Letters to the Editor – September 18, 2018

Fiji Times editor-in-chief Fred Wesley with his award in Australia. Picture: FT FILE

You are the man

CONGRATULATIONS to The Fiji Times editor Fred Wesley for deservedly being selected as the Media Executive of the Year at the annual News Media Awards 2018 at the Hilton in Sydney, Australia on Friday night.

Being a true gentleman, his humbleness in thanking all readers, families, friends and supporters for believing in The Fiji Times brand is really touching (ST 16/9).

Especially his giving credit to where it is due, the many hands, and brains involved in the process, from the deputy editor, chief-of-staff, to the journalists and photojournalists on the front-line in their head office in Suva, the West and North bureaus, sub-editors, proofreaders and heads of departments, to the staff members of circulation, advertising and marketing, admin and finance, production, their transport department and all sellers of The Fiji Times around the country.

Despite the recent court case against him and other staff members of The Fiji Times, I believe all readers are elated of its just outcome.

Just the other day, I watched a video recording where our A-G did not speak highly of The Fiji Times as part of his speech in a recent teacher’s conference.

I believe this is not the first time he has revealed his negative opinion about The Fiji Times.

Well, with the Media Executive of the Year award given to The Fiji Times editor Fred Wesley, we should all agree that The Fiji Times has passed the test, walked the talk and is still Fiji’s number one daily!

Vinaka Fred, you are the man!

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

League decider

THE Vodafone Premier League concluded with some big results, some excitement and some disappointment.

On Saturday the Blues were awarded the title after Dreketi held Ba to a 1-1 draw.

Tavua was given a lifeline as they held the Lions to a 0-0 draw.

However, Tavua missed a couple of opportunities that could have given them maximum points.

On Sunday Lautoka thrashed Rewa 4-1, Nadi thumped Suva 2-0 while Tavua beat Dreketi 1-0 to retain their premier status. Dreketi, after spending three long years in the top flight, was demoted.

Ba clinched second spot after beating a luckless Labasa outfit 1-0 as a result of a penalty in the dying moments.

Last year’s situation came to light when a Labasa player was red carded under controversial circumstance and Ba beat Labasa 3-0.

This time around solid Labasa defender Jale Dreloa was shown the marching orders and Ba scored from the penalty spot.

There was uproar about this on social media as Labasa’s dreams of playing in the O-League came to a bitter end.

No hard feelings but I wish team Lautoka and Ba all the best for the O-League.

My humble plea to both teams is to prepare well and not to be embarrassed by our Pacific Island neighbours.

To the Lions, there’s always another time.

Please prepare well for the IDC.

To my northern brothers playing for Dreketi, thank you for your efforts and please take the defeat like good sportsmen.

As we shift our focus to the IDC, I wish the teams the best in their preparation.

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Drua grounded

ALL the hype and excitement about the Fiji Airways Drua subsided as our high-flying warriors were grounded by the defending champions 52-22.

Lucas, Daugunu, Petaia, Stewart Campbell and king-pin Hamish led the Queensland onslaught which proved handful for our boys, who I felt lacked the killer instinct to match the fiery opposition.

Queensland piled points with ease in the first spell as a result of numerous errors made by the Drua side.

Glimpses of the Fijian brilliance shown during the first two rounds at home disappeared as lack of discipline and poor communication haunted our side in Queensland.

The margin disappointed fans and Seruvakula because we had not expected our boys to be bulldozed by the opposition and get a hiding.

The Drua started brilliantly but then faltered as the heat took its toll.

Because of the loss our boys lost their first place and ended their unbeaten run.

It’s not all gloomy, however, as the Drua prepare to leave for Sydney to take on Sydney Rays who were thrashed by Brisbane City 61-40 and who sit on 7th place without any point.

As I conclude, I hope that valuable lessons have been learnt as our boys prepare to face Sydney Rays, who should not be underestimated.

All the best Drua in your bid to come home with a win in the bag!

Toso Drua, toso!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Bus shelters

MOST of the bus shelters or bus stops along the Suva-Nausori corridor are being littered from every angle and no one seems to care, not only that, the new bus shelters already have writings on the walls and it looks very unpleasant.

But on the rubbish, even if bins are placed, I believe it would still be abused.

Why can’t we change our attitude to being more responsible.

There has been a number of people who have been fined for littering recently and it should be ongoing to stop the public from littering.

Despite the public awareness and advertisements, still people litter.

Hopefully the relevant authorities can look into this littering issues seriously.

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

It baffles me

IT always baffles me when folks stop in their track when a hearse drives by, yet try to race with a wailing ambulance on route to save someone.

Nigel FIu, Owls Perch, Lautoka

Democracy Day

AS we celebrated International Day of Democracy on September 15, I wonder if our country is really a democratic country.

I personally believe that we in Fiji have limited rights in accordance with the 2013 Constitution.

However, we as citizens have a right to voice our opinions and concerns in relation to the current situation.

As election looms, I beseech us all to make wise choices and choose what is best for each of us.

Bill Kunavatu, Lautoka


CONGRATULATIONS to Lautoka soccer team for winning the 2018 Vodafone Premier League and also making it two in a row.

Vinaka vakalevu Blues.

Sanjay Arvin Lal, Lautoka

Climate change

IS Fiji walking the talk in addressing carbon emissions as we approach COP24?

I believe we continue manufacturing non-degradable plastic bags, vehicles continue to be offloaded, new factories continue to belch carbon into the atmosphere, mangroves continue to be cleared and there is an increase in burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity.

Dan Urai, Lautoka

Water shutdown

WE have been told that the Water Authority of Fiji will be installing new Vanessa Valves and Pressure Transducer Pipes at its Nagado Water Treatment Plant in Nadi from September 29 to October 2, 2018.

That’s a four-day shutdown.

Now, may I ask, will it really be a four-day shutdown or will it be two days like before.

The engineers don’t really know or what?

Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

High prices

LOOKS like most festivals that are going around Fiji, the price of things that are sold are very high and quality or quantity low compared with yesteryear.

Barbecue chops are very thin but the price is high, snow cone price has gone up but the size of the cup has gone smaller, the price of stalls have gone up but the size has become smaller and I also found out that most ride prices have gone up but the time on the ride has been shortened.

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

Border intel

THE revelation by Fiji Revenue and Customs Service CEO Visvanath Das that we need to build our intelligence (Intel) capabilities to protect Fiji’s borders from serious threats (FT 17/09) is a cause for disquiet.

With the current threats of hard drugs, we need to feel safe about our borders.

Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Fiji soccer

WITH due respect to soccer fans and also others, the crux and the fact of the matter I believe remains that Fiji or the so-called Bula Boys will never ever qualify for the senior World Cup.

Never ever.

So concentrate fully playing with teams in the Oceania region and some international friendlies to keep our coaches and fans busy and entertained.

And while at soccer, I believe the best president ever was Dr Samsudin Sahu Khan.

It’s not only in my view but others also.

In the meantime enjoy the local world cup — IDC.

A Shariff Shah, Savusavu

World Water Monitoring Day

WORLD Water Monitoring Day will be observed today, September 18, 2018.

Have you given much thought to the quality of water around you?

Perhaps not, but thousands of others throughout the world have.

World Water Monitoring Day was established to encourage and educate people on how to monitor the components of the water in their local area.

This important annual outreach invites citizens throughout the world to monitor the quality of local streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and other water resources.

Not all types of water found are in consumable positions so water treatments are done to insure that it is safe to drink.

The most serious problem is pollution and learning how to identify, take care of, and prevent it is more important with every passing year.

There are many lands on the Earth which don’t provide much fresh water for the people’s, plants’ and animals’ needs.

Water is an absolute essential of human life, and every form of life that we know of requires it to exist.

Water is a valuable product, and one which we tend to take for provided — up until supplies run short.

World Water Monitoring Day advertises thoughtful usage of water, so as to keep resources and ensure that water is offered where and when it’s needed the majority of.

But water is also a universal solvent, collecting all the elements of its environment, and from there carrying it directly into our homes and bodies.

It also promotes recognition of what’s really in our water — from beneficial nutrients and minerals to damaging chemicals, why not take this day to know what you’re taking in? Vinaka.

Neelz Singh, Lami

Albert Park closure

WHAT is the status of Albert Park?

Why is it always closed for the public’s recreation?

This is a grave issue of public interest for two main reasons.

First, the Government has invested millions of dollars in the park through taxpayers’ funds and second, the affected number of public is clearly in thousands.

Many will agree that because of its ideal location, a lot of people have been using Albert Park for their recreation.

The public lockout certainly does not reflect well on the usually public-friendly FijiFirst Government.

It is in public interest amid the terrible threats of NCDs, to keep Albert Park open for public recreation especially in the afternoons.

Dorine Narayan, Suva

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