Letters to the Editor – May 28

Sevens heaven tells the story of how the Fiji 7s boys used to train at the sand dunes. Picture: FT FILE

Sweet memories of sevens heaven

Thank you The Fiji Times on your Sunday sports article (27/05/18) as it quickly rekindled the Olympics gold triumph and sweet memories. Ratu Peni Rayani’s soon to be launched book Sevens Heaven brings back the toughest training at the Sigatoka sand dunes, the picture of Ryan sitting in deep thought on his final players to battle in Rio and the agonising but still brave faces of our star players running up and down the dunes. The sand dunes should be recognised as our final battle field where big wins can be conceived and we are so privileged to have this natural heritage. No other country has such a place and this is a reason why we are the sevens heaven. To Gareth and team, I am sure the World Cup battle plans will again be conceived from the dunes and why not? We are the best. Joka na sand dunes… Hakwa Nadro.

Shalwyn Prasad, Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Non-nuclear showdown

Instead of a “nuclear to nuclear showdown” between the US and North Korea (SBS news 26/5), President Donald Trump and supreme leader Kim Jong-un should go into a boxing match wearing boxing shorts with their countries flags and have a “full fair”. I think the rest of humanity would prefer that spectacle!

Rajend Naidu, Sydney, Australia

Lifestyle habits

Thanks to Mr Wise for highlighting the fact that it’s the lifestyle that leads to NCDs. It is the health behaviour of people that needs to change towards a more healthy lifestyle. But habits and behaviours that have been instilled in us as children are difficult to change as adults. This is why we need to put more focus on our children so they develop healthy habits and carry this healthy lifestyle into adulthood. The rise in prices of cigarettes and alcohol are to discourage people from buying them, but the choice remains with the individuals. No matter how high the prices are, people still buy these unhealthy items for consumption.

Vineet Chand, Rakiraki

Job opportunities

As a curious exercise, I counted over 200 plus jobs in Saturday’s The Fiji Times (Sat 26/5). Of Fiji’s 895,000 plus population, and not counting the elderly and infirm, stay at home mums or dads, children at school or at home and those who are retired, how many people are out of work? I read articles about the levels of poverty in Fiji that the opposition parties claim are sky-rocketing. While I have no reason to doubt their claims, question is, what’s being done about it? No matter which government comes into power, it will have the same set of challenges as the previous one to overcome. It’s one thing to highlight the issue, but another thing to actually come up with positive solutions to solve the problem(s). If political parties want to make an impression with the voting public and especially those out of work, they might consider offering some kind of a program to assist people start business enterprises which could begin employing people rather than spruiking the same old rhetoric politicians are famous for before any election. Perhaps these quotes say it all: “Put your money where your mouth is!” Anon “Government can’t create wealth but it can create the conditions for private enterprise to flourish.” Bill Owens “A politician thinks of the next election — a statesman of the next generation.” James Freeman Clarke

Colin Deoki, Australia

Skipper Cup upset

Naitasiri lost to Suva in Naluwai and the Stallions got hammered by Namosi at Lawaqa Park! Real deal and Fijian provincial rugby at its best! This result makes Suva, who is 6 points ahead of Nadro and Naitasiri, top bets for the Skipper Cup! Rewa and Namosi have also been impressive this season.

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Health centre feedback

We took my grandchildren to the Naceva Health Centre and I would like to highlight a few things that could be improved. 1. A hand basin in the men’s toilet is broken and water from the tap leaks. 2. The toilets could do with some disinfectant because of the smell emanating from them. 3. A sewer inspection chamber located outside has no proper cover and has a tyre covering it. The services by the nurses is wonderful, they interact with people who come to be seen. They look stress-free. The doctor-patient ratio seems to be OK. It’s only when there are special clinics that we see a big crowd. I know that medical staff often have stressful times with unruly impatient people, but they handle the situation well. For this, I thank you. These are just some of the observations I’ve made and I hope it will be taken positively as feedback.

Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Anniversary celebration

A big vinaka vakalevu to the Father Peter Ryan Bilo Levu Club Suva members for hosting their Western brethren in celebrating the 53rd anniversary of the club’s existence. It was a great night of fellowship and singalong with hot stuff, kava and delicious food. Sa malo and once again vinaka vakalevu for your hospitality Suva members. Mataka tale eh!

Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka

Climate change

Climate change is real and we cannot stop it because we are the ones who caused it to happen. Now it’s happening and world leaders have sat to discuss the issues at length but only God knows what will happen next. Money, innovative ideas or man-made strategy cannot reduce the impact of climate change, only thing we can do now is re-adapt to the change and move forward.

Juki F Chew, Jakarta, Indonesia

Galleon found

The Spanish galleon San Jose laden with gold that got sunk off the coast of Colombia 300 years ago has been found (“Holy grail of shipwrecks” worth $22 billion found. Yahoo! 7 26 May 2018). Was that part of the Spanish colonial loot from the Americas?

Rajend Naidu, Sydney, Australia

Sevens Heaven

I can’t wait to get my hands on Sevens Heaven as it captures the Englishman’s life and his experiences managing our 7s team to a historic Olympics gold medal and back to back WRSS title. I loved reading the literary piece titled “Kava in Levuka” and moments from the “Brutal training” at Sigatoka Sand Dunes. Ryan left a legacy that has gone settled in hearts. Thank you The Fiji Times for bringing excerpts from Sevens Heaven, a piece worth reading and cherishing. Wananavu Ryan!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Grace that saves

Salvation is more than being saved. The same grace that saves, offers us entry into God’s family, stays with us to accomplish our sanctification. Through the process of God’s grace being applied to our daily lives, we become more like his son. Grace is never content to leave us where we are — it works to build us up into Christ likeness.

Dharmendra Kumar, Rewa St, Suva

Champions again

Number 13 and three consecutive Champions League real deal was on the card for Spanish giants Real Madrid! Perhaps the injury to stylish Reds star Mohamed Salah and blunders by the Liverpool goalie allowed Real Madrid to sneak past Klopp’s brigade. The Olympic Stadium was a sea of red and white and scenes of joy exploded as Gareth Bale produced two remarkable and glorious goals. The second goal, which was absolutely brilliant, remarkable, stunning, beyond belief and hard to replicate, would live long in the memory of those who watched the final. My buddy and diehard Real Madrid fan Master Vimal Rajnesh Goundar was on cloud 9 but friends Sukul Deo and Amitesh were gracious in defeat. Real Madrid finished third in the La Liga and second in group H behind Spurs while Liverpool had topped group E. Real had beaten PSG, Juventus and Bayern on their way to victory while Liverpool proved too strong for Porto, Man City and Roma. However, Liverpool crumbled in a space of 45 minutes and allowed Real Madrid to take control of the pulsating final, which was full of poetry, emotions and acrobatic moves. What a night for Bale in particular whose season was interrupted by injuries! The Spanish giants are champions again and this win will be savoured and cherished in years to come!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Stolen in 3 minutes

A friend drove into town, parked at a busy street and went into a shop. He was there for just three and a half minutes. When he returned he found papers that were neatly piled in the car strewn all over the floor. Someone, in that very short time, had gone into his car and stolen something. Some cash was missing. Yes, he should have done the right thing and locked it. Many people will think that they had parked at a busy street and they would be gone for just a few minutes. Sorry folks in three minutes thieves can act. When someone asked how the thieves knew the car was unlocked, I told them that there are young men and women, who look very innocent, going around peering into vehicles. What they do is to crowd a vehicle and someone will try to open the door. If the alarm goes off they simply move on nonchalantly. But I was told that there are spotters who go ahead of the group and see drivers leave their cars to do errands and this is when they pounce. They notice the movement of the drivers. I hope via this letter drivers will be made aware and lock their cars. One friend was parked in town and he always secured his car. But he had his laptop in the back seat. He also had an All Blacks rugby jersey, he covered the laptop with it, The target would have been the ABs jersey, but a better item was underneath. So folks, be double sure and secure your car even if you will be gone for just 30 seconds.

Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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