Letters to the Editor – November 22

Army's Daveta Koroitakali on attack against Police during their ANZ Ratu Sukuna Bowl rugby challenge match at the ANZ Stadium in Suva on Friday, October 20, 2017. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Sukuna Bowl challenge

The Sukuna Bowl rugby challenge is an annual tradition of two teams of players who not only play in the prestigious challenge but later they move on to represent the nation in rugby. The Sukuna Bowl is an annual rugby union fixture that usually takes place in Suva, Fiji. The game is usually played at the ANZ Stadium. The Sukuna Bowl is contested between the Fiji Police Force and the Republic of Fiji Military Forces. This big event has a large audience and it’s about sportsmanship. Every team has a game plan and every audience has its own favourite player. Now we see who will thrive at the end of this season. The heat is on so “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Let the game begin and all the best to both the teams. NEELZ SINGH, Lami

Two letters

TWO letters caught my eye yesterday (FT 21/11). The first one was from that Balawa boy and the other was from John Brown. I have never counted to a million, the Balawa kid counted to one million and one. Woo, I just got out of breath. I bet he walked from Tavua to Rakiraki counting the patches. Second, John Brown wishes for the municipal elections to happen. We at Kava Place overheard that the issue is still in the pipeline, four more (years) lengths have been added to the pipes. A billion pardons if I may have offended anyone. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Elections are over

The elections are over, thank goodness. Now let’s get together and get Fiji moving forward. Let’s get over the mud-slinging and name calling. Did some of the candidates ever wonder what they were saying? Talk about hanging out the dirty linen for all to see. Anyway, the school year is coming to an end again and Christmas is just around the corner. Are you going to celebrate Christmas and will be buying children’s toys? Would you invest in sensible toys? May I suggest rugby and soccer balls, something that will take the children outside or to the park. Something that will make them run and get fit. We just have a small back yard that fills with seawater each time there is a spring tide, We love the sea, my children and I are there for two reasons, to swim and to get seashells and fish for dinner. As the year ends, many children will get new toys, for us it’s the good old second-hand shop, they have wonderful gift ideas. I hope this year I will find soccer or rugby balls for my children. And may I wish all the children a wonderful holiday and be refreshed for next year. So, for the next four years, let’s make things work for all of us. Mere Lagilagi Lovu, Lautoka

Voting system

It’s not only me but I believe there are others who get confused with the current system when we see a person collecting more than 2000 votes sitting at home while another person getting less than a thousand votes entering Parliament. I was encouraged to read an article in social media, by a prominent Fijian lawyer Graham Leung, now secretary to the Justice Department in Nauru. He says according to the 5 per cent rule, if someone gets 5000 votes but does not meet the threshold loses, and someone with 800 votes in a party that does, gets into Parliament and might even become a minister. He gave an example of the 2014 elections. Filimone Vosarogo had 2788 votes but was not elected but a candidate had 875 votes, got elected and was appointed Minister of Trade. In another example a candidate who had 874 votes in the 2014 elections was appointed as assistant minister. Now coming to the 2018 elections, Mr Leung points out that Savenaca Narube, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji got 2811 votes but was not elected while by in comparison a FijiFirst party candidate got elected to Parliament with 559 votes. Again, it may be possible in the 2018 elections that certain members such as one getting 577 votes, another getting 572 votes and the one with 559 votes may become ministers or assistant ministers, while a person getting more than 2000 votes goes home instead of Parliament. This system does not make any sense to me. VIJAY MAHARAJ Navua

Simple personality

Sad to take note that the man who had committed himself for more than two decades to the field of meteorological services is no longer with us. The man who used to guide us through any inclement weather surges has gone. With such a simple personality but with abundance of knowledge, he has left a vacuum to be filled. His departure to heavenly planets reveals that it is our habits of good personality and being human that will be cherished by those who we leave behind. Mr Kumar was a dedicated civil servant with exemplary leadership qualities. He was always ready to talk and respond which is not found in all types of personalities. I hope leaders will learn from the legacy he has left that it is not what you know that matters but how you present yourself with that knowledge that matters. Being such a humble person, he has proved that we do not need to be a leader who shows his powers strongly but simple careful attitude can lead to success in life. Of course it is a reminder that life is short, thus live it fully with a smile just as
his. Thank you Mr Kumar for your dedicated service to our beloved nation and our prayers are with you for your peace and comfort in the zones of heaven. DHIRENDRA PRASAD, Lautoka

Results and all

Having looked at the candidates, I looked forward to the results. I was approached many times, I declined all offers for personal reasons. I wanted to see the number of votes each candidate got. For the old warhorses, I knew they were firmly established and couldn’t be outdone. (No matter their past) As for the newcomers, I was curious. A couple of candidates got 12 votes, could be their relatives. I don’t know whether they were foolish or brave, but I admire them. Perhaps it’s a starting point for their political career yet to come, and I wish them well. A few used their popular personalities to try to win favour. The many likes on their FB page was humongous that made me say, “Oh that person has a huge following, he/she will get many votes”. And the results told us the truth, you can’t win on personality only, you will have had to been seen giving out assistance to gain popularity, the elections are not a personality contest. But I wish them well in the future. Looking at the many political parties, I want to say: thank you for your efforts, yes I admire you also for what you have done, never mind if it was foolish or brave. The FijiFirst party far outclassed all of the rest combined. Social media was rife with all sorts of news. I was added to numerous fake profiles on Facebook, which I quickly left. I had trolls as friends, these are the people who follow all my posts and read other people’s posts and reply accordingly. Oh yes, I could see the trend that made them political trolls. I hope that we have learnt something about this and the saying is simple — united we stand, divided we fall. Don’t forget that. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

All said and done

Now that it’s all said and done, the people of Fiji have spoken. There must be a sigh of relief for most of the candidates who have had such a hectic week or so, sleepless nights and what have you. So we have to thank the people and, of course, our Creator of heaven and Earth for his mighty wonders and plans in store for us all. Congrats to the FijiFirst party for once again taking out most of the seats as the people’s choice. We must be united in going forward as is the best for our people and our nation as a whole. As the saying goes: united we stand, divided we fall. So let’s work together as one nation as is the aim of our government. Once more, we give thanks and praise to our Almighty God, in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Toso Viti, toso. Richard M Abel Suva

Golden silence

Mr Fiu, there is a saying “silence is golden”. Issues notwithstanding, therein will lie your friends “scribbling forte”. For silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute. Those who can’t understand words, how will they understand silence? My oh my indeed. Manoj Lal Patel Drasa Ave, Lautoka

Coffee in town

A friend came home and asked if we could go for a coffee in town. In town, coffee went well. At 12, he bought lunch and later a few beers. In the end, I had to sincerely thank this friend of mine for coffeeing me, for lunching me and for beering me. And if you are reading this letter, thank you too for reading me. Whew! Joeli Naleca Natabua, Lautoka

Minimum wage

Next stage of the minimum wage is to raise it to $3/hr. FijiFirst, do you copy? Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka

Water supply

What’s up with Savusavu’s water supply? Not only do we continue to get erratic service but the quality of the water is shocking! Can the Water Authority of Fiji please explain how they go about treating our water before it gets to our taps? It sure seems like it’s not going through a filtration system and neither is it getting sanitised correctly. The water quality here in Savusavu has deteriorated to a very poor, unhealthy condition. Simon Hazelman Savusavu

Little parties

Never form another little party if you oppose government. Swallow pride and join where it counts. I believe for government the writing is on the wall. Dan Urai Lauroka

Army takes title

The police soccer team has been winning the Sukuna Bowl soccer championship since 2014 but this time around the Riyaz Ali coached brigade made sure that they dethroned the star-studded Blues outfit boasting the likes of Simi, Akuila, Baravilala, Nakalevu, Waranivalu, Navuganisau and Tekiate. Goals by stylish Labasa mid-fielder Wasasala and Delta Tiger hero Saukuru sank the police side and helped army walk away with the spoils. Apart from the duo, Sivoki, Drova and Loaniceva featured for the army side. The soccer battle has been won by police but the real one will be sealed on Friday when army and police go head-to-head in a thriller. Until then my heartiest congratulations to the army side for winning this year’s soccer battle. To the police side, better luck next time. Prepare to reclaim lost glory come 2019! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu



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