Letters to the Editor – October 19

The jubilant Lautoka team with officials of FFA,Courts and Lautoka Football Club with the IDC trophy after beating Suva 1 nil in the Courts 2018 Inter District Championship final at ANZ Stadium. Nabenia scored only goal for Lautoka to win back to back IDC. Picture: RAMA

Congratulating the Blues
IT was definitely a sea of blue all around during the Fiji Day celebration last Wednesday. Congratulations to Lautoka Football Association (LFA) president Abdul Kadir and the mighty Blues in successfully defending the IDC title. Kadir has created history by being the first LFA president to record back-to-back national league titles, IDC victories, top OFC qualifiers and again being part of the CVC challenge. In the first four years under his leadership with the support of his hardworking officials, the Blues fans have tasted sweet victories never achieved previously. The backbone of every team is the input of the players who have been well looked after. It was also a proud moment for the two cities to battle it out in the IDC final after 53 years. As for the cities who are warned about players transfers and movements to different districts, just take a back seat and relax. My advice to the players has always been to make the most of your playing career because once you are no longer required these cities won’t be there to support you. Lionel Messi of Argentina plays for Barcelona in Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal played for Real Madrid and has switched to Juventus FC of Italy. These are just a few examples to showcase their soccer talent and make big bucks while still active in this great game. Finally, the IDC trophy will not be engraved with the players’ names but the winning district’s. Well done the mighty Blues for the great back-to-back wins in tournaments that matter most. RAYMOND SINGH Lautoka

Voting and perfumes
WE normally hate buying cheap perfumes. They don’t last as they lose their pleasant fragrance a few moments after use. Voting can be as such. The political party we vote for can actually digress from its initial good work after a year or two in government. So, let’s listen carefully to all the campaign undertakings going on and let’s vote wisely so that we don’t regret our votes later. It’s a matter of choice people! JOELI NALECA Natabua, Lautoka

Election countdown
FIJI hits the polls on November 14, which is less than a month away and it is quite intriguing to see the political parties and their candidates campaigning and advertising themselves. Another chapter will unfold in Fijian history as we will have our 10th democratic election since gaining independence in 1970. With the momentum building towards it, I believe it will all come down to who sets out the best manifesto and promotions and rule the country for the next four years and provide the best for its people. Certainly a date to look forward to! RAYNAV CHAND Nakasi

Rain and potholes
WHY is it that whenever we have continuous rainfall that potholes appear on our roads. Is it because of poor materials or workmanship? Some of these roads were recently just tarsealed yet as soon as it rains heavily, the ugly potholes appear. In Cunningham we just had potholes fixed recently, but they seem to be of no help as they can’t handle the current weather. Now we have little streets that have not been attended to since Cunningham was created, and you can imagine the potholes in them, some as huge as lovo pits, I kid you not. Maybe something to think of for those going into the election. LAWRENCE WARA Suva

Political ways

With this kind of politics, what are we showing our children, will they learn from it and become better people or get on the bandwagon and we go into the future with them following in the footsteps of today’s politicians? I believe many politicians that have passed on were not good, but the situation wasn’t like what it is now. I plead as an elder of Fiji, please show our children what it is like to be good people. We are supposed to be building a better Fiji. It seems we are going the other way. Just add the letter “i” to the word better and that’s what I mean. I hope and pray we do not go the bitter way. IIIESA BARAVILALA Natabua Housing, Lautoka

Soccer scenario
THE qualifiers for this year’s Champion vs Champion (CVC) series are Lautoka and Ba. This tournament is held every year on a home and away basis and acts as a season opener too. This year, however, the tournament is set to be played in Lautoka because Govind Park is closed for renovations, I think. Churchill Park is hosting a lot of sporting events these days and Lautoka City Council must be thanked for this. The timely upgrade and maintenance of the facility is paying you dividends. Lautoka lost to Labasa last time. Unfortunately, Labasa could not make it this time. Let’s see what happens when Ba and Lautoka fight it out later this year. More tournaments mean more income for the host city and organisers alike. My best wishes to both the contestants. SURESH NAND Nadi

Political football

NISHANT, popcorn will to be too light to snack on while you sit back and watch the political football. Too many fouls and high tackles and hollywood acts will happen. Late tackles and hands in the ruck will be in the game also. As for me it will be waka, tightly mixed, now that’s the tonic. I’ve got my yellow and red cards ready. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Vote for me

I laughed when I read Suka Singh’s letter titled: Election chances (FT 18/10); especially at the last line where he said, “I was in the elections once. It is the hardest thing to go and ask for votes.” Same here my brother. That is why the 2014 FijiFirst party game plan for all candidates to campaign and urge the voters to vote for our leader Bainimarama, settled well with me, even though we had to get people to vote for us individually too! Funny thing is that I prayed and asked God that if it was His will for me to get involved in politics, then let His will be done. I reasoned that writing letters to raise the concerns of the public in this column was noble, but to be actually in Parliament and Government would definitely get things done. The A-G interviewed me and my last question was: Why join FijiFirst party and not the others? My answer was that it followed Christ’s method of reaching out to the people, even those in remote areas, listening to their needs, having compassion on them, and meeting their needs. I guess that answer got me selected to be one of the FijiFirst candidates, but it was the start of the Sukha Singh syndrome. As a Christian trained to be a church pastor who normally lifts up Christ as our only hope and answer to all our problems, I, like Sukha Singh, find it difficult to be promoting self and asking people to vote for me. I guess I should have listened to the advice Jesus gave, ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is His’. The church is to remain focused with the gospel commission. Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa Suva

Political parties

As a concerned citizen of this country, I am closely following updates from media outlets regarding the election and thematic issues that surround it, especially in terms of campaigns. I must say how some political parties are kicking off their campaign is quite worrying especially when real issues are not discussed as outlined in their manifestos. But they are starting to play their cards on race, religion and most of all pointing at and blaming others which has somehow created negative vibes which can lead to disunity among the people of Fiji. First and foremost, I believe the PM is leading the charge by attacking the NFP and SODELPA, suggesting that the NFP is for Indo-Fijians and they have not been doing anything for them in the past four years and the party leader is afraid of SODELPA. Why then do they (Fijians of Indian descent) want to vote for NFP? He suggested that SODELPA was for the i-Taukei. Why then should Fijians of Indian descent vote for SODELPA? I believe the Unity Fiji party is following this trend by pointing fingers at the FijiFirst party and SODELPA as highlighted in the front page of The Fiji Times (18/10) in the report titled ‘2- man show claim’. Alivereti Nabulivou, a candidate of Unity Fiji party claimed that decisions within the FijiFirst party were often made by only “two people — number one, number two”, and Mr Naidiri accused SODELPA of being a party that was dysfunctional and there was always conflict within the management board. These are just a few examples raising my concerns as a concerned citizen and I hope that political party leaders and their members will focus their campaigns on issues outlined in their manifestos, rather than creating disunity which defeats the purpose of the 2013 Constitution of a one, united Fiji. Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane Vuninokonoko Rd, Navua

War of words
In response to Manoj Patel (FT 18/10), they should go talanoa with our uncle at Kava Pl. He has the art of talanoa-ring. Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka

Bank’s way
A certain bank is very quick to inform customers about arrears through any means and rightfully so. Please forward a thank you note when payments are done in advance. How is that for customer service? Asish Vinay Prasad Raiwasa, Suva

Termite woes
I fully agree with the president of Lautoka Residents and Rate payers Association (FT 18/10). I personally have been dealing with this problem for the past two years. All my FNPF and savings are gone with the termites. I feel the Government should do more for those affected by this monster called termite. Ajay Singh Natabua, Lautoka

Sellout clash

Tonga takes on the Kangaroos at a sellout Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland. Now that’s a deal for Tonga as they prepare for a physical confrontation. The sea of red should ignite our Pacific Island neighbours! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Road junction

The junction at Natabua from the Queens highway going towards FNU Lautoka and the Fiji Corrections Services in Lautoka needs traffic lights. It becomes so busy during peak hours in the mornings and afternoons that motorists coming from Natabua FNU campus side have to wait for long before they get a chance to go. The queue becomes quite long. Police pointsmen are there sometimes but I feel traffic lights are the answer. This is a big problem. Paras Naidu Lautoka

Trade unionists
Why is there a different criteria when trade unionists wish to stand in a general election? Do they have some kind of special powers that they are feared? Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Large shelter
THE Nadi International Airport can drastically improve its rating if a large shelter could be constructed at the arrivals area just like the one at the departure area. First impression matters. Asish Vinay Prasad Raiwasa, Suva

Mind boggles

Why invoke like, dislike? Why mention race, religion? Why question intelligence, or lack of it? Presence equals security, equals stability. Gotta be in it to win it, no? A bit of moxie won’t hurt either. Ohhhh … the mind boggles.

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