Letters to the Editor – November 18

This road at Wailoku is a hazard to motorists and needs an urgent repair. Picture: RAMA

Poll reaction

AFTER the FijiFirst party won an outright majority at the 2014 General Election, five opposition parties that contested the election, said they did not accept the result because of voting irregularities. Even though, a Multinational Observer Group of 92 international observers, said the elections was credible and they saw no evidence of fraud, the leaders of these parties didn’t accept the results and said that ballot boxes had been tampered with and that some boxes had been removed without the ballots being counted, while others had been stuffed with envelopes. The voters, on the other hand, were keen to participate in the democratic process and voted FijiFirst and Voreqe Bainimarama into power with 294,000 votes of the about 500,000 ballots cast, amounting to 59 per cent of the total. Under a system that emphasises equality and development for all communities, the people spoke, and paved the way for FijiFirst to govern under this modern approach. Once again these political parties are at it for the second time, bad losers, not believing and accepting the popular vote. Please respect the will of the nation and recognise that they did not vote for you! If you don’t respect the final decision, then you obviously didn’t deserve to be there in the first place! Unbelievable! Simon Hazelman SAVUSAVU

Interesting fact

IT is an interesting fact that after parliament gets dissolved, all government ministries continue to operate efficiently and effectively without line ministers.I accept that there is a need for leadership and direction in all facets of operations. If there are no or minimal hardships encountered, I believe exorbitant ministerial salaries are unwarranted. Work continues to be done by employees who we never get to see or hear from through the media. Within the various ministries, normal service is provided by the chain of employees without ever being in the limelight. They are the hardworking civil servants of Fiji. They deserve more. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Police officers

IS the carrying of ballot boxes and other general election items also included in the responsibilities of police officers that were allocated to the various polling stations during pre-polling and general polling? Just asking. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

Election result

I HAVE been following the election results very carefully and if I am right Fiji will have ministers again with less than one thousand votes. It will be interesting to find out what percentage of votes each government minister achieved to get into Parliament. I am sure we will have people with less votes as ministers again and people who got more votes will still not get to Parliament. John Brown Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Women’s World T20

PROPER cricket infrastructure, facilities and coaching professionals would certainly produce very competitive Fijian outfits! The current International Cricket Council (ICC) Women’s World T20 is a pleasure to watch and one can only imagine having a Fijian Women’s team competing at this international championship. We have the physique, the athleticism, and the enthusiasm to play great cricket. Current world T20 champions, West Indies, are indeed a class act and looking like the favourites to regain their title. The shortened 20 overs game will sure produce a unique Fijian style of play! Simon Hazelman SAVUSAVU

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