Letters to the Editor – May 28, 2019

Winger Aminiasi Tuimaba runs away to score in the final of the London 7s. Picture: Martin Seras Lima

Courage and determination

AMINIASI Tuimaba was in real pain with his nose bleeding but he kept playing with courage and sheer speed. His injury did not deter him from scoring and he was the joint highest try scorer in London with seven tries. He was also rated No.1 in the DHL impact player list. This sort of sheer courage and passion for rugby reminded me of his namesake and our only steel man the late Aminiasi Natuiyaqa who spat blood but continued playing in the 1997 World Cup Sevens final for Fiji. I believe this is what Fiji is all about and we are born to live and die for our beloved nation. Joka na cauravou na Flying Fijians Viti kei na vuravura. SHALWYN PRASAD Nabua, Suva

Undersized crabs

DESPITE the laws in place, people still continue to catch undersized crabs. I believe it will be a mammoth task to get people to stop this because it has been going on for so long and the proceeds have put bread on the table, paid rent, bought clothes and that mobile phone top up. It has sustained many lives from I know when. For the people to stop this, a huge exercise has to be undertaken educating people so that they understand why they need to release the undersized crabs. I say this because it has become a way of life ingrained in peoples’ lives and I can boldly say it has become a tradition. But we have started and over time I sincerely hope that people will do the right thing. May I suggest that the Fisheries Department make it illegal to buy undersized crabs — both the vendor and the buyer to be prosecuted. We have to be harsh to be kind so that we may have sustainability for the future, if not then our future is doomed. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Waiyavi, Lautoka

Pedestrian crossing

SO what is the right way to use a pedestrian crossing? 1. The pedestrian has the right of way, at all times, and vehicles must stop at the crossing, at all times. 2. Drivers have no obligation to give way to the pedestrian if they haven’t stepped foot on to the road. 3. Pedestrians must wait to cross until the oncoming vehicle has completely stopped. Majority of us would be inclined to think is it 1, however, it is numbers 2 and 3. The drivers are of course required to slow down near the pedestrian crossing in order to be prepared to stop if a pedestrian has started crossing. Many a times I have seen pedestrians just crossing on the zebra crossing without even looking if a vehicle is approaching and then yelling at the drivers for not stopping. In anyway, common sense should prevail, however, as per the wise words from Voltaire “Common sense is not so common”, therefore rigorous awareness on this should be carried out by the Land Transport Authority to educate everyone on some basic road rules. A sign near the pedestrian crossing stating the rules may work. Who knows! SANDEEP PRASAD Nadera, Nasinu

Letter confusion

THANK you Anthony Sahai, my confusion is defused! Our Attorney-General does see marijuana differently and he did not mean that it was OK! Your initial letter on May 18, in which you quoted “Holy mackerel! If marijuana is not necessarily a key issue, so help us God”, pheeeeeu kemudou! Sounded like you meant that he was OK with it. Appreciate the exchange! SIMON HAZELMAN Savusavu

Landslide victory

I WRITE this open letter to Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India for the landslide victory in the Lok Sabha Elections. His political party BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) captured a massive 303 seats out of 543 seats. This is an absolute majority for a single party and with their allies they captured 353 seats. This is a whopping victory in the annals of Indian politics. The prime minister has already spoken to the newly-elected members of the Parliament and briefed them on the line to adopt and to focus their vision on the hopes of millions of Indians for a new India, the India of the twenty-first century. He did not mince his words about the difficult journey ahead and appealed to all elected members to work as a team to achieve their goal. On Thursday May 30, 2019, Mr Modi will take oath of office as the prime minister of India. A number of foreign dignitaries have been invited to take part. This will be a historic moment in the annals of Indian politics because after a very long time any Indian government is coming back to power on incumbany wave. I wish Mr Modi and his government every success in their endeavours to meet new challenges ahead. DEWAN CHAND, Namadi Heights, Suva

Phenomenal outing

THE Fiji 7s team was phenomenal on the second day in London and the names keep rolling out. In the past we had names such as maestro, wizard, sledgehammer, jazz man, speed merchant and so on. We don’t have tanks in Fiji, but now we do on the rugby field. Fiji again showed what they were capable of when they played to their fullest potential. Again our young guns did not disappoint with display of some fine rugby skills. I believe that the rise of Botitu and Derenalagi will be the legacy of Gareth Baber. Tuimaba was fantastic, he broke defensive lines, off-loaded and tackled his was to the top of the performance tracker in London. I hope they maintain the momentum and take it up another notch in Paris. The series is within our grasp and we have to show some grit and determination to own it. Well done in London guys and all the best in Paris SAILOSI NAEWE Naduru Rd, Nausori

Lords of London

SEVENS commentators Rupert Cox and Karl Te Nana labelled our 7s heroes “Lords of London” as the flamboyant Fijians created history by winning the London 7s back to back. Fiji has played 74 cup finals and the London 7s win was our 40th title. On the other hand, nippy Jerry Tuwai was emotional as he bagged his 17th cup title. Fiji’s performance in pool play may have been jittery as our boys recorded close wins against Kenya, France and Samoa but when it mattered, the flying Fijians rose to the occasion and delivered a blockbuster performance. In the quarters Fiji came from behind to beat a resurgent Ireland outfit led by the likes of Leavy, McGrath, McNulty, Conroy, Kennedy, Lennox and Roche. Ireland ousted England and put up a brave fight only to be troubled by Fiji’s attacking flair. During the half-time break, Baber reminded the boys to make good tackles, put pressure on the Irish and play to the game plan and the boys did so and came out victorious. Our boys ambushed the USA Eagles and made them look like amateurs. The big hits and relentless pressure took the toll on Baker, Niua, Iosefo, Williams, Hughes, Tomasin, Pinkelman and Barrett and they crumbled under pressure. Finally, against Australia the Fijians found their groove and worked hard at breakdowns to secure possession and give the Aussies a hiding. Australia had last beaten Fiji 18 years ago in the final of the 2001 Wellington 7s and the last time the two sides met was in the final of last year’s Singapore 7s which went Fiji’s way. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the boys and Baber, Cama and Cawanibuka! We went to London trailing the USA Eagles by 3 points and now they trail us by 2 points but it’s far from over. However, I’m confident that our boys have learnt the painful lesson from last year’s Paris 7s and will reset their focus in Paris. Vinaka vakalevu na qito cauravou! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Decider in Paris

WHAT an awesome win at Twickenham by the flying Fijians. Qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics and one step closer towards winning the series title. It was a weekend of late nights and sleepy days. Monday must have been the sickest of days. This coming weekend can’t come soon enough. Looking forward to the decider in Paris! SIMON HAZELMAN Rava Estate, Savusavu

Sea of blue

OUR fan base in London deserves a huge round of applause for the magnificent support rendered to our boys miles away from home. The Fijian community in London had been fantastic and the sea of blue at Twickenham was visible on television. Furthermore, the chant “go Fiji, go” echoed around the stadium and provided inspiration and motivation when the going got tough. Fiji’s victory was a result of the tremendous support from Fijians at Twickenham and the sea of blue that rocked. Cheers! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Sevens win

FIJI indeed started the London 7s in a jittery style. I had the jitters around the bottles of beer. From a jittery start to a gold medal, who else can do the impossible but Fiji. Congratulations Baber and the team. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Waiyavi, Lautoka

Down to the wire

THE 2018/19 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series will go down to the wire. What else does Baber and the boys have in their bag of tricks for Paris this weekend? Any team is only as good as their last game, so we will have to take our cue from Fiji’s performance in London. The Aussies were good, but they were simply smoked by a class Fijian team in the final. While we are all gripped by the euphoria and enjoy the scenery from the top, let us be wary of the surprise packages that can upset the leader board. Baber needs no reminder of how the applecart was unceremoniously turned over at the very last tournament in 2018. SAMU RAILOA Nadi

PNG Parliament

IN PNG Parliament is very much intact. Just ask PM O’Neill. House residents there just upped and crossed over from one end to the other and not jumping off or burning it in the process. Really no “chicken” thing to do. MANOJ LAL PATEL Lautoka

4 million trees

FIJI is experiencing a dry spell. The ground is starting to show cracks, grass is turning brown and some plants are showing signs of wilting. The newly-planted trees as part of Government’s four million trees initiative needs to be monitored. They will be most vulnerable in the current situation. If not, it will be back to square one. MOHAMMED IMRAZ JANIF Natabua, Lautoka

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