Letters to the Editor – October 7

This damaged manhole needs to be repaired at the junction of Carnavon and Macharthur street in Suva.Picture:ATU RASEA

Sweet success
While I pay tribute to the girls from Vunimono High School for winning the Vodafone Fiji Secondary Schools IDC, I thank Fiji FA for the efforts put in improving the ranking of our women’s team from 141st to 81st. Our women are ranked 2nd in Oceania behind NZ. If our women can achieve this ranking then I wonder what’s stopping our men’s team from achieving such a feat. Anyway, it was a joy seeing pictures in The Fiji Times (02/10) and the vibrant sea of red as Vunimono High School was in a celebration mood. The school principal Anil Singh, manager Govind Singh, who is also the secretary general of Council of Pacific Education, coach Mr Elvis, who had a stint with Tailevu Naitasiri, the former vice-principal Vishnu ‘Guru’ Sharma and the staff members and parents must be commended for this historic victory, which according to Elvis, was sheer result of passion and commitment. I also salute the vision of Mr Singh for a possible tour to NZ come 2020. Congratulations Vunimono High School for the sweet success! Finally, my heartfelt appreciation and acknowledgement to Vodafone for boosting the 43rd Fiji Primary Schools IDC with a sponsorship of $25k! The three-day tournament will see primary school districts competing in the under-12 and 14 grades. Since primary schools will miss out from the Courts IDC we can expect to see the thrills from our future soccer stars in the Sugar City. Thank you so much Vodafone for the kind sponsorship and my best wishes to the executives of Fiji Primary Schools (Dina, Rameshwar, Pranesh, Kamlesh and Nagaiya) for the 2018 Primary Schools IDC! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Free bus service
We must applaud the minister and Government for providing free bus service for pensioners by offering bus companies concessions including retention of VAT on fares. It should be noted that many of these elderly pensions have disabilities e.g. knee, hip and back injuries that make it difficult if not impossible to board buses as their steps are too high. So many will not be able take advantage of this benefit. The older pensioners get, their need for bus services increase! A few years ago, the issue of lowering the height of steps were raised with the bus industry. Where they given time to gradually effect the lowering of the step height? Bus operators delay in implementing this change will be to their advantage as they will not need to provide this service to fewer pensioners and disabled. Christopher Jackson Mar Nasoso, Nadi

Teaching basics

Super Rugby coaching panel spend considerable amount of time teaching basics. Do our coaches do the same. Dan Urai Lautoka

Depressing news
I received a depressing news about a high school student who committed suicide in Tailevu last week. It is sad to know such young lives being lost but does anyone research more about what actually forces these young people to make such decisions? The country is losing future doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers etc. just because of some problems they face. Stats would prove the actual number of young lives lost because of suicide and I believe it is a serious issue at the moment. There has to be advocacy on the importance of life and everyone must respect what God has given you and remember,” your mum did not carry you for nine months to see you in this condition!” Raynav Chand Nakasi

Teachers’ day

World Teachers’ Day falls on October 5th to celebrate their contribution toward learning and teaching. Also known as International Teacher’s Day celebrates the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. This enables children and adults of all ages to learn to take part in and contribute to their local community and global society. A good teacher has greater influence in shaping the life of an individual even
more than his/her parents. In our country’s culture, a teacher has been given a respected place. Teachers’ proper guidance and support is very
important in achieving one’s goal in life. Every successful individual always remembers the constructive role played by his/her teacher in their
school-college days. It would be better if teachers’ day remains as a day of teacher-student bonding of learning and respect as it has always been.
I leave you with a quote “education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students” — Solomon Ortiz. Hats off to all teachers and wishing happy teachers day for their hard work. NEELZ SINGH Lami

Should Nadi be a city

I BELIEVE Nadi is not ready to be a city yet? I say no, because the administrator is still ignoring the basic upgrades to Nadi Town. We are almost into the hurricane season and the town council hasn’t cleaned the drains until now from previous flooding. Secondly, when Minister for Waterways came for public consultation the administrator said drainage programs were in place but nothing had been done. Even the engineers are ignoring this situation allowing business to progress with their developments without any proper drainage plans. It is we, the residents of Nadi Town, who are suffering. Second issue is town council turning its blind eye towards illegal taxi that takes up the parking meter space and double parking is a nuisances. VINIT SHAMAL Nadi

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