Letters to the Editor – October 4

The students ready for meke during the Adi Cakobau School 70th birthday celebration. Picture: RAMA

70 years of existence
IT was a sea of joy with high emotions as Adi Cakobau School marked 70 years of existence. The school has a beautiful and proud history and has richly contributed to Fiji’s economy by producing academics, politicians, civil servants and sports personalities who have gone on to make a name for themselves. I was delighted to see Madam Taufa Vakatale among those who turned up for the celebration and then joining the fun and entertainment. ACS has dominated Fiji’s track and field events and produced athletes who have represented Fiji in local and overseas competitions. The emotions on the faces of the ardent former scholars who made it to the celebration spoke of the love and enthusiasm they have for the institution. It has been noticed that during the annual athletics schools competition, the support from parents and former scholars is immense and this is one of the reasons for the success of the Waimanu Kui. As I conclude, I wish the students and their parents, staff members and management of ACS all the best for the external exams and I thank the vibrant and patriotic former scholars for being part of the pride of the Sawani school. Finally, my best wishes to all our Year 6 students who will be sitting for their external exams today and tomorrow! Please do your best dear children! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Breast cancer

YES, it’s Pinktober: Breast cancer awareness month, so in the spirit of awareness-raising, I’d like to make you all a little more aware of what awareness campaigns are actually making you aware of. Breast cancer was a disease spoken about behind closed doors, not something one would acknowledge in public. Men and women had little support, and there was little understanding or acknowledgment of the emotional ramifications of suffering from the disease, or the emotional trauma of losing one or both breasts. Many women suffered in silence with a deadly disease they considered shameful. Men and women today feel more empowered to take control of their health, and not be ashamed to seek help. And, to this day, these organisations dedicated to breast cancer awareness give women with breast cancer (and their loved ones) a feeling of community and support. These are all undeniably excellent developments that have greatly benefited women with breast cancer. But for now, let’s put the pink-washing aside, and focus on the goals of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Give generously with a cheerful heart to support a worthy cause. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, and stay healthy. Vinaka. NEELZ SINGH Lami

Election observers
ELECTION observers are here to observe a fair elections. My question is who will be observing the observers? May I recommend the first battalion from Kava parliament to be given this task. The master sniper Allen can snipe from the moon with pinpoint accuracy with his invisible gun. Let’s all get together and vote for Allen to be the observer of election observers MOSES MANI Auckland, NZ

Bad politics

I READ with interest the Prime Minister’s comments in The Fiji Times (03/10) where he said that every Fijian should “reject politics of division and lies”. He further suggested that this type of politics had been seen many times in our history and we cannot tolerate that old, hateful style of politics no more. When it comes to elections, politics are almost the same globally where politicians will campaign to win people’s vote by promoting their manifestos and promising changes to be better alternatives. I do not believe that any politician or manifesto would have the intention to divide the people they want to lead, however, the only time in our history when that happened was when certain individuals or groups of people took over by force a legitimate government chosen by the people and that happened two times in 1987, one in 2000 and one in 2006. Now since the Writ for Election is out, I believe individual parties should focus more on their campaigns and set strategies of how best they can convince people for their votes instead of saying degrading comments about others for that is already the beginning of bad politics. KOSITATINO TIKOMAIBOLATAGANE Vuninokonoko Rd, Navua

Rainy weather
WE have been experiencing some rainy weather here in the capital Suva and also the surrounding areas. I believe it has been causing frustration among motorists because of its effects on the roadworks across the area. However, we in the Suva area must be grateful for at least we have rain unlike our brothers and sisters in the West. Please people, don’t forget to carry your umbrellas or raincoats when travelling around. I saw a couple of people this morning using scarfs, newspapers and even their bags trying to cover their head from the pouring rain. On another note, drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Don’t be fooled by the weather but be prepared. Vinaka. MS KALECA Nakasi

Rugby tour
I MUST applaud the bigwigs at the White House for organising tours for our rugby players, especially the school boys and even the B division players. I would have hoped that more time was given for combinations and game plans to be taught, as we all know every player comes through different types of coaching, and some might lack in some areas and others not. If we look at the average game a rugby player in NZ plays, be it school boys or club rugby, an individual player will have played about 30 to 40 games in one season. Which means they have the first 10 games to make mistakes and learn from it and the rest to hone and harness their skills and match fitness. Now we play about eight to 10 games in a season, so you do the math. Keep up the tours so the boys can be accustomed to the level of professionalism and hopefully the officials will also learn a thing or two. Anyway, good luck to all our teams this weekend, remember go hard, and enjoy your rugby. Toso Viti! LAWRENCE WARA Suva

ABs rule championship
WHILE the All Blacks fans celebrated another cup in their cabinet, my Wallabies friends were fuming as they were placed last on the Rugby Championship points table. In clinical fashion, the kings of 15s rugby thumped Argentina at Jose Amalfitani Stadium in Buenos Aires to get that crucial win and secure a back-to-back Rugby Championship. Despite missing a number of regulars such as Kieran Read, Aaron Smith and Owen Franks, the All Blacks were consistent and matched the intensity of the home side to score five converted tries as Barrett was back to his best and nailed all the conversions. All seems to be well in the NZ camp but the panic button is on and Michael Cheika and the Wallabies are bracing for their worst season in the Rugby Championship because so far the Wallabies have one win and look to lose the final match away from home. The All Blacks showed no signs of slowing down and have picked up the rhythm after their loss at the Cake Tin to the Springboks, whom they face this weekend. My best wishes and congratulations to the “darlings of rugby”! All Blacks toh rock kare! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Mourinho out please

I THINK now the time has come for the Manchester United board to sack their manager Jose Mourinho. I came to know that it would cost $16m to compensate for his firing but yet I wish to see him quit the job. Giving poor results and uneventful games, I believe the fans now want only one thing — Mourinho out please! RAYNAV CHAND, Nakasi

EFL service

I HAVE not given Energy Fiji Ltd much praise in recent letters but when I had electrical problems on Tuesday night, their response was excellent. Because the fault was found to be on my own line, I was left a bit red-faced. ALLAN LOOSLEY Tavua

Life cycle

LIFE is an endless cycle of improvements. WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

Poll challenge

THE greatest challenge for any political party is the inability to please all voters but freebies or ‘leg up’ does get votes. DAN URAI Lautoka

Meth find
IT is alleged that a man was found in possession of 0.0136 grams of methamphetamine on August 7, 2018, in Suva. I tried to envision .0136 grams, my mind couldn’t. Is it smaller than a grain of rice? The people who weighed it must have a very fine sophisticated scale. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Second bridge

WILL any political party include the construction of a second bridge across Labasa River in their manifesto? The importance of another bridge needs no further expounding. RAVIND CHANDRA NAIDU Tua Tua Branch Rd, Labasa

Today’s world
YESTERDAY my water bills, my EFL bills and my groceries bills asked my salary; we have all grown up so quickly but why are you still the same? A matter to think about. RODNEY CLARENCE RAJ Naleba, Labasa

Water shortage

ISN’T it ironical that while we can have droughts and water shortages in the West, it is also the source of a major export product — artesian water! EDWARD BLAKELOCK Pacific Harbour, Deuba

Great again

“AMERICA’S image worsens under Trump” (FT 02/10). Is that how Trump is making America great again! Is that why folks at the UN General Assembly laughed when Mr Trump boasted about his administration’s unprecedented accomplishments in the history of that country? RAJEND NAIDU Sydney

Elaborate please

OUR PM Voreqe Bainimarama has stated (FT 03/10) for the people to “Reject politics of division, lies”. Could he elaborate and tell us if any politician has done this? It would be good to know because I have not seen any preaching of politics of division and lies. And I haven’t seen or heard any political party campaign, yet. So I wonder what is he referring to. MERE LAGILAGI Lovu, Lautoka

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