project for implementation by the end of October, this year. The upgrading works is valued at $133,872.62. The works include the laying of a total of five kilometres of 75mm polyethylene submarine pipes from the mainland (Lekutu coastline to the island). WAF will be undertaking repairs to the island’s current water system within the next three weeks awaiting materials and weather permitting. Meanwhile, the island is being serviced through water carting where 130,400 litres which was carted to the island on August 31, 2018 via the government barge services which is being co-ordinated through collaboration between the Commissioner Northern’s Office and the Water Authority of Fiji BHAVESH KUMAR WAF chairman

Counting the costs

THE revelation by the Fiji Police Force and National Substance Abuse Advisory Council that 11-25 age group (630) of young people taking their lives is indeed worrying. It was road deaths and hard drugs before, now it’s suicide. What will scourge us next? We’ve got to learn to share our problems. AMENATAVE YACONISAU Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Day of democracy
ON September 15, the Parliament Facebook page posted a message from the Speaker on the occasion of International Day of Democracy. This message was one of appreciation and encouragement. Seventy-five per cent of the comments on this post were negative and against the Speaker’s message. It is one thing when a public office holder attempts to make a profound statement but what carries more weight is the public’s reception to such statements. On a more sincere note, I pay tribute to my dear friend Lynette Young of Canberra, ACT who was called to rest after losing her battle with cancer and is now in a better place. SAMUELA SAVU Farm Rd, Nakasi

International Day of Peace
PEACE means so much more than an absence of war. More ordinary conflicts arise from disputes with family, colleagues and neighbours and these disturb our sense of peace. Making peace with one person today, even if it is just with yourself, is a fitting way to mark the day. Light a candle, reflect, forgive and enjoy being tranquil. The International Day of Peace is observed around the world on September 21. The “Peace Day” provides an opportunity for individuals, organisations and nations to undertake acts of peace and kindness. People across the globe engage in diverse and meaningful ways: from observing a minute of silence, attending peace education events and writing peace poetry, to participating in peace marches, yoga and meditation. It provides a globally shared date for all of humanity to commit to peace above all differences and to contribute to building a culture of peace. The war and hate between countries, cities, religion and neighbours will not only harm self-being but will divide; so, this peace day, let’s open our hearts to take personal responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and choices. Peace needs building, not just celebrating. Make every day your day of peace as you work towards harmony at home, school, work and in the community. There are many ways you can take part in promoting peace. Let’s come together to celebrate peace. I leave you with a quote “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” ~ Buddha. Wishing the greetings of “Happy World Peace Day” to all the people and readers. Neelz Singh, Lami

Need for specialists

TOO bad about the Drua going down to last year’s champions, but it does bring back to the fore something I have stressed before. We need specialists in our set pieces to start working with our young ruggers from as young as the U14 grade, so by the time they reach the provincial or even the Drua level, everyone is on the same page. Better yet, why don’t the individual unions take a leap of faith and invest in scrum, line out and kicking specialists, let’s think long term and not short term. Use those same specialists in schools in your region, thus building up your own pool of players. Come on, one of the oldest unions in our country just celebrated its centennial a few years back, but what do they have to show for it? Not even their own ground or club- house, so until we get serious about rugby, we will always be the team that could have or probably win world Test matches against tier one nations.Anyway, big thanks to the boys for fighting hard, but ill-discipline will only rear its ugly head when a team is always on the back foot, so learn from your mistakes and make improvements. LAWRENCE WARA Suva

Fiji netball

AS the Netball Fiji ranking is at its worst, the next championship is where they will have to prove themselves once and for all that we are one of the top six teams in the world. We were there before and anything is possible. The next world championship pools have been drawn and we are drawn with Jamaica and South Africa who were below our ranking a few years ago. Beating these two netball strongholds now will be a starting point for Fiji. Don’t we have girls similar in calibre with the girls who used to dominate the netball arena. Wake up Fiji netball and start looking for girls who could bring back the glories and the ranking that has suddenly slipped off our hands. TOMASI BOGINISO Nasinu

Effects of drought

FIJI is currently suffering from the most serious effects of drought because of El Nino which reduces rainfall and increases drought. This drought is destroying agriculture, livestock and people are suffering in the Western Division. For many people, their economic background is agriculture and because of this drought period, most farmlands are dry. This year drought has affected all dry areas over the Western Division where the grass have turned brown and livestock have been affected. During the drought season, majority of the creeks and streams have dried up. Water is delivered by Government through water trucks but people need to use water wisely so that it is available for everyone to use in this drought season. We need to pray that rain comes soon before this drought takes a serious toll on our environment. AZHAR ALI Wairuku, Rakiraki

Cyclone season
THE cyclone season is about to start again, are we prepared? NARAYAN REDDY Lautoka

Poll candidates

MONKEY do what monkey see. It will be interesting to read about the assets and liabilities of politicians contesting the election or will it be privileged information? DAN URAI Lautoka

Fiji’s future
WITH free education and when children cannot be given corporal punishment, our Government said that we would have a brighter Fiji in future. May I add that with whatever is happening around, we are also breeding some brighter thugs. JOHN BROWN Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Post office

NOW whose brilliant idea was to relocate the airport post office all the way to Waimalika? Kemudou! WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

Power pack

I BELIEVE in today’s modern and democratic Fiji, anyone can contest the elections and dream of walking the corridors of Parliament; be it a soccer coach, a magazine publisher, a farmer, a grog swiper and even religious guru. And kaun bolis ki (who said) politics and religion do not assimilate? NISHANT SINGH Lautoka

What’s next

JOHN Brown of Drasa Vitogo in Lautoka is wondering what will be next in as far as government assistance is concerned (FT 20/09). The answer is a simple one Mr Brown! The more the better! It is exactly what government should be doing for our people! To lighten the load and make our life more brighter! SIMON HAZELMAN Rava Estate, Savusavu

Our pride

LAUTOKA City Council has installed a fountain at the post office roundabout. Residents should be proud of yet another piece of attraction to one of our parks. My humble request to all residents is to be responsible citizens and avoid any vandalism to the fountain. And please do not litter the area with empty bottles, cans or disposable food containers. DAVID SUSHIL LAL Malolo St, Lautoka

Election date
NOW that the FijiFirst party has named a “power pack” (FT 20/09) list of 51 provisional candidates, it gives me a lot of hope that the date for the election is going to be announced soon! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

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