Letters to the Editor – September 14

Peni Naulago with Peceli Derenalagi and Frank Lomani take a break after checking inn at Nadi International Airport yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Ready to rumble
THE Fiji Airways Drua side left our shores in high spirits as leaders with 10 valuable points in the bag. Our boys beamed with confidence at the Nadi International Airport as they prepare to take on NRC defending champions Queensland Country, who are unbeaten and are placed third on the NRC table with eight points. Queensland is yet to get a bonus point as the champions bagged two narrow wins. The defending champions beat Canberra Vikings in round one 45-35 and edged Melbourne Rising last week 29-28. Our boys are the form team but then we have always been our own enemy. So far things have fallen in place for the Drua and the discipline and fighting character of our boys has been praised by rugby pundits. I plead with the Drua to remain humble and to respect their opponent. Please do not be carried away with all the praises but remain focused on the tough task ahead. My best wishes to Seruvakula and the Drua in a bid to maintain our unbeaten run! Toso Drua, toso! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

RHD and diabetes

RHEUMATIC heart disease and diabetes are reported to be rampant in Fiji as reported by the health authorities in the media recently. This situation is alarming in small island nations such as ours. I believe some things are drastically wrong either with our eating habits or other subtle health-related issues. However, one thing is for sure, by proclivity we tend to be more reactive rather than being proactive and maybe our insouciance and inertia vices are taking its toll. Whatever it is, we need incessant awareness campaigns on preventative measures by health authorities to eradicate or minimise these generic menace. Maybe for starters, we should reinvigorate the “Health is Wealth” slogan to another level but no matter what, the fact remains, our health is in our hands. RAVIND CHANDRA NAIDU Tua Tua Branch Rd, Labasa

99 cents and change

ASHIS Kumar’s explanation that 99 cents matters when you buy 10 items is not only understood but it still does not solve the fact that retailers cannot give change of one cent when a single item is bought. There are lots of items priced from 99 cents to $599.99 cents and even higher. It’s a marketing strategy based on the theory that such prices have a psychological impact on customers but it makes no sense and does not matter considering our lowest coin denominator is five cents! I believe this current “odd pricing” strategy of 99 cents is not only wrong but ought to be scrapped and deemed illegal. Retailers should be marketing at 95 cents and not 99 cents! SIMON HAZELMAN Rava Estate, Savusavu

Hard times

EVERYWHERE I go to, I hear people complaining about the high cost of living. Starting from the high price of kava to food items, people have something to say. Now I see festivals in all towns, presently Lautoka has the Sugar festival. It will be full. You know, I know because of the pile of rubbish deposited by the people every day. Now I ask, are all these people spending money there? They must be because all the food stalls and shops that have bought stalls make a killing. So tell me they aren’t, because if they keep coming back to each festival, they must be making a profit. Now can someone define poverty for me please? And please tell me what is Fiji’s poverty line, you know like when someone says, “Those people are living under the poverty line.” What is the poverty line? ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Waiyavi Lautoka

Effects of urbanisation
I HAVE mentioned previously about the explosion of informal settlements within or near our urban centres and the effect it has on the current urban population. One such area is Cunningham and one only needs to come around in the morning or in the evening to bear witness to this silent explosion. The buses are overcrowded, now we have footpaths, walking has been made safer, but lately people have been found to be sitting on the said footpath and having their talanoa sessions. Now we have people wandering purposefully into other people’s compounds to take what is not theirs like coconuts, fruits and even root crops. Such is the life now in Cunningham, the border of Suva City, expect the rate of teenage pregnancy to increase as well and with it comes crime and poverty. Maybe the men and women in blue could leave the comforts of their Community Police Post and do regular patrols, this will not only deter activities but also keep them physically fit and in touch with the community. But hey what do I know right, I’m just the common man. LAWRENCE WARA, Suva

Core players

I THINK it’s now time that Fiji Rugby Union starts contracting its core players in both 7s and 15s. This is in regards to the number of raw talents Fiji produces but lose them as players opt to sign lucrative overseas contracts. I believe Government and businesses should collaborate towards saving these precious talents for our country and invest in player contracts. With our beloved Fiji known for its production of rugby players with rugby in their blood, I suggest major steps be taken into keeping and maintaining core players. RAYNAV CHAND, Nakasi

FIFA rankings

I BELIEVE in our recent international friendlies, Fiji soccer has really not performed well. The match against Solomons last week on Wednesday ended in a 1-all draw. Fiji was lucky to even get a draw in this match. There was a time when Fiji used to thrash Pacific Island teams. I believe our Oceania counterparts are ranked above us now. Solomons, Tahiti, New Caledonia and Vanuatu have recently gone above us in the latest FIFA rankings. Yesterday, we went down 2-nil to a Singapore team ranked five spots below us on the rankings. Our under-16 boys were even lucky to come from two goals behind to beat Samoa 3-2. Where is all the development in soccer going to. I believe our standard in soccer has really gone down and if we are to improve, then we need to get new and young people involved. Would appreciate if someone from Fiji Football Assocation could reply to this because I believe fans are very disappointed with the standard of soccer in the country. ANISH CHAND, Suva

Soccer situation

I BELIEVE all is not well for our national soccer teams. Our U19 soccer team bombed out of the Oceania qualifying rounds after losing to the Solomon Islands 1-0 and drawing with New Caledonia 1-1. The national soccer team drew with the Solomon Islands at home 1-1 and then lost to Singapore 2-0 away from home. The national U16 team struggled to beat Samoa 3-2 despite the Samoans arriving late. Fiji had to come from behind to snatch the win which has sent warning signals that all is not well. Our U16 coach Yogendra Datt was quoted on Fiji One saying that Samoa was very physical and a tough opponent. I smiled to myself and reserved my comments as I wondered where the downfall was! The national U20 rugby team taught Samoa a rugby lesson humiliating Samoa 58-8 but our soccer team is struggling to beat our Pacific Island neighbour. I am looking for answers and now I’m double-minded whether to go and watch the IDC or spend time with my family watching a comedy! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Driest month

WOW, last month was the lowest rainfall recorded in 65 years. No wonder there are cracks on the ground. Just like Allen’s back. WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

Dry spell

DURING this severe dry spell when the public, including villagers, are advised to use water wisely (ie to bath once only), can the concerned authorities explain why do we have to water blast the streets of Suva after a rainy weekend? Is this some kind of water conservation technique? Concerned water saver. ASHIKA SEN Bayview Heights, Suva

China aid
JOSEPH Veramu’s article titled “China’s presence” (FT 12/9) indicates the ongoing tension between the ideology of democracy and communism. But I agree with Veramu that Western nations should work with China given its option for debt-servicing. If the West can’t help because of the Truman Doctrine, China will. AMENATAVE YACONISAU Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Goof up REALLY?
12 years down the line. Is that it? It was a goof up? What’s “goof” for you is absolutely no “goof” for us at all. MANOJ LAL PATEL Drasa Ave, Lautoka

Cane burning
WHERE did my boy Dan Urai get his information that all cane harvesters, as a pre-requisite to harvesting, demand cane fields to be burnt or they won’t harvest (FT 13/9)? WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

Boxing match

THIS weekend the professional boxing rematch between Gennady Golovkin (GGG) and Canelo Alvarez is a match never to be missed! The pair fought a close fight this time last year with the match ending in a draw! Two great fighters in for a rematch and definitely heading towards a trilogy! The unified middleweight world title belts are on the line. Here’s a fight that will be remembered for ages! SIMON HAZELMAN, Savusavu

That billboard
THE question is which politician is dividing the people? DAN URAI Lautoka

FB story
I BELIEVE half the population of earth is on Facebook. I was wondering if by some terrible chance the owners of Facebook said, “We have to close Facebook down because it is now a security threat”… (or something like that). Have you seen the movies of zombies when they are walking around town? ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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