Letters to the Editor – October 12

Sean Marcus Algar, left, and Jeneiro Wakeham before the Fiji U16 team training session at the National Fitness Centre in Suva on Monday, September 17, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Height advantage
Your back page article of Sean Marcus Algar and Jeneiro Wakeham is indeed an inspiration and motivation to our upcoming and enthusiastic rugby lovers. Standing at 1.97m and 2.03m respectively, what an awesome sight to see (FT 18/9/18). Those at the “white house” should look for more tall players who are six feet plus for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. I have always mentioned this in my previous letters when we have tall players in rugby, soccer, netball, basketball and volleyball the advantage is always there. To Sean and Jeneiro, all the best in your future endeavours. Vili Yaranamua Tamavua, Suva

Fiji Day celebration

The Fiji Day celebration in the Friendly North delivered a simple and stunning message — unity and togetherness, love, religious tolerance and diversity are the instrumental tools for our multiracial and beloved Fiji. The huge crowd at Subrail Park signified how united Fijians were under the noble banner blue. It was a sea of blue as people from all races and walks of life joined hands to commemorate 48 years of independence. The fact that the North hosted the Fiji Day celebration of such a magnitude showed that the northerners are equally capable of hosting huge events they only need opportunities. The ideal theme ‘Progressing Together Leaving No Fijian Behind’ added the icing to the celebration. As I conclude, I pray that this togetherness prevails as we aim to build a resilient, bigger and better Fiji. Cheers! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Unpaid advertisement
I have another outlook at the word Bula and trademarking it. A chap in the US has a bar called the Bula Bar, when Americans will ask, “What does bula mean?” the answer will be it’s a Fijian greeting. And when they ask, “And where/what is that?” The answer will be, “It’s a country in the South Pacific and it’s a beautiful place to go and have a holiday, white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.” So let’s be positive and let people use the word Bula. Unpaid advertisement to our benefit. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Simply astonishing

The Lautoka football side successfully defended its IDC title at the ANZ Stadium in Suva on Fiji Day. In doing so they claimed their 18th IDC title which has been fought for 80 years. Eighty years on and the most entertaining and widely participated annual football tournament moves on strongly. Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) must be commended for running all its tournaments successfully each and every year. To make their tournaments successful in terms of gate takings, Fiji FA uses arm-band ticket system which is unique. Of course, the league game ticketing is different from the one used in tournaments. Fiji FA has kept the game of soccer alive in the country despite the odds and we thank them for this. Now, whether our world ranking which is the ultimate goal is improving or not is another story. Lautoka had earlier secured the League title and qualified for the Oceania meet and now grabbed the 2018 IDC in style. The Blues team really are on cloud nine today. No doubt their fans would be too pleased and happy with the achievement. I congratulate them on the remarkable attainment. Blues men! Suresh Chand Nadi

Maritime surveillance
There have been many letter writers apart from me who have been vigorously asking and pestering our FijiFirst government and its leadership in the past through this column to please include the cost of one more navy vessel in our 2018-2019 National Budget. Our country has more area covered with the ocean than our landmass and the new ship is needed by our border police for maritime surveillance and for the general policing of Fiji’s EEZ water mass. Narcotic hard drugs of all sorts have seen Fiji being used as a transit point for its trade and I believe it has also made its way into our schools, homes and the business community including all our main tourist centres around the country. As lately experienced, our islands in the maritime have been long used as storage for these drugs before another pick-up by a local or another ship where it is crucially important that our Fijian navy ship fleet is increased to combat this illegal activity. Vinaka The Fiji Times photos of this magnificent and sleek sea-going brand new and state-of-the-art navy vessel RFNS Kacau and again it is a costless gift from the great Peoples Republic of China which must be commended for their wonderful gesture shown towards the Fijian people and its government where it absolutely costs nothing to the taxpayers of our country
including its delivery straight to our shores by a massive Chinese freighter. Our maritime surveillance is a priority for our Government.
The state-of-the-art naval patrol ships arrival will certainly make work much easier with a lot of difference to our men and women in the white and navy blue uniform including their maritime hydrography works with other government departments but I am reliably informed that Fiji is the first small island nation in the Pacific to be granted such privilege for a single modern upmarket navy vessel. It certainly is the pride of our navy’s tools of trade. I do hope that its arrival into our waters will not be irresponsibly classified by all the opposition political parties as a vote buying exercise with just a little over a month left to our 2018 election. But vinaka vakalevu to our Government for seeking assistance from this
world superpower and it has come at a time when most needed, but thank you so much to a responsible and genuine People’s Republic of China.
It is very caring and a kind blessed gesture indeed and we pray, long live our two countries mutual bilateral co-operation and friendship. TUKAI LAGONILAKEBA Namaka, Nadi

Sweet victory
Congratulations to Navua for winning the 2018 Courts IDC Senior Division Championship. The win has brought joy to the whole of Serua and Namosi and we are so thankful to the players and the team management for putting in the hard yards and making it happen for Navua. Special thanks to the veteran Seveci Rokotakala and the Chand brothers Vineet and Monit for leading by example and guiding the younger players. We must also acknowledge the contributions of the man who worked behind the scenes, the man who made it happen, the president of Navua Football Association Rajeev Prasad of Koromakawa Rentals and Tours. Thank you so much sir for your contribution, the whole of Navua is aware of your financial assistance to the team and we wholeheartedly thank you for bringing glory to our district. Special appreciation to the two vice-presidents of Navua Football Association Rajesh Naidu and Istafaqu Hussain (Manju), thank you so much for your contributions, support and guidance. While the victory was sweet, we must also acknowledge the fact that it is just a stepping stone for Navua football which has aspirations of playing in the premier division next year. The victory has laid the foundation for success and I’m hoping the players, team management and the business houses will get together to get Navua promoted next year. Vinaka Navua. Shad Alfaz Ali Navua

Mighty Blues
They came from the burning west. They played like a unit. They played their hearts out. They conquered the hosts. They celebrated wildly and they returned home with spoils from the 2018 Courts IDC. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the ‘fan-sponsored’ Blues proved too strong for Suva. Assembling top players and securing the services of top Solomon Islands marksman Benjamin Totori, the Blues showed that player investment is a must to win. The heroic Blues won back to back league and IDC titles and I commend them for achieving this feat. Now this is what I call consistency. Back to the IDC final and the classic header from Ba import Nabenia was all that the Blues needed to walk away home $20k richer. Despite going down to the “lions” on Saturday night the Blues bounced back to dismantle Nadi and Suva. I believe credit must be given to the president Abdul Kadar, mentor Kamal Swamy, technical adviser Anand Sami, Anginesh Prasad, physio Nishant Singh, the courageous players and their families for working hand-in-hand to bring glory to Lautoka at the ANZ stadium after 53 years! Ironically it was the first IDC final meeting between the cities and the Blues came out with top honours as ardent Blues fans Savinesh, Abdul and Rouhit were full of smiles on Wednesday. On the other hand, the ‘Guru’ coached Suva side played well but rued those missed chances. Finally, I congratulate Navua for winning the senior division as the Anaconda Town boys beat defending champions Nadroga. Goals by captain Vineet and the oldest player in the tournament Rokotakala inspired the Navua side for an emotional win. Now that the IDC is over, fans look forward to the national club championship. I conclude by thanking The Fiji Times for all the stories and action from the stadium and I pay tribute to photographer Rama for capturing the picture of our young ball boys (F/T 11/10). It just added colour to the page. Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Litter along foreshore

Despite the noble, commendable and regular litter-picking efforts of the many well-meaning groups and organisations, our Suva foreshore continues to be littered just as regularly. The solution may lie in taking a more proactive approach inside the home and ourselves, rather than a reactive action taken outside by others. Edward Blakelock Pacific Harbour, Deuba

Leaders’ debate

If it comes to pass, I will jump for joy. Hopefully not get stuck mid-air. Wooohooo! What a mouth-watering prospect it wouId be, but by leaders who are going to contest the elections. Contest, not fight! No surrogates, no lieutenants and such. What say you, leaders, for I quote The Very Reverend Jessie Jackson, “Debate is the way you stir the soul of democracy”. MANOJ LAL PATEL Drasa Avenue, Lautoka

Sea of blue
Fiji Day has come and gone. The sea of blue looked so amazing and it got me thinking, was it Fiji Day or Fiji First? Hic! Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

2018 IDC

Thank you to the sponsors, organisers and participants of the 2018 Courts IDC for a successful tournament. A hearty congratulations to the Lautoka FC for a job well done in defending the title. Vinaka Blues. What a way to end Fiji Day. Lavenia Nabalarua Raiwai, Suva

Water source
Still awaiting a reply from Lautoka City Council regarding the water source for the three fountains. I think they madua! Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka

Fiji Day celebrations

Watching the colourful and smart turn-out parade on Wednesday on television was really enjoyable only to be spoilt by the two commentators’ poor knowledge of what was unfolding in front of them. They were so busy talking about Fiji’s independence story instead of relaying to us the audience the sequence of events taking place on the ground. I believe they were not fit for the assignment so to this particular TV station, I suggest in future you dispatch personnel who are well-versed in covering such important occasions. T SENIKUTA Rewa

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