Letters to the Editor: October 6, 2019

Post 2019 RWC

Post 2019 Rugby World Cup, strategic plans for 2023 will roll out. A four-year plan which should revolve around professionalism. Let’s get past the memorable poetic praises and build a team which plays a brand of consistent rugby. A team which focuses on the basics and develops a structure. A plan which focuses on forwards. Identifying and nurturing players for specific skills such as ball hunting and scrums. A plan which strengthens the bench and remaining eight. A plan which does not leave us wondering what could have been. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

To infinity and beyond

So the school grants have been reduced because the Government reduced their annual budget by $200 million. Now we read (FT 5/10) that the fundraising ban has been lifted and the burden has once again being given to the parents to raise funds for their children’s school. Why am I not surprised? Anyway, so much rumours were floating around that the Government was broke — it’s not broke because there was a boom budget made to take us into infinity and beyond. To the parents and guardians, tighten your belts and let’s move on. The good times are gone, roll up your sleeves and work a little harder to make ends meet. Infinity and beyond is now a dream. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Power outage

Large areas of Tavua, Ba, Vatukoula, Nadarivatu etcetera lost power at 12:20am yesterday and was still ongoing at 1730am. The reason was a bagasse truck at Ba sugar mill reversing into a 33KV pole knocking out power to the affected areas. I note that Fiji Roads Authority is charging careless motorists for damage to their infrastructure and I would support Energy Fiji Ltd making similar charges against people who damage theirs. Thousands of people were being inconvenienced by this careless act and the losses to EFL I believe would be significant. Allan Loosley Tavua

Black coffee

At 7am Saturday I walked out on to my porch with my first daily cuppa. Strong and “white”. Leave it on the perimetre rails to go open the lock on the gate. Come back and the “white” coffee looked black. Flat black at that too. For there was a flat layer of soot on top. Bagass-eh! 27 million %^#$ ensued. Consolidate that. MANOJ LAL PATEL Lautoka

Ban lifted

When I saw The Fiji Times front page headline “Ban lifted”, (FT 5/10) I thought the ban on Fiji’s preeminent historian Professor Brij Lal and Dr Padma Narsey was lifted. But it was another ban (school fundraising ban) imposed a decade ago that was lifted. But it gives us hope. Bans can get lifted with changed circumstances . Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Speed limits

Speeding is defined as travelling at excessive speed or beyond posted speed limit. It is dangerous and illegal. In Fiji, there are various speed limits. Road signs are used to educate drivers about temporary and permanent speed limits. The national maximum speed limit is 80km/hr. How many vehicles are there in Fiji with speedometers ending at 80? MOHAMMED IMRAZ JANIF, Natabua, Lautoka

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