Letters to the Editor – October 17

Joseph Doogan Ratucove, a Year 10 student of Nabua Secondary school working on his notes preparing for the exam at his home in Namadi Heights last night.Picture ATU RASEA

All the best
Yesterday’s FT captured a year 10 student preparing for his exam. That reminded me of Peter Drucker’s quote that “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. With this inspiring quote, I wish our Year 10 students all the best for the Year 10 external exams. Dear children, please do your best! God bless! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Show of compassion
A few days ago at Muanikoso, a dog was hit by a rushing car. With broken legs the poor dog lay on the road while cars zigzagged around it. A young lady on her way to FNU obviously felt for the animal and tried stopping the cars so that she could help the dog to the side — but to no avail. An old man stepped on the road and stopped the traffic while this lady pulled the dog to the side and under a shade. While some individuals don’t even have compassion for their fellow human beings, these two teach us a valuable lesson. They have shown humanity is not dead. To the young FNU student — Ms. Alani — you deserve our utmost respect. What a kind and caring heart you have. May God bless you and your family. Azeem Ud Dean Saru Back Rd, Lautoka

Fuel price
Fuel prices have gone up, it’s not the first time nor will it be the last. There will be a lot of oooo’s and aaaa’s, long faces and wringing of hands in despair. I bet if it went sideways people will still survive. Heck we have to, we just can’t roll over and die. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Political invitations
Allan … yaca… where art thou? I am wondering if Mr Lockington is still around Votualevu or somewhere in Nadi. I really need your opinion on the use of Votualevu school students as a medium to get those political invites of a particular political rally over the weekend. Yaca… can you check how many A4 letters were actually printed from the school’s printer by the school’s manager on behalf of this political party? And also the extent of toner used as well? My question is… why use school stationery and students for this political rally? I believe this political party has the highest number of volunteers around and if so then where are these volunteers? Why were the students used? Allan Jesoni Nausori

7s challenge
A new look Fijiana side left our shores to take part in the opening round of the 2018-19 World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series in Colorado. The side has been preparing well under the guidance of Ro Alifereti Doviverata, who was instrumental in building a strong Rewa side. The side has a new captain and I am banking on this new combination to turn a new chapter in women’s rugby. Last season the Fijiana led by the likes of Daveua, Nagasau, Cavuru, Ana Maria Naimasi, Naiobasali, Naiqato, Ravisa, Viniana, Ana Maria Roqica, Siata and Tisolo did not perform up to expectations under coach Tanivula and finished on ninth position with 31 points. In one of our worst performances, the Fijiana finished 11th in Dubai and collected two points. Furthermore, in Sydney the Fijiana finished with three points after they lost to England in the final of the challenge trophy 29-10 but after two disappointing finishes, the Fijiana featured strongly during the Kitakyushu 7s in Japan and collected 10 points for their efforts. They finished 6th after losing to Russia 30-7 and later finished the Langford 7s with six points. Finally, the side bounced back to finish sixth in Paris after losing to USA 28-7. Dovi has a lot on his plate and with his new squad, faces a mammoth task of beating Ireland, Canada and France. I hope he has learnt a lot from Tanivula and fans can expect to see a new brand of rugby displayed by the Fijiana. I echo the words of President Jioji Konrote — fly our national flag with pride and be good ambassadors of our beloved nation. All the best Ro Dovi and the Fijiana! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Rich-poor gap

One wonders what Dan Urai means about the widening gap between the rich and the poor? (FT 16/10). As far as I know, a person is rich or poor according to what he is, not according to what he has! It’s not what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your heart. Many rich people are poor people with money. So I presume he is talking about money. Well Dan, rich people stay rich by living like they’re broke, and broke people stay broke by living like they’re rich. Poor people spend their money and save what’s left while rich people save their money and spend what’s left. Fiji is such a country where poverty is merely a choice. We are blessed with natural resources and the only way to get out of poverty is through hard work. No one should suffer from poverty here in Fiji. It would be your own fault. The key to it all is contentment and hard work! Simon Hazelman Savusavu

Chipping away at nature
The recent increase in developments of our towns, cities, settlements, with new roads and resorts has compelled me to air my views through your paper. While there is a lot of publicity of how fast Fiji is developing, there is little thought given to the devastation being caused to the natural environment. For thousands of years these beautiful rolling hills and mountains have given a picturesque view of Saru Back Rd and surrounding areas and served its purpose in supplying clean fresh water to rivers. Now, these natural creations are being chipped away at an alarming rate. The once beautiful hills are now badly scarred because of soil extraction, the trees are gone and barren, chipped brown landscapes remain, the hills are getting lower and lower. While the soil extracted from Saru Back Rd and other interior areas of Fiji is used for development, does any one of the government officials or the developers spare a thought for the destruction caused? We no longer have clean rivers as trees giving cover to soil from heavy downpour or, for that matter, holding soil in place have vanished. We breathe dust day in and day out. Once a pristine and pleasant place to live in, it has now become a place that is full of dust pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Yes, nature does give but if we take too much then we might be the cause of our own doom, but who suffers? The developers? The government? The rich? No! It’s the ordinary people who will suffer — and that has just begun. Azeem Ud Dean Saru Back Rd, Lautoka

Balloon release

I wholeheartedly agree with Annmary Vikatoria regarding planting rather than releasing balloons. Have the people thought about what happens to the balloons? We are trying to ban plastic bags and on the other hand we are releasing balloons into the atmosphere. Mere Lagilagi Lovu

Rugby game
Will there be a game between the champion Drua rugby team and the Flying Fijians? That will be a cracker. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Election time

Let us hope the leaders we select will not seek to divide our people, but to unite them. The central teaching of humanity is to bring people together and not to divide us into “we” and “them”. Suresh Chand Nadi

Service stations
Last week I travelled to Suva via the Kings Rd from Lautoka. To my surprise there were no service stations from Rakiraki to Korovou Town. Motorists must be finding it difficult at times. People who live in the middle of Rakiraki and Korovou have to travel long distances to fuel up, et cetera. Paras Naidu Lautoka

Royal visit

The Duke and Duchess of Sessex, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, are currently on their tour of the Pacific. They are in Australia and the excitement grows to host them in Fiji next week. I am quite eager as well to witness the younger generation of the royal family and this would indeed be an honour for the country to host the couple. Welcome to the “Paradise Islands”, your highness! Raynav Chand Nakasi

Election fever
Election fever is spreading like wildfire. From schoolchildren to ordinary workers, not forgetting those who have retired are being promised things that might be delivered if the political party wins. My question is will the promises be fulfilled or do the people wait for four more years to see these politicians again? John Brown Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Rest days

I recall past political campaigns where Christians never campaigned publicly on Sundays because they attended church services and took a break from a hectic week. Not any more. Dan Urai Lautoka

Complete rest
Recent FT pictures of our acting PM reveals he needs complete rest. It seems he barely takes a break, maybe during Christmas. DAVID SUSHIL LAL Malolo St, Lautoka

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