Letters to the Editor – October 02

Fiji Airways Drua captain Mosese Voka on attack against NSW Country Eagles last Saturday afternoon. Picture: ATU RASEA

Drua side
Congratulations are in order for our Fiji Airways Drua team, but I urge the bigwigs to not rest on their laurels, because for a team from Australia to be losing line-out throws is no comparison of a team we should measure ourselves upon. These are teams that learn the basics from a young age, but if they falter at this level and we don’t overwhelm them then we are not improving. It’s only up from here and I challenge the Drua to win the championship to prove my point that we are progressing in rugby, because the way the teams are playing, hell they could even come and play in the Skipper competition. I would suggest a tour to NZ for the Drua against the Mitre 10 competition teams and then we can really gauge ourselves, because it’s sad for me to say but the NRC is truly not helping us in providing a platform for our local ruggers. But anyway good luck in your next game Drua and I hope to see us host a semi-final.
Lawrence Wara, Suva

Roosters celebrate
THE 2018 NRL grand finale lived up to expectations. Rugby league legend Cameron Smith had a grand opportunity to lead Melbourne Storm to back-to-back titles and secure the elusive Clive Churchill Medal but he failed as the brilliant and dominant Roosters were crowned the premiers. Many at home had thrown their support behind the Storm as Bati stalwart Suliasi Vunivalu donned the Storm jumper, but the loyal and ardent Roosters fans had the last laugh. Led by a dominant forward pack, the Roosters were magnificent and made the Storm look ordinary by displaying a punishing first-half of football and three fantastic first half tries to be crowned champions in an electrifying atmosphere. On the other hand, Kangaroo star Billy Slater finished an incredible career on a low note as the Storm with big names in Vunivalu, Munster, Croft and Smith failed to deliver. On the other hand, Cronk directed the Roosters like a great conductor while support came from Tupou, Manu, Keary, Friend and Radley. Statistics showed that no team since the Broncos back in 1992-93 had managed to go back to back although the Storm looked a real chance before the kick-off but they were never in it. The Roosters and their fans were delighted as the club had won one premiership since 2002. Finally, man-of-the-match Luke Keary proved to be the star for the Roosters and the crafty player deserved to win the Clive Churchill Medal. Now that the NRL is over, it’s time for the Roosters to celebrate. Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Motivational factor
This may be one of the best quotes I heard over the weekend. In the 2018 NRL grand final between the Sydney City Roosters and Melbourne Storm the commentator remarked of Cooper Cronk, “It is one of the best non-performance I have ever seen”. Cronk played with one working arm, ran zero metres, made a few tackles or bumps but talked his team into a premiership. Only a leader with influence, who understands the process, knows how to navigate a team, has great instinct, connects with his peers, empowers those around him, finds a way for the team to win, builds momentum and sacrifices himself for the team; can win the respect of his peers that they will put themselves on the line for the team and a teammate with a dysfunctional arm. Cronk will go down as one of the legends of the game and he is also testament that you don’t have to be the captain of the team to be a leader, you can also be a leader of influence wherever you are, even with one working arm.
Sailosi Naewe Naduru Rd, Nausori

Water cuts
I told the Kava Place parliament last week that the water cut wasn’t going to be long, it could last only one day. Member of the Kava house Hon. Narayan Reddy said with a smirk, “And how do you know this?” I said, “There is no water tank at Kava Place.” He said, “Sechi.” And yesterday morning the October 1, 2018, water was on again. Thank you Water Authority of Fiji for the quick repairs. And congratulations to your men’s volleyball team for successfully defending the Westpac Vodafone Nadi International Airport Volleyball men’s title. By the way, I’m going to have a good bath now.
Allen Lockington Kava Place,
Waiyavi, Lautoka

Eggs and all
I noticed that a tray of one dozen eggs had production date written on it.
I wonder how can eggs be produced by humans. Check it out yourself on your next trip to the nearest supermarket today. Also for a change in people’s lives, can we have hours written on prescriptions please.
Three times a day for most of us means morning lunch and dinner. Words such as every eight hours will change the whole scenario here and will have positive impact on people’s lives. Maybe I am wrong in both these paragraphs but I am ready to learn in detail if someone can explain further. |
Ashis Kumar Ba

Journalistic farce
I WAS once told that if, by the end of a football match, the referee is the most talked about person, then the official did not do his/her job well. Also, sometimes you end up having match officials who are way unfit to keep up with pace of the game. That is also a problem. Looks like the “4 the Record” program interview of NFP leader Professor Prasad had both elements of the above analogy. What the heck did I just watch, one may be flummoxed to ask aloud (I listened to the audio without the visual distractions and it’s not pretty either.) I guess this was two adolescents arguing with their parent on issues they have no clue about? Following the rudimentary requirements of communication, which is listening, is a foreign concept to some. Abraham Lincoln is reported as saying that it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Well, I no longer have any doubts. In the essence of time, I will end my letter here.

Election date
Now that the election date is finalised I do hope the aspiring candidates will take upon some of issues I have raised via this forum: Our roads, can we improve them and also have more than one entry into our major urban centres. Improving our housing woes and removing squatter settlements. Increasing the minimum wage. And my favourite, walking the talk in keeping Fiji clean. Good luck and may God bless Fiji and its leaders.
Lawrence Wara Suva

Media playing politics
FROM the many letters I read in The Fiji Times on the FBC 4 the Record interview with NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad, I believe that clear-thinking Fijians are not fooled when the media makes out to be independent, impartial and fair when it’s not. I saw the interview myself while on holiday in Fiji and I concur with the criticism of your letter writers. I also saw on television what Nemani Delaibatiki had to say and wondered whether that was the commentary of a veteran journalist or a partisan political commentator? Again I am sure thinking Fijians can figure that out.

I believe by now all candidates should know how their party is managed and controlled, campaign accordingly and hope for the best. Dan Urai Lautoka

Bula shirt
I think it’s time we made our iconic men’s bula shirt the accepted formal wear. This is to avoid the usual mismatches seen in a coat and tie formal occasion, both here and overseas.
Edward Blakelock Pacific Harbour, Deuba

Soccer show
The soccer talkback show on Radio Fiji 2 is more interesting and entertaining than the actual soccer itself.
Sukha Singh Labasa

Election time
We’ll be having elections. Yay! Now which political party will offer me the opportunity to feel free to express my opinions, without being too concerned about repercussions?
Kelvin Anthony Namadi Heights, Suva

People power
I believe confidence slowly erodes as the clock starts ticking and the reality creeps in — power is the people!
Dan Urai Lautoka

Dual citizenship
Dan Urai finds it interesting that many people speaking and giving political opinions publicly, hold dual citizenship (FT 01/10). One is simply better off in that one can offer one’s political opinion on both sides, receive benefits and privileges offered by each country, and they can vote in both. They certainly have the best of both worlds Dan. It is indeed an interesting privilege! Simon Hazelman Savusavu

Key date
Well then, it has finally been confirmed that the general elections will take place on November 14. Although it is quite late in the year, I am pleased that it has been announced.
Raynav Chand Nakasi

Special price
I saw a receipt of a farm assistance recipient and the price for a wheelbarrow was $170 VIP. It is the normal price of wheelbarrows in Labasa. With thousands of cheques going to a hardware shop, the Government could have got a special price so people could have bought more stuff. Better still, the Government could have given the money to the Government Supplies to order and distribute the farm implements. Anyway the recipients are happy and thankful for the government help.
Sukha Singh

Parliament dissolved
Now that Parliament has been dissolved and as Fiji prepares for national elections, may I at the outset accord a big vinaka vakalevu to all the members of Parliament including the Speaker of the House for all the efforts put in to run the country and the different ministries. The four-year term for all our parliamentarians has come to an end and while some have ended their political journey, we may see others back in Parliament. Fiji’s Parliament had some hilarious and emotional moments and some heated debates also followed. Some parliamentarians contributed more than others while some had their own moments. Whatever the outcome, all good things come to an end and as we prepare for the national elections, I would love to see well groomed parliamentarians. After all, these parliamentarians are paid by the taxpayers and we deserve the best! Once again, thank you very much our parliamentarians for serving your term. To those who will be recontesting, my best wishes and to those who are retiring thank you for your valuable service to our beloved Fiji!
Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Thank you
Thank you to the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, and Fiji’s President Jioji Konrote for dissolving Parliament. We can now look forward to an exact elections date. There were many speculations as to what was going to happen, but let’s not dwell on that. The only thing is for all of us to move forward together, get Fiji back on track, leave behind the scars and make a new beginning. We cannot change the past, so to Fiji’s future, our children’s future and all our future, let us put our right foot forward and march towards greater things. May God bless us all.
Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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