Letters to the Editor – May 8

Tevita Waranivalu of Suva FC on attack against Ba during their Vodafone Premier League football match at Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori yesterday. Suva and Ba drew 2-2. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Unlucky Suva

SUVA could not beat Ba in their Vodafone Premier League encounter at Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori on Sunday. But despite the draw, Suva leads the VPL standing.

It was the Capital City boys who scored and took the lead in the first half.

Suva maintained the 2-nil lead for most part in the game. Ba applied pressure but could not break the White’s defence who held tight. It was not until past the 80-minute mark that Ba found its first goal through the boots of former national midfielder Malakai Tiwa.

Ba’s second and game levelling goal came from the ever hardworking and speedster Meli Codro.

I think Ba is lucky to walk away with one point in their bag. I am sure the fans enjoyed the encounter as four goals were scored.

Some of them will return to the venue where Fiji Fact will be held later on.

Both Ba and Suva can now look at their mistakes and build on for the remaining fixtures. Let us not forget the OFC final in which our local giants Lautoka feature.



Read the signs

I WISH to raise my concern regarding the vast changes in weather patterns on our planet.

These changes have caused deaths, widespread destruction and affected economies of some countries. We can resort to science for answers and these answers and reasons will cease personal doubts and panic in a human being for a short period of time.

But these are simply signs of what is to come. Again, I plead with readers, change and repent.

Your qualification and money will not solve this problem. Read the signs, and complete the equation.




Opposite sex

PLEASE allow me to respond to Pita Soroaqali’s letter (FT 5/5) on the above subject.

Vinaka valevu Pita, you had me in stitches by the situation you described.

Oilei, with the price of kava nowadays, it seems that the trend will be just like what Pita describes.

One person will have $10 kava and the eight will sevusevu dredre.

In our situation if one group is already having a basin and a mate calls to ask if we were, the response is, “Yes, and make sure you bring grog”.

Or like a mate said, “I come with a heart full of love but an empty pocket.”


Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka


Wake up

WHILE reading through the Hawaii earthquake article, it reminds me of the Bible verse in Mathew: 24:7 For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines and earthquakes in place after place.

I believe friends, we need to know and wake up to what is happening now because it is not caused by climate change.

All this is already there in the Bible and it is irreversible.



World Red Cross Day

IT’S a delight to note that the Fiji Red Cross Society will be celebrating World Red Cross Day today, Tuesday May 8, 2018.

It is important to appreciate the efforts of the Fiji Red Cross Society during times of natural disasters.

With a thought-provoking and apt theme “Everywhere for everyone”, the Fiji Red Cross Society will celebrate the bravery and achievements of their dedicated, passionate and hard-working staff members and volunteers, who brave obstacles and hurdles to reach out to those in need of support and care.

The best part of the celebration is that a smile, which is a universal symbol and sign of satisfaction, comfort and happiness would be used.

Hats off to those behind the celebrations and for choosing worthwhile activities such as dengue fever campaign, blood drive, clean up and sports day for the celebration.

It’s imperative that we generate in our young ones the need to support the activities carried out by the Fiji Red Cross Society.

As I conclude, I wish the staff members and volunteers of the Fiji Red Cross Society a blessed and peaceful celebration and I thank them for the commitment!


Nadawa, Nasinu


Colour coding

COLOUR coding of taxi number plates would be a good move. Now, if there’s a small cost to be borne by operators, it should not be an issue that brews a storm (as I read FTA’s Rishi Ram’s comment).

LTA will not be getting those coloured plates free and they will incur costs to press numbers as well. I am sure the cost will be around $10 only.

The problem with our society is that we don’t want to share the cost of development, betterment, modernisation and general improvement of life’s conveniences.

I am definitely not a taxi operator and I have absolutely no voting powers in taxi circles; however, if change means efficiency and all the other hard words, then I will totally support a different colour for taxi plates.

Otherwise, we would spend this whole lifetime in consultation (as Rishi Ram wants) and maybe part of the next lifetime as well.

The whole country, and some of those who went for green grasses will concur with me on this.





Natabua traffic jam

I WISH to bring to the notice of the authorities concerned traffic at the Natabua road junction.

Every morning, we the commuters are stuck in traffic jams during working days.

Now that school has started, it’s worse. Let me start from the FNU campus where potholes riddle the road.

Like I mentioned before, cars speed towards the main road going zigzag to avoid the potholes.

Then at the junction, it becomes a bottleneck. I once again as an elder speak for the people of Natabua.

If there is a police pointsman, traffic flows, otherwise we just have to wait for a kind-hearted motorist to give way.

To the police traffic department in the West, could your officer come early please.

I know you can because I often see police vehicles drive past while we wait in the queue or should that be called traffic jam.


Natabua Housing, Lautoka

Pornography concern

WE don’t yet know the full impact pornography will have on our culture until the present generation of youth have grown up.

But we do know that pornography has a damaging effect on the developing brain, and addiction (with a similar neurophysiology to drug addiction) among children and youth as young as 11 years old is becoming more common.

I believe youth learn, at a critical time in their development, that sex is violent and degrading to women.

They learn that hyper-sexualised appearance and behaviour is “normal”.

They are steeped in a porn culture that damage their ability to engage in healthy relationships.

How do we protect our youth from damage and ensure that they grow up in a culture of respect and equality?

I strongly believe Fiji needs to adopt an Opt-In/Opt-Out approach to restricting access to online pornography.

The proposed legislations should require that all new devices are set to Opt Out. Adults over 18 could Opt In if they choose to access porn.

This can be done by engaging our major internet service providers to work together with stakeholders into addressing this.

I strongly encourage authorities to examine this Opt In/Opt Out approach and also have proper sex education in schools.

It’s not all we need to do, but it’s a good start. The future health of our society demands it. It’s time we let go of “taboos” and help our future generation.


Narere, Nasinu


Media laws

THE responses by political parties to the alleged restrictive laws, more specifically the 57th ranking by World Press Freedom Index (FT 5/5), is indeed worrying.

Although the ranking has improved, it is still above 50 and I believe it reflects monopoly and freedom to criticise is curtailed.

Someone help!


Palm Drive, Delainavesi


Road issues

IT’S good to read that the Minister for Transport, Parveen Kumar, wants to tarseal all roads near schools, temples, churches and other worship areas.

May I suggest that Mr Kumar first try and get all the existing roads patched up and the potholes filled before planning to tarseal new roads.

The late KR Latchan’s words are coming true when he by mistake said that he would gravel all tarsealed roads because he could see potholes filled with gravel and soil almost on every street he drove by in Lautoka.

I hope the driver who drives the transport minister around can drive him around the streets of Lautoka to show the former administrator the pothole-filled roads.


Drasa, Vitogo, Lautoka


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