Letters to the Editor – October 5

Samuela Nabenia (left) with Jone Vesikula during training in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

IDC soccer action
LET’S hope Suva’s wet weather doesn’t hinder the IDC soccer action this weekend. Besides the rain, I don’t think the venue has any problem. I have no idea on the seating capacity of the grandstand but I think more people go to the embankment because of cheaper admission. The ANZ Stadium is no doubt one of the most heavily used parks in the country. Many prefer using it because of its setup and high standard. This is one stadium which is known for hosting national and international events every now and then. It is one of the main attractions of the Capital City without a doubt. The Capital City boasts of having a number of international standard amenities for which credit goes to the architects. Like it or not, Suva’s growth and developments are something to marvel at. Now let us focus on the IDC itself. Once again the giant killers Nasinu and Tavua are back in the main prize competition. Both these poor districts’ soccer administrators are to be thanked for working tirelessly to achieve the promotion. We see others reaping the benefit from the players bred by them. As we look forward to the ball action in Suva, it is hoped soccer is the winner when all settles down. SURESH CHAND, Nadi

For the people
Thank you madam Speaker, now I know that Parliament belongs to the people. Set saraga! But I think we own it only for one day — when we vote, after that the chosen ones’ own it. We hardly see you guys again. Soon we will see you guys and on the 14th we will own it again, after that we won’t see you because your official vehicles have very heavy tinted windows when you zoom past us, the owners. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Issue of decorum
I totally agree with PM Voreqe Bainimarama (FT 03/10) requesting the leaders of political parties “to ensure their candidates, officials, and supporters conducted themselves with the same dignity and decorum online as Fijians expected them to in person”. I believe all the leaders should have demanded the same from their parliamentarians when they were in Parliament. Arun Prasad Dilkusha, Nausori

Happy Teachers’ Day
“Great teachers empathise with kids, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.” (Ann Lieberman). With an apt and thought-provoking theme — “The Right to Education means the Right to Qualified Teachers” — Teachers’ Day will be celebrated in many schools around the country. Today is the day which marks the endless sacrifices a teacher makes to shape the future of a child. The fact remains that the influence of a good teacher can never be erased and that our teachers need to be motivated and empowered so that in turn they return the favour to the children. Teachers must be valued and not threatened or demoralised as this will affect productivity. Societies that have empowered and valued teachers have progressed and made strides as teachers have been the pillar of strength and have produced and mentored doctors, nurses, accountants, ministers, politicians, dentists and ambassadors. Sadly, the respect for our teachers may have declined but their value continues to carry weight and people need to realise the important roles they play in making our beloved Fiji a knowledgeable society. Thus, it is important to appreciate the contributions made by our teachers in building families and societies despite the many criticisms labelled against them and the constraints faced because of the changing behaviour of children and the social ills arising from technology. I would not have been today what I am without the support, advice and teaching of my wonderful teachers and my parents who have been teachers and I am glad that we have among us teachers who have their children at heart and take the extra mile to ensure that their educational needs are met. Apart from teaching inside the four walls of a classroom, teachers are counsellors, guide their students, act as coaches and team managers and supervise extracurricular activities. Hence, our teachers deserve respect and dignity from everyone. May I on this occasion of Teachers’ Day, wish our noble teachers a happy and blessed day and celebration with the thought that a teacher may to the world be a teacher, but to his students he remains a hero — somebody who they look up to for support and guidance. Happy Teachers’ Day gurus and qasenivuli! May you reap the rewards of your hard work and passion! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Social media site
It seems canvassing for votes has ramped up a notch and is hotting up because yesterday I received an interesting note from a social media site where a certain party looks like they’re soliciting votes from a predominant ethnic community and making no bones about why they should vote for this party. However, if this is a hoax then the social media site needs to remove the offending and mischief-making reference. If it’s for real then I would assume that this form of solicitation is borderline bias and extremely inflammatory. COLIN DEOKI, Australia

General election

Ok so the fever of the general election has caught on like a wildfire and the other day on one of the radio stations they had a program during lunch and listeners were asked to give their opinions on post-election issues. Now a lot of callers were calling up saying if a new government is formed, the ministers and parliamentarians must take a pay cut and to improve the standard of living. There were also those that were for the current government and gave some examples of the good they did but not a lot of facts. I mean if they say our lives are much better now compared with 12 years ago, then I challenge them to tell me how come a shop at Raiwaqa is like a prison, where the shopkeeper is inside some sort of cage, and the slot where you are supposed to interact — whereby you put your money in exchange for goods — is caged and closed. The shopkeeper slides over a piece of cardboard to put my money, and the same cardboard was used to pass back my change. Luckily I had just purchased a recharge card, imagine if it was something bigger. My point is the shop is located about 500 yards from the nearest police station and this is in the middle of the day, and if a person cannot feel safe within their own premises, then there is something terribly wrong. I previously wrote in this forum about the men and women in blue showing more presence in my neighbourhood by making regular foot patrols, but alas I went past the community post the other day and it was closed during the day — must have been their day off or something. So in a nutshell, if the people are afraid to live in their own homes and must cage themselves in, then we might as well build prisons because people are already locking themselves in. I believe some of the causes of crime are politics, racism, TV violence, regionalism, family problems, drugs and other social and mental disorders to but name a few. Please candidates, take heed of these programs and letters, the people are speaking their mind, take the time to listen and let’s move Fiji forward. Lawrence Wara Suva

Billboard decorations
There is nothing sensational about vandalism and with the ever increasing rape and violence cases each day in Fiji, we should be headlining these cases daily in our print media. The rape and violence cases actually portray the “thuggery, lawlessness and lack of (personal) decorum” by the perpetrators on a daily basis. With the strategically placed mud patterns on the billboard, it has actually given a balanced muted ambience to a very colourful picture which is painful to the eyes upon encountering it for the first time and I would recommend shades to all Fijian citizens. The blame game begins with the usual suspects being the NFP and SODELPA political party members. However, this could equally have been the work of the actual party members of the subject who are hoping for sympathy votes. For all the sensationalism given in the article in one of the dailies, it was nothing but a decorated billboard! EPELI RABUA Tamavua, Suva

U18 on track
Our Under-18 team looks to be on track after our boys stunned the NZ Barbarians 15-10. The likes of Tuivonovono, Mataalawera, Senibulu, Koro, Loaloa and Vatuwaliwali led the onslaught. I extend my congratulations to the team for the wonderful win and also for defeating Wellington Samoa! By the way, Raynav (FT 04/10), Jose Mourinho is under a lot of pressure. He has all the big names in his bag but he has performed miserably. My Manchester United jersey is collecting dust. I’m shattered! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Taxi permit

I met a friend who won a permit in the taxi permit lottery. He is now operating illegally (driving for someone) and he said, “I am not proud to say it but I have to feed my family”. Any update on that highly overrated taxi permit lottery? Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Free and fair
Yes we have had free and fair elections. But the elections before 2014 had more free stuff like free grog, free tea and bread and the main thing was free transport to the polling stations. Sukha Singh Labasa

PM’s speech

Few months back our beloved PM told religious leaders not to mix religion with politics. Rightfully religious place is a place to worship only, very well said Mr PM. By the way I liked your political speech at the temple. Really shut all the haters. Woohoo my man! Moses Mani Auckland, New Zealand

Owners and all
Thank you madam Speaker for the kind words that we the people own Parliament. I felt proud knowing that I am also an owner. But madam please tell us how do we own it? Are you referring to the building? Mere Lagilagi Lovu, Lautoka

Poll promises
Some election promises we will be hearing. National peace will be declared, all roads and streetlights will be fixed (not tiled), no more water disruptions, price of basic food items reduced. Do you know the mistake a lot of career politicians make is forgetting they’ve been appointed and thinking they’ve been anointed. Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka

Fishing ban

Can we have another fishing ban on kawakawa and donu so they can go bigger. Just a thought! Narayan Reddy Lautoka

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