Letters to the Editor – May 30

Leone Nakarawa is congratulated by his teammates after winning the final at the Rio Olympics. Picture: FILE

My line-up for the 7s World Cup

We have less than two months to the Rugby World Cup 7s in the US. I have already pencilled my 13 players and two reserve players. The team includes: Forwards — Leone Nakarawa (vice captain), Semi Kunatani, Josua Vakurinabili, Kalione Nasoko, Mesulame Kunavula. Backs — Jerry Tuwai (captain), Amenoni Nasilasila, Eroni Sau, Alasio Naduva, Semi Radradra, Josua Tuisova, Sevuloni Moceinacagi, Vatemo Ravouvou. Reserves — Paula Dranisinukula, Jasa Veremalua. All the best. Viti noqu vanua noqu qele. Shalwyn Prasad Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Going to school

It’s becoming a common sight nowadays that children have decided to stay home. Looking across my neighbourhood, children mostly on their own will have decided themselves to stay home even in presence of their parents. I wouldn’t know the reason but surely there would be an excuse for being at home. They are not even sick because in the afternoon they join other children at their play ground. What is happening with the school system? There were no classes during the disaster period and schools had not been affected in any way, what would be the main problem? I am not talking about schoolchildren in school uniform that are in town during school time, but these are children who stay home and parents are aware of. This staying home is happening almost every week and hopefully things are in order, and my speculation may be wrong but it needs to be brought to attention. Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

 Safety on the road

Can Mr Moore justify his claims versus numerous letters to this column? Why will he do an audit after the overall highway assessment when he could have done a feasibility study and planning prior to this? Is this trial and error method or is it the first time a new road has been built in Fiji? Can he show us how safely pedestrians can cross in front of Deo St, Namaka when getting off on the opposite side? Can he show us how safely pedestrians can cross in front of Uci Rd junction, when they get off the bus stand after Carpenters Motors? Can he also show us how safely pedestrians can cross at either side of Jet Point bus stop in Martintar? Has he through his flyers, TV ads and The Fiji Times safety bulletins, educated the people of Fiji on safe use of roads? It’s easy to blame everyone else when trial and error methods cost a lot of money in terms of wastage. What was the loss incurred in digging up the completed median strips all the way from Votualevu roundabout until Martintar, to place median fencing? Can he also explain why drivers should not do a U-turn at Deo St to get back to the airport? Can he also explain how drivers can turn to Nadi Town when heading out from Khalil St? I believe the frustrations of drivers are more than ever before because of such hit and miss planning. Come down to Nadi in a smaller sedan car and see what barriers restrict and hinder when turning to an exit. Very hard to see and have to move right in front at an angle on the road to see oncoming traffic. These are some of the issues that still need to be considered before we, the Nadi road users, can give the thumbs up. Umar Billy Ali Namaka, Nadi

Running red lights

On a daily basis I observe an increase in the frequency of ignorant, foolish and empathy deficient drivers running through red lights at junctions all around Suva. In fact, I am willing to wager that this also is a common occurrence in other major junctions in Fiji. It is not as if we do not have laws against this type of driver behaviour. This selfish driver attitude spreads like a mutating virus because of what I observe as a regime of near “zero enforcement” of the rules in such situations. Red light cameras fitted at major taxpayer expense do not seem to work at all and for reasons best known to them, the LTA and police force are not able to allocate appropriate resources to these critical areas of traffic flow. I am sure the authorities have a plan to better enforce these rules (and raise more revenue from fines) but I implore them to push this through as soon as they can. It would not surprise me in the least if, God forbid, a serious accident were to occur at one of these junctions that could have been prevented had slow bureaucratic processes been put aside in the paramount interest of the safety of innocent travelling public. Bernard Hong Tiy, Suva

Derelict vessels

EACH time I read about derelict vessels in the Suva Harbour — I cringe. I suspect that foreign fishing companies purchase these vessels from where they were deregistered and had done their time. These companies buy the vessels for a pittance and make a few fishing trips, make their money and sail into Suva Harbour. The crew slowly leave the ship and officials are oblivious to this skullduggery that is going on right under their noses. (Me thinks) But if someone says I’m wrong then how do the vessels come to stay in the harbour and then someone suddenly wakes up and says, “Maqe, that fishing boat is empty”. And we suddenly have a graveyard of derelict vessels. Then we have to deal with the issue. I just want to tell the officials who police this to wake up and be hawk-eyed. Be aware of what is going on in the harbour.  Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

 Tourism base

IT’S about time now that Suva has its own port for tourism. Even without the cruise ships, the harbour should be used as a shopping centre for tourists who tour Suva on a daily basis. We have passengers who have cruised all their lives, but getting to Suva and being at the same port with containers is a bit of a disappointment. The port itself has been around for a long time and its due for a major renovation. We need a port that is specifically for our tourism. The tourism port should have bars, restaurants, beauty and therapy salons, fruit shops, ice cream parlours, internet cafes, coffee shops, jewellery shops, fashion wear shops, dive shops, tour counters, rental car shop, phone shops, information centre and an entertainment centre. A great location is around the Ratu Sukuna Park area. Having a wharf built outside the Suva foreshore would just be ideal. It could change Suva into a great shopping stopover in the world. The museum, guard at the Government House has its own unique features to a certain type of tourist only, but for global tourism it needs an attraction that would not only get tourists over, but also to increase in numbers every year. We also need to clean our back yard first, we need to control the sword sellers, child labour, beggars, mentally ill people, attitude of some taxidrivers, shop luring technique and drug dealers. I believe we are facing these very problems nowadays and we need to address these issues before such development is carried forward. Maybe these are reasons that lots of tourists are visiting our shores. Hopefully our Government or some billionaire comes up with the idea of having a


I AM so happy this Government is helping replace household appliances and furniture that people lost. I would just like to know if in case another party besides FijiFirst wins the election, will they also help in replacing our damaged goods and houses because of climate change effects? Dr Biman, Mr Rabuka, Mr Narube, could you please answer me? Sukha Singh, Labasa

Never too late

Virneet Chand’s observations (FT 28/05) on no matter how high the prices of unhealthy items such as cigarettes, people will still consume, need to be given some immediate thoughts. Nipping it in the bud to the root of the problem could be the solution once and for all. It’s never too late. Tahir Ali, New Zealand

Clarify please

I would like FBC management to clarify to the public the equation or formula they’ve used to pay out bonuses to employees while incurring losses in the past five consecutive years. I believe it looks funny and yet not so funny at all. Pita Soroaqali, Nadarivatu

Rugby match

Tonga versus Fiji in the Pacific Nations Cup will be on June 23. FRU, can we have some more? Alex Waqalevu, Lautoka


Semi Radradra is on the verge of playing international Test rugby and we are privileged that the Taveuni flyer will don the Fiji jersey. His mesmerising performance for the Barbarians against third-rated England is a big step up to Test rugby. His lethal combination with Josua Tuisova “The Bus” will ignite a new raw but lethal combination that is sure to capture the rugby world. The pair had a good outing at club level, now it’s time to showcase at Test level both in 15s and 7s. Go “The Bus” and “Semi Trailer” — show it to them — joka dina na cauravou mai Toulon. Shalwyn Prasad, Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Dredging river

THE Rewa River will soon be dredged — thank you. But right now Rakiraki, Ba and Tavua are being hit by the ever increasing floods. I will be glad when I hear that these places will have its waterways dredged. By the way, when was the last time the Rewa River burst its banks? Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Tourism Port in the shores of our Capital City of Suva. Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu



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