Letters to the Editor – October 6

Levani Kurumudu in action during the Fiji Airways Drua’s Captains Run at Churchill Park in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Support for the Drua
THE Canberra Vikings thrashed our Fiji Airways Drua team in Canberra last year and I believe they are coming out in full force to repeat what they did to the Fiji Airways Drua on our home turf! We on the other hand have our complete support behind the Fiji Airways Drua to continue displaying the open style of Fijian running rugby that we all love to watch. We are told that if our Fiji Airways Drua wins this game, they have secured a home semi-final spot. Let us go out in numbers to support our boys, win or lose, home semi-final or not — they still have a chance of being in the semi-finals of the National Rugby Championship for 2018. Go Drua go! Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa Suva

Body parts

WONDER which private body part will be used for the next radio competition. I thought one’s backside (a synonym for bum) was a private part, but alas, I am “old school”. If the backside wins you a $60k dwelling, wonder how much more the other parts would fetch, maybe a villa! Last time they stood, this time they will sit, next time maybe sleep. But please let private parts remain private. ‘Bum’ is already an accepted street term. What baffles me is that radio personalities end talking about their own bums (or bum power) during question time with callers. I will remain “old school” meanwhile. Donald Singh Lautoka

Campaign tactic

I WOULD like to know why the FijiFirst poster has only one picture and that of PM Voreqe Bainimarama. In the last elections he had the largest number of votes. Could the other parties also try this tactic to win more votes for their parties? Sukha Singh Labasa

Insanity in the city
HAVE you noticed the amount of mentally unstable people walking around Suva City? Yes, I’m talking about the people with mental health issues. I know that these people have rights, but they also need medical help. Maybe they are not in the right mind to admit themselves to St. Giles, but let me ask you, where are their families in all of this? Why aren’t their families looking out for them? Giving the excuse that it is impossible to control them is tiresome because the police play a role in helping families transport patients to St. Giles. Saying that these patients are harmless left untreated is an understatement, because I have witnessed a mentally unstable person throw things at people passing by, a woman even spat on an elderly couple and yelled at them, and a man punched a woman in the bus stand. Help make Fiji a safe place, families look out for each other, because why should a preventable problem become everyone’s problem? Renee Leong Raiwaqa, Suva

Media role
2018 General Election will see political parties contesting against each other. Six will try hard to oust the current and probably leading party, FijiFirst. Whatever happens during this time it will be quite interesting with the media playing a major role. But the most interesting thing will be to see what party actually goes out after losing the election. Flip the pages day in, day out and The Fiji Times will keep you posted. Ramesh Sharma Nasinu

Proper English
THE other day I was in a supermarket when the cashier left to collect cash from their office and reminded the customer in waiting “I’m coming” when in actual fact she was going. Hopefully she won’t tell the customer “I’m going” when she returns. Pita Soroaqali Nadarivatu

Valuable lessons
I HOPE that interim women’s 7s coach Ro Doviverata has learnt valuable lessons from Tanivula, the first being to let the girls do all the talking on the field and not to be carried away by the media hype. Dovi represented Fiji in 7s (2002-04) and 15s but I can’t recollect if he was part of any cup victory. I hope that his chiefly status, success with the Rewa provincial team and his decorated CV culminate the path of him becoming a successful 7s coach as he starts his journey with the Colorado 7s. On the other hand, I salute FRU for selecting a team from the vanua competition to tour NZ. This is set to motivate the boys playing in the vanua competition to work hard. FFA should use FRU’s tour to motivate players playing in the senior division to set high standards by giving them a tour similar to the path taken by our ruggers. Vinaka vakalevu FRU for the vision of developing more local players! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Different views
I AM grateful to the two church leaders, the president of the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma, the Rev Epineri Vakadewavosa and the Archbishop of the Catholic church Peter Loy Chong for their timely advice regarding the coming election which was reported on the front page of The Fiji Times on 05/10 title “Cautious vote”. The two leaders both voiced the importance of people to exercise their political right and responsibility to vote wisely, by being cautious to cast their vote only after thoroughly examining and weighing the different platforms of political parties. The Archbishop further shared that as being the head the Roman Catholic church in Fiji, he does not have the mandate to tell Catholics who they should vote for, however, he has an important role to inform the church members about what the Catholic social teaching taught that the fundamental moral measure of any economy was how the poor and vulnerable are faring. In addition, he highlighted the “status quo” of our economic trend that showed an increase in poverty and the growing economic gaps between the rich and the poor to which he firmly stated that “…the economy existed for the person, not the person for the economy”. I sincerely hope that other churches and religious leaders would also encourage their members to be more cautious in casting their votes so Fiji may have leaders who care about upholding human dignity rather than just boasting about a robust economy. KOSITATINO TIKOMAIBOLATAGANE Vuninokonoko Rd, Navua

Cautious vote
THE daily headlines showing the heads of the two major Christian church denominations cautioning their members to vote responsibly (FT 05/10), makes me laugh! How can these two Christian leaders be giving such instructions when there is so much disfunction and unchristian-like behaviour, values and morals happening within their organisations? I believe their words of caution bring to question their own spiritual states of mind? One wonders if they really understand the importance of their calling? It is important that they have a positive awareness of the will of God and that they avoid divisions and arguments. As Christian leaders, I believe their one and main responsibility is to provide spiritual leadership to members of their churches, to prepare sermons, preach and conduct worship services, and interpret biblical scripture in a very responsible manner to their congregation. Not only should these two leaders take care of the spiritual upbringing of their members but more importantly they ought to first practise what they preach instead of just logically analysing their reason for believing! The greatest proof for their members is how far in practice they will stake their life on their belief! They ought to remain consumed with worship, praise and blessing God than getting involved in politics! Clean up your house first before getting involved in others! SIMON HAZELMAN Rava Estate, Savusavu

Climate change

TO address his confusion regarding what drives climate change Edward Blakelock (FT 3/10) should acquaint himself with the soon to be released “critical report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which is expected to urge deeper cuts to fossil fuel, pollution to ensure the global warming targets are met” (RN Breakfast 03/10). He will find the report illuminating and help clear his confusion. RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, Australia

I AM wondering, given the fact that Suva and Nausori fall within the “wet zones of Fiji” why on Earth the Fiji FA would want to organise a tournament at these venues during these wet times. A. SHARIFF SHAH Savusavu

ISN’T it ironical that while we in Fiji have a wide variety of tropical fresh fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs and seafood easily available, the incidence of diabetes and other NCDs is alarmingly high. EDWARD BLAKELOCK Pacific Harbour, Deuba

All the best

I WOULD like to wish all the best to all the participating teams in the Courts IDC tournament this weekend. Special wishes to our two batoro line teams (teams which recruit players from other districts), Suva and Lautoka. I’m hoping one of the two teams wins the big prize and proves the theory right that recruiting players from other districts can bring you success albeit for a short period of time. SAHD ALFAZ ALI Navua

Today’s thought

THE “Today’s thought” by Tony Robbins in FT 05/10 quotes, “If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten”. Hehe uncle Allen. If you do what you did the last time, maybe you’ll get that tinted vehicle zoom past you again. Sorry, I could not help myself either. MANOJ LAL PATEL Drasa Avenue, Lautoka

Market prices
I WONDER what goes into the soil and water that justifies these prices at the market, $3 each for uto (breadfruit) and two (2) coconuts for $5. NIGEL FLU Owls Perch, Lautoka

Over to you

LCC WHERE is the Lautoka City Council (LCC) sourcing the water for the fountain at the post office roundabout, hospital roundabout and Natabua junction? Not from the main waterline I hope because aren’t we supposed to be conserving water? Over to you LCC! WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

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