Letters to the Editor – November 26

Manasa Saulo, Vereniki Goneva and Eroni Sau waving to fans after defeating France 21-14 at the Stade De France stadium in Paris, France. Picture: AP/Christoffe Ena

William Webb Ellis trophy possibility

Joyous shouting and loud firecrackers rattled the mid-morning Sunday peace after the French were jolted in their own back yard. If there was to be another autumn Test against Scotland this weekend, the result would be different from two weeks ago. The Fiji rugby team lacks continuity and needs to find means to assemble together more often during the year. Unfortunately, it is difficult because the elite players are scattered across the globe. Fiji has to play a lot of Test matches on a regular basis. The possibility is that in our lifetime, we can witness the lifting of the William Webb Ellis trophy by a player in white jersey having a coconut emblem. Mohammed Imraz Janif, Natabua, Lautoka

Tourism industry

Fiji is a beautiful, popular tourist destination but it is in danger of becoming less attractive because of the high prices for some things that tourists pay for. At our South Pacific Bowling Carnival this year, some overseas players were commenting on how expensive it was becoming to make the trip to play and in recent years the number of overseas competitors had dwindled also. On a recent trip to New Zealand, I met a hotelier who had visited Fiji for a convention and he commented on the high cost of hotel accommodation, meals and drinks. He told me he wouldn’t buy anything in the airport duty free because he could buy the same things at home for much less. His final comment was that he was amazed at being asked to pay $9.80 at the airport for the same coffee from the same franchise he had bought in Suva for $5.25. He was also annoyed by the constant pestering from people on Nadi high street trying to entice him into their stores. Nadi shopkeepers should realise that Europeans don’t like being hassled, either outside or inside the store by shop assistants. He told me he won’t be coming back to Fiji. Tourists are not stupid. Fiji tourist industry should realise that there are equally as attractive Pacific Island destinations where visitors can get much better value for their hard earned dollars. Steve Illingworth Tamavua, Suva

Historic victory

Kiwi John McKee, Waqaniburotu and our majestic Flying Fijians have gone into the history books after they beat the Les Bleus at the Stade de France. Heart break for the thousands of French fans but a defining moment for us as we count days to the 2019 Rugby World Cup! The Flying Fijians started strongly and despite having approximately 35 per cent possession, made use of the opportunities and pinned the French with those big hits. The early pressure from our boys gave them the confidence and the way our boys encouraged each other spoke volumes of the bonding and brotherhood in the team. Our set pieces were a step up and I agree with McKee that the boys put in extra effort during training because there was a significant improvement from the thrashing we got at Murrayfield. Our boys made sure their tackles counted while the tries by “The Trailer” and “The Bus” were an absolute beauty to the eye. I rate this match to the ’99 RWC battle that our boys narrowly lost 28-19 because of some dubious calls by referee Paddy O’Brien. Thus, we deserve the win because we played fantastic rugby and displayed some remarkable and extravagant stuff and belted those tackles that shocked the hosts. As I conclude, I thank our Flying Fijians for creating history and I’m looking forward to a great outing in Japan. Vinaka vakalevu na qito boys. Viti ga rawata! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Thank you for the win

Thank you to the Flying Fijians for the win over France. Defence got us through, what can we say, but thank you. Semi Radradra was awesome, very strong and experienced. Let’s take the win and move forward. To France, you were awesome, thank you for making the win worth it. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Hibiscus Highway

I am wondering which company made the road known as Hibiscus Highway up to Kasavu. If I am not wrong … the road was done some six years ago. Please don’t bring them to the North again. In another one year’s time, the FRA will have to gravel this sealed road. I believe it was not made with quality in mind, but quantity. I believe PWD minus mismanagement and corruption was way better than the current FRA. A SHARIFF SHAH Savusavu


Levuka flooding

When I was told that Levuka was flooding, I said, “Can’t be”. I lived there for four years from 1985. It’s impossible to flood. Then Levuka boy Anthony Sahai posted pictures of the flooded main street and more. I was flabbergasted. Then I saw mud and gravel in the wake of the flooded road. My guess was simple. Drains were dug and not cleared properly causing water to find other ways to exit. I was told that there was just too much rain. Ok sure, but if waterways were clear it wouldn’t flood that bad. Dr Reddy could you send Viam or Jale over to see what the problem is? Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Road accidents

Despite boasting an extremely high literacy rate, we are terribly failing to understand some key life facts. One of them is the crude relationship between road accidents, loss of property, loss of lives, suffering and trauma. So many people have gone through these experiences. We start to learn about road safety from our parents. Education continues from teachers. There are so many signs and markings that remind drivers and pedestrians of road safety. There are so many awareness campaigns through different media forms. Yet, road accidents continue to enslave our communities. We are not realising that our ignorance is hurting us. To the relevant minister, can we have an increase in fines, severe penalties and harsher custodial sentences to alter this trend? Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Adhere to road rules

Road accidents refer to any accidents involving a vehicle occurring on the road. I believe there are many causes of these road accidents such as poor infrastructure or road designs, breaking road rules while driving like drink and drive, not wearing seatbelts, talking on the phone while driving and also speeding on roads when it is wet. One of the outcomes of road accidents is death, some others are minor injury, hospitalisation, or becoming a handicap etc. On the other hand, all drivers and pedestrians should know and follow road rules to prevent these accidents from happening in our country. So to all drivers and pedestrians out there, if you want to live long or even think about your own individual families, please adhere to the road rules. Tavishi Shresthi Prasad Davuilevu Housing, Nausori

Historical feat

Organised, strong defence earned the Flying Fijians a historic first rugby Test victory against France in Paris yesterday. To win with only 38 per cent possession against France, or any tier one rugby nation for that matter, Fiji had little option but to defend with their lives, and, their discipline, a major weakness for past Fiji teams, held up really well. When they had the ball, Fiji displayed crazy, magic stuff which warmed the Parisians on a chilly autumn night. The team breaks up once again, but with raised confidence and belief that with a performance like Paris, Fiji will cause all sorts of problems for Australia and Wales at the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo next year. Samu Railoa Tailevu

Interesting word

I was at the Lautoka grog market having a talanoa session with the boys. One chap suddenly asked where the word “bolatagane” came from? It will be interesting to know. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

A win for all

A win by the Fijian boys is a win for all of us. Thank you boys, thank you to the technical staff. Sunday was good, the whole week will be good. I just want to say thank you, it was worth the walk to a friend’s house to watch the game. Mere Lagilagi Lovu, Lautoka

Riding high

Our local women have done it again. While our national women’s soccer team thrashed Cook Islands 3-0 and Tonga 12-0 in the Oceania Women’s play-offs to qualify for the semis, the Fijiana is riding high at home. After demolishing Tonga, the Fijiana trounced PNG 96-0 in the Oceania Women’s Rugby 15s Championship and then thumped Samoa 43-12 to win the Championship. Inoke Male and the Fijiana deserve a huge round of applause for doing our nation proud and for winning the Rugby Championship! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

America’s funniest

This popular show, is it really funny. Some clips are equally opposite. Allen, your views? Sanjay Kumar Suva

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