Letters to the Editor – November 19

The Flying Fijians forwards during a scrum session as they prepared for the Test match against Uruguay. Picture: FRU

Impressive scoreline

Fiji secured an impressive score line through an unimpressive performance against Uruguay which has a much lower world ranking. There were a lot of isolated and individualistic plays which will be exposed easily by France. If Fiji has to bask in glory this weekend, they will have to produce a relentless team effort. On a positive note, Ben Volavola showed why he is the premier fly half for Fiji at the moment and an outstanding contribution from Eroni Sau. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Disposal of old vehicles

The results of the 2018 elections may be out and congratulations to the party that has been voted in by the public to form the next government. I, however, would like to highlight the matter of the disposal of old or unused vehicles. As import of motor vehicles and vehicle numbers on our road increases, there is an obvious increase of vehicles that has reached end of life. Recently, there is an influx of old vehicles abandoned on public and private properties creating environmental problems. In public properties, it is easy for those doing this as they can go out late at night or the early morning to discard their vehicles. Vehicles are left to corrode and rust on the sides of our roads, it becomes an eyesore and no one is held accountable for littering. Below are a few options that authorities can take:

  • Create awareness on organisations that offer incentives for unused vehicles for the purpose of recycling scrap metal. (If there is an organisation doing this);
  • Similar to our waste site such as Naboro, create an area where vehicles and old machinery can be discarded. Here they can be recycled (government incentives can be given to private firms that run this); and
  • Enforcement. Fine those that are caught disposing unused vehicles in public as a deterrent. I believe that a further study should be conducted on vehicles that have reached end-of-life, our policies reviewed and a plan of action determined to curb this growing trend on the disposal of unused vehicles in public and private properties. Sailosi Naewe Naduru Rd, Nausori

Chow Games

Excitement and family values stood out in Suva as the 2018 FMF Chow Games concluded. Our primary school athletes showed a lot of promise and quality and kept the spectators thrilled. Hats off to the gold, silver and bronze medallists but my gratitude to those who had the guts to take part despite not winning any medal! At the end of the day, I believe participation counts! Furthermore, I believe that the upgrade of Churchill Park enabled Lautoka to walk away with the boys’ title despite the stiff challenge posed by Suva athletics, who dominated the girls’ division. Meanwhile, athletes from Nadroga/Navosa also stood out with some sterling performances while the small contingent from Wallis and Futuna returned home with four gold, four silver, and two bronze medals. Definitely a good exposure for our Pacific Island neighbours! As the Chow Games concluded a new breed of athletes have emerged thanks to the assistance provided by parents, teachers and officials. Finally, a big vinaka vakalevu to one and all for the concerted efforts! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Government considerations

Indeed a close call for Mr Bainimarama and FijiFirst! The next four years will be interesting. Here are 10 simple things they need to work on and this goes for the Opposition as well: 1. Stop character assassination; 2. Do not presume, for example, that SODELPA is racist and FijiFirst is corrupt; 3. Stop acting like warring tribes; 4. Spend more time with each other so that you understand each other better; 5. Spend some time walking in the other parties’ shoe; 6. Govern with the national interest in mind and not the next elections; 7. Unite and serve for the common good; 8. Spend more time attending city and town council meetings for obvious reasons; 9. Spend more time attending tikina meetings for obvious reasons; and 10. Focus on the things that bind us together as a nation. It’s time to work together and put the interests of the people above party affiliation. There has not been much spirit of compromise in the past few years and this is where the challenge will come for FijiFirst. While it is easy to say, it is much more difficult to
execute and the onus will be on the ruling party to lead by example. Failure to do so will only see us go down this ugly familiar pathway with the
people of Fiji losing out the most! Become the professionals we expect of you! SIMON HAZELMAN Savusavu

Election outcome
THE SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka must call upon all Opposition parties to respect the election outcome, I believe it was free, democratic, fair and transparent. The NFP, HOPE party, FLP with the Unity Fiji party have all done well in our national election. The majority mandate from all eligible Fijian voters have spoken and let’s get on with the governing of our sovereign country to benefit all. A big vinaka vakalevu to the Fiji Police Force and
the RFMF for maintaining a safe 2018 election, but not forgetting we must all commend and give credit to the Multinational Observer Group (MOG) and the Fijian Electoral Commission, the Supervisor of Elections with all their hardworking employees. Thank you for making it possible. TUKAI LAGONILAKEBA, Namaka, Nadi

Ireland’s history makers

THE much-awaited battle between the top sides drew a lot of attention. The All Blacks, top bets from the southern hemisphere, faced a rampaging Irish outfit, who had won the Six Nations Grand Slam. Ireland’s relentless pressure on attack and defence paid off as the hosts created history by beating the All Blacks for the first time in Dublin and ended their 15-match winning streak. The emotions at the conclusion of the match spoke about what the win meant to the Irish players, coaching staff and spectators. While NZ threw everything that they had, Ireland swallowed the physicality of the All Blacks and hit them with venom. I must applaud the Irish defence for making one-on-one tackles to keep the All Blacks try-less. Ireland had a mountain of work but the giants smothered and battered the All Blacks and controlled possession. This was supported by the fantastic crowd, who roared their team at every opportunity. In addition, Ireland had some massive moments and with a flick of an eye laid the foundation on an extra-ordinary night in Dublin for an extra-ordinary performance and an extra-ordinary win. The All Blacks had scored 23 of their 68 tries in the last 20 minutes and there were high hopes of a spectacular comeback but the ability of the Irish to sustain pressure was exceptional, inspirational and heroic. At the end of 80-minutes, the men in green won because they had most possession, did the little things right, were imperious in defence, applied relentless pressure with and without the ball and played their hearts out. On the other hand, nothing went right for the All Blacks as they dropped balls, could not stick their passes and kicked away possession. It was a one of a hell match for Steve Hansen and has given the mighty All Blacks room for thought before the RWC. While I congratulate Ireland for the fine win, I salute the All Blacks for giving their best away from home. Better luck next time boys. All Blacks ga sa rawata! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Thanks FijiFirst

We the people have spoken. Once again I believe we have voted for security, diversity, self-reliance, unity, meritocracy and social justice. Peace of mind and body. Thank you FijiFirst for your far-sighted vision, reliability, compassion, pragmatism, tenacity and remarkable integrity. Simply awesome! Patricia A Petueli Suva

Fiji divided

Looking at the results of the elections it is clear that Fiji is divided. It is time for FijiFirst to govern for all of Fiji and mend the divide as 49.98 per cent didn’t want FijiFirst. I hope FijiFirst take this as a warning and govern for all of Fiji. I believe FijiFirst needs to be the government for the whole of Fiji not just the half that kept them in power. Avin K Narayan Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

NCC upsets

The two clubs from Ba-Yalalevu and Nailaga caused havoc for their opponents. My prediction was challenged as the star-studded Bureta club was bundled out of the NCC while Friends United led by Savinesh Mudiliar and Kasavu turned heads with a rock solid performance. It was going to be tough considering that Nailaga, Friends and Blues could qualify from group 1 while Yalalevu, Kasavu and City looked in top form from group 2 and the last round of matches yesterday would have determined the outcome of the semi-finals. Finally, the stiff competition between the local clubs has ignited the NCC. Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

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