Letters to the Editor – October 10

International Model entrant Selai Rokotuiwai. Picture: Graphically enhanced by ELIKI NUKUTABU

What a beauty
Oh my, it was a delight to see another Fijian lass grace the front page (FT 9/10) of The Fiji Times and what a sparkling beauty. Congratulation Selai Rokotuiwai for being one of the models vying for the Next International Model in Australia, I read (FT9/10) that you will be competing against 38 other models, I wish you all the best of luck and may God bless you and your family. You beauty is indeed sparkling. Mere Lagilagi Lovu, Lautoka

Happy anniversary

It took 96 years for Great Britain to transfer its claim on Fiji to the island nation’s indigenous leadership. However, Fijians still celebrate the date of the signing of the 1874 Deed of Cession, the document that initiated the protracted process that culminated in Fiji’s independence in 1970. Fiji has a loud and proud living history and future event to commemorate. The anniversary is celebrated nationwide with a public holiday. We hold that special place of this peaceful, loving and Fiji style hospitality. Fiji stands tall in sports and now moving towards future developments and more to come. We will shine to the rest of the world. Wishing all Fijians a happy Fiji Day, we must stand together and united to seek a better future. Neelz Singh Lami

48th year of independence
Fiji’s 48th year of independence is worth celebrating as a nation as we reflect on the significant past to guide the course of our canoe to a prosperous and better future. We as a developing Pacific Island nation have been through some tough times apart from the successes we have achieved as team Fiji. If I asked a question on what message I would share with my fellow Fijians on this auspicious occasion? I would definitely recourse to the holy Bible in 1 Corinthians 13:13, ‘And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’ Have a blessed Fiji Day! Cheers. SPENCER ROBINSON Suva

Love sees no barrier

The article in yesterday’s The Fiji Times ‘Love sees no barrier’ by Ana is an ideal message as the nation celebrates 48 years of independence with the theme ‘Together Leaving No Fijian Behind’. Ana compiled a beautiful piece from Namosi about Lui and Paulina’s 42 years of journey. The smiles on the couple’s face made the story a hit and the love, trust and quality time that they have for each other has made their relationship strong. Reading their story showed that through farming the couple endeavored to put all their children through school and provided for the family’s daily expenses. Even at the age of 72 Lui looks healthy because he has been feeding himself with healthy food and burning out the extras on their farm, which is be an eye-opener for many. Thank you Ana and The Fiji Times for the great buildup to this year’s Fiji Day celebration which will be historic as the friendly north celebrates it for the first time! However, I have some wishes on this year’s Fiji Day. I’d love to see a peaceful and vibrant Fiji where we value each other’s religion, culture and beliefs. I’d love to see a Fiji where the media is independent and impartial and where one can exercise his rights freely without any fear of oppression. I’d love to see a Fiji where human resource is valued and our labourers are paid a just wage. I’d love to see a Fiji where everyone’s opinion matters. I’d love to see a Fiji which values our elders and retirees while teaching our younger generation to be responsible. Finally, I’d love to see a democratic Fiji! Let’s reflect on all that we have lost and make it a point of restoring that lost pride and dignity. Only then will this year’s Fiji Day celebrations be meaningful. May I wish every Fijian a blessed Fiji Day celebrations! God bless Fiji! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

A day to rejoice
We celebrate, perhaps demurely; the freedom we got on this day 48 years ago. A day to rejoice of course for we became free from the shackles of occupation by external forces. Much has occurred from that 10th day of October 1970. The trials and tribulations of forming and governing a brand new nation. What a roller-coaster ride it has been but this ride is not going to end anytime soon. As the next election looms, I ponder; what is this about “fighting” the elections? Why can’t it be just about contesting it in the most civil manner possible? For it is a “civic” exercise, no? Why fight? Let’s not please! Pretty please? Let this elections be about hope for the future for all. Let it not be about animus, cynicism and belligerent misconduct. Verbal, physical or otherwise. Happy independence day folks. MANOJ LAL PATEL Drasa Ave, Lautoka.

Farewell Mr Mau

Yesterday, we bade farewell to another proud son of Mualevu and Vanuabalavu, the late Tevita Peni Mau. He started his schooling at the Mualevu Village school and Mavana District school. He then attended Fulton College in Tailevu. He joined the ranks of the Fiji Post and Telecom Ltd (FPTL) and served as a Post Master around Fiji. I remember him in one such post at Lomaloma, Vanuabalavu in the early ’70s. He furthered his academic studies at USP and abroad. When the FPTL became two separate entities, Peni Mau served as the first CEO of Post Fiji Ltd. As shared by former prime minister Laisenia Qarase, Post Fiji Ltd was very profitable during Peni’s tenure at the helm. Mr Qarase also shared that Peni was a man of two worlds. He worked well in the different spheres of a village bred individual and an entrepreneur. As a villager, he was well rooted in Fijian customs and practices. He respected the vanua and all its intricate and elaborate protocols. He supported and stood for all that our chiefs would request. He would not shirk from his duties of also advising our chiefs when the need arose; even if it was contrary to the chief’s initial view. He promoted decision making through consensus. A true trait of a compassionate servant of our people. In contrast, he also lived and thrived in the commercial world. As a CEO of a company with outlets Fiji wide, he displayed shrewd financial acumen that ensured that the company made healthy annual profits and paid the shareholders some handsome dividends. He practised good management skills that resulted in a happy workforce. He also promoted the proper training of the company’s employees. He was a respected family man who looked after all that sought his assistance; even strangers that he had just met for the first time. With Mr Qarase, they were instrumental in the holding of two Vanuabalavu festivals in 2012 and 2015. These contributed to the setting up of the Vanuabalavu Holdings Ltd, an investment company for all villages on the island. Sadly, he will miss the next festival scheduled for next year. He was a board member of the Yatu Lau Company Ltd and our district company — Mualevu Holdings Ltd. As shared by Alipate Naiorosui, the CEO for Yatu Lau Compay Ltd., Peni was a valuable director of the company and whose wise counsel he will sorely miss. On a personal note, I totally agree with all the sentiments shared by Mr Qarase and Alipate. I have also learnt a lot from Peni. In any soqo or soli, our district, Mualevu must always come first. In our lingo — A turaga dau bole. A kai Mualevu dina! We sat on our island and district company boards. A brilliant mathematician, it’s not uncommon that when a question was raised, after pressing a few buttons on his calculator, he would furnish the board with dollar figures or percentages! On the spot! To conclude, I wish his dear wife Tailasa, the children, grandchildren and Yavusa Matanicagi — the peace of our heavenly father. To Peni, I wish you the comforting words of our Saviour, Jesus Christ — “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” Kiniviliame Keteca Nausori

Political face
Could Lenora Salusalu Qereqeretabua be made the face of NFP and put on the NFP posters just like Bainimarama on FijiFirst posters? Sukha Singh Labasa

Must win
The Drua leads the NRC points table with 23 points followed closely by the Force (22) and Queensland (19). The Drua plays with the Force this Saturday and will need a win to top the standing. A loss by bonus point means that we will finish second but a loss for the Drua without a bonus point win and a bonus point win for Queensland will relegate our boys to third position while Queensland will finish second. This means an away semi against Queensland. I hope the team management is aware of this hurdle! My apologies as I counted my chicks early and wrote that the Drua had secured a home semi after beating the Vikings! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Independence Day
People and politicians will be celebrating independence day and praising the former parliamentarians for making Fiji independent. Before independence and a few years after independence I could buy Gordons gin with my pocket money. Now a 26 oz made in Fiji costs more than $100. I can go and watch the parade but there is really nothing for me to celebrate. In the seventies one dozen buns cost one shilling or 10 cents. The British were good. Sukha Singh Labasa

Stable door
Oh dear dear. Trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted, Mr Sarju? What’s the point? Why ask for resignation? Just terminate! MANOJ LAL PATEL Drasa Ave, Lautoka

Drowning fish
So they can’t make up their mind whether to bury it, burn it, make fish meal, donate it to old peoples homes or do research? And may I ask — make fish meal for what and do research for what? Suddenly someone is gasping for air like a drowning fish. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Airport gatehouse

Yarning to an Australian frequent traveller I was caught by surprise when he asked why have they removed the first line of defence at the airport. I asked “what are you referring to?” He replied “the gatehouse”. Dan Urai Lautoka.

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