Letters to the Editor – November 27

The Flying Fijians celebrate after defeating France 21-14 at the Stade De France stadium in Paris, France. Picture: AP PHOTO

Fiji’s historic win

When I heard McKee’s interview on Fiji One that he was confident that Fiji would beat France, I thought the Kiwi was cracking another joke. France had a perfect record against Fiji and those who watched Fiji being thrashed by Scotland had doubts of a Fijian victory. However, after watching Fiji tear France apart I knew that McKee had put in a lot of effort on our set-pieces, communication, brotherhood and one-on-one tackles. France threw everything they had, but were kept out by some outstanding Fijian defence on the line as Volavola put the icing on the cake with the final act of the match to seal a famous victory. The hosts came out firing after beating Argentina and the Les Bleus also wore rainbow laces on their boots in support of former Wales captain Gareth Thomas, who was attacked in a homophobic assault, but their hopes of ending their international matches on a high collapsed. Fans at home and overseas were delighted. Fireworks erupted the Sunday morning sky and vehicle horns made endless amounts of noise. The nation had united to congratulate our warriors. The sizzling 21-14 win has showed that with more game time against tier 1 nations, we should be ready to compete for the Webb Ellis Trophy. Finally, the expressions at the end of the brutal but exciting match showed that our boys gave every ounce of strength to beat France. The scenes were a delight to the eye and November 25th has gone into history books as our boys conquered the French in their back yard. Stade de France was quiet as our boys silenced the crowd. The breakfast that I had after the match was one of the best! While eating, I smiled and told my dad “it was just our day”! He agreed. Finally, our boys brought joy and excitement to the tier 2 island nation! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Ideal administration

It is not important who wins an election but how well the country is being run. The success of any government is dependent on whether everybody is taken into account — whether every voter is happy and satisfied, meaning the benefits of progress are passed on to everybody. No stone should be unturned. Everyone should be at an advantage. No one should suffer in any way. This is the ideal system of administration that is needed and the newly-elected members should start working on it. It is very easy to achieve this. It is a matter of using modern scientifically tested technologies of consciousness. To know this is a matter of going to Google and checking. The administrators and the administered will be very fulfilled. Otherwise I believe we continue in the same old way of making only some people happy. Hassan Ali Vitogo Pde, Lautoka

27 over 24

How effective will the Opposition be against the majority government in FijiFirst? It’ll either be 27 ayes and 24 nays or 24 ayes and 27 nays! What are the chances of Opposition MPs making a difference? Let’s hope their involvement in parliamentary committees will bring about some balance! Otherwise a lot of time and money will just be wasted! Politics in such a situation is indeed a real joke! Simon Hazelman Savusavu

Policing matter

Traffic passing through Lami on Saturday morning may have seen a group of people sitting on a grass verge in full view of the main road, drinking, inhaling some substance from a bottle and urinating in view of all. Traffic passing through Lami in the afternoon may have also seen the prostrate body of a man in the middle of the road at the same location that cars had to drive around. Traffic passing through Lami very late that night may have also driven on that same stretch of main road and had to slow down because of the major brawl disturbance that continued for 40 minutes with crowds congregated each side of the road. For those driving past and witnessing this it was only a short experience, but for some of those living in the area this continued behaviour has a consequence. If the police are going to allow drinking and urinating in public places, they have to be aware of the consequences of this. I believe they are giving the greenlight to those that will litter the area with their empty bottles and ripped up beer cans, giving the greenlight to those that will end up incapable of self control and passed out on a public highway, giving the greenlight for public brawls to happen, and most importantly show disregard for the public and residents who have to put up with this. What a sad reflection of policing that children, the elderly and public have to be subjected to this, given the numerous times these issues have been brought to the attention of the police. With the array of shiny new vehicles parked outside a certain police station I have to wonder what these are actually used for when less than two minutes drive away the above is happening. I believe it is time the police start taking ownership of the situation and take the proactive approach of visible patrols and deterrents as provided by the laws of our country. Sanya Catherine Gain Lami

Voting system

I have said it numerous times and I will continue to say it that it would be much cheaper and extremely simpler and more relevant if we change the electoral system in Fiji so that the people vote for political parties instead of individual candidates with the current system. If we examine the system in use now, we are actually voting for the political parties but waste resources and confuse voters with the allocation of three-digit numbers to candidates to vote for. It simply works out to which political parties the people prefer. So the ballot paper would show maybe six or seven political parties with their respective logos for people to vote for. The individual parties may submit their 51 candidates in their order of preferences based on
constituency representation before polling starts. The number of seats would then be determined by the number of votes each party gets. Apart from being much simpler and voter friendly, imagine the considerably fewer tax dollars that it would cost. Just my take on making the electoral system much easier and cheaper while fulfilling the demands of proportional representation. EMOSI BALEI Suva

Political career

WELL I be, I was just told that many people want to become politicians. I didn’t want to be one. I was told that I could have been earning good
money if I had become a candidate and if I won a seat. Huh? Is that the general idea, to go into politics because of money? I thought one would join
politics for the sake of giving ones capabilities to serve, the money is a bonus. So to all of you who are there because you will be earning big salary, think again, you are there to serve. Each time you wake up to go to Parliament, tell yourself that you are for the people, not there for the money.
Oh and may I ask if the government vehicles are still heavily tinted? How about a change, remove the tint so that we can see our “tick”. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Visa application

I had lodged my son’s NZ visitor visa application at TTS in Suva on October 25, 2018, and paid the relevant visa fee and immigration levy accordingly. It’s about a month now and a decision is still pending on a simple visitor visa application despite submitting all the required documents. Previous applications usually took a week or two, at the most, for a response. Upon enquiring with TTS last week, a staff advised that NZ Immigration is also vetting visa applications from other Pacific islands and that she would follow up with Immigration NZ. However, my wife’s friend had submitted her visa application on October 19 and received a response on October 22. I then revisited TTS on Monday where I met my cousin who had submitted her visa application with her husband’s and grandson’s in August. They had received a response on their grandson’s visa recently but are still awaiting their’s. Again, the TTS staff advised that they would follow up with Immigration NZ. Will I have to wait for it to snow in Fiji before receiving a response? Anthony Sahai Suva

No guts, no glory

I read the article titled “No guts, no glory” by our sports sensation Kameli Rakoko and his piece on the performance of Nadroga/Navosa’s under-13 lass Adi Mili was a delight. Through sheer determination and pace Adi was able to win gold for her team and in the process upset the athletes from the cities. Rakoko also shared that the words “e rewa ga mo mate” meaning I will achieve my goal and may even die trying. Perhaps the boys in blue had read Rakoko’s beauty and were motivated to take the Sukuna Bowl to Nasova. Coached by the Stallions masterminds Nauga and Waqa and led by prominent rugby names in Naureure, Salawaqavuka, Navori, Radrodro, Vucago, Kurisaru, Paul, Tovilevu, Matai, Somoca, Waqatabu, Navuma, Dawai, Douglas, Ikanikoda, Nacagilevu and Tuisese, the Police outfit displayed a high level of rugby and showed superior skills and fitness to dethrone the champions from Delainabua. The crowd had a lot to cheer for as Police made Army work tirelessly before stealing the Sukuna Bowl. The Jope Tuikabe-coached Army side boasting names in Makutu, Levula, Naulago, Nava, Raidre, Usumaki, Aria, Vuruna, Kuruimudu, Takubu, Kenatale and Mulevoro found it hard to withstand the relentless pressure from Police and surrendered the title. The battle was won by Police but the atmosphere was fantastic and I’m sure both sides will prepare well for 2019. A big vinaka vakalevu to the Police and Army sides! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Poll system

Dr Wadan Narsey claims in his article that under the D’Hondt system the NFP should get an extra seat in Parliament and he has done his calculations too. I would like the Electoral Commission or the Supervisor of Elections to clarify the calculation made by this professor, and whether it is right or wrong. Sukha Singh Labasa

About tomorrow

To predict tomorrow based on yesterday has its flaws. Fix tomorrow with facts. Dan Urai Lautoka

French fried

Finally Fiji fries French! Reckon no more French fries, rather Fiji fries! Shamal Chand Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

Hard liquor

Looking at the high price of hard liquor these days, I request if SPD could bring back the all time famous quarter bottle please. Please, please, please. I tell you what, you gonna make profits boy. Ashis Kumar Ba

Unpredictable politicians

I was asked by an older citizen about what are some of our politicians unpredictable in? In my open view I replied; Some of them can shape a lie to be true, they can twist the truth to be deceiving and they can plant your tavioka and you’ll uproot dalo. I’m not a fan of gnome politics! AREKI DAWAI Suva

Enjoyable weekend

Coming through days, weeks and months this year, the past weekend was probably the most enjoyable so far. First our new set of ministers were announced. Then comes the end of school year for our children and teachers alike. Then my favourite Police won the annual Sukuna Bowl clash against their arch rival Army with a big score margin. Not to be outdone, the Oldies and Development teams also did the damage in their category. Then comes the icing on the cake where our national team defeated the mighty French team for the first time on their home soil and in front of their home crowd. To be captained by none other than a close relative of mine, Dominiko Waqaniburotu, I was over the moon before my weekend was over. That famous saying from my village echoed once more after a long while as I celebrate Waqaniburotu’s achievement as our national team captain where our elders would chant over and over. Bind Burotu bind! Pita Soroaqali Nadarivatu


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